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McElligott Digital Marketing specializes in managing Facebook ads for small businesses. As this is a very different approach than Google or Bing ads, our strategies focus on the customer funnel. 

We actively build and manage multiple accounts for clients, and do promote Facebook/Instagram ads as more a branding campaign for a lot of lead gen industries.

continuously educating ourselves through both the platforms themselves as well as the top ads managers in this business who focus on quality over quantity. We build and structure each campaign to be the easiest to manage and test, we also set them up to be scale-able for when our clients want to increase their ad spend as they are seeing the return they want.  This method, in turn, delivers the best results to our clients with the least amount of wasted ad spend money on worthless traffic to your website. 

Get More Bang for Your Buck

Pay only for the services you need and nothing more.

Get started for as little as $300/month

You don’t have to be a big company to get big results with McElligott Digital Marketing.

We are a husband and wife team

You’re not just another client to us.

Our Technique

As Facebook is a completely different approach to management compared to Google or Bing, in the fact that Google and Bing are a lot more analytics and have consistent repeatable performance for the most part so data anlaysis is very heavy. Facebook on the other hand, can do great or poorly on a daily or weekly basis without anything changing in your campaigns. There’s a lot less consistent data to analyze through so the focus is on the ads themselves and optimizing around the ad images, videos, headlines, descriptions, etc. 

We structure our accounts with the customer funnel in mind, having a campaign focused on prospecting new customers, a campaign focused on re-engaging users who showed interest in our ads or videos but didn’t click to our website/form, and a third campaign to focus on re-targeting users who visited our website but did not convert into a lead or sale. We may include a fourth campaign for ecommerce clients for retention, and focusing on past customers to try and get additional sales.   

Process From New Accounts To Long Term

  1. When we first get a new account we’ll do an initial audit to make sure everything is set up/structured well, and any areas needed for improvement we can optimize. We tend to look over 30 days, 90 days, and all-time metrics. 
  2. Once initial optimizations are completed we’re monitoring and making adjustments on a daily basis until we feel they’re performing stably (getting good clicks, good impressions, seeing conversions come in).
  3. When we move away from Daily we then check in on a weekly or every couple of days basis, reviewing performance and making tweaks as needed.
  4. We continually monitor ad copy performance, pausing underperforming ads and creating new ads based on high-performing images, headlines, and descriptions. We also research new potential audiences to target in the prospecting campaign.

Whats Included With Our Facebook Ads MAnagement


We provide a weekly report sent out every Monday morning, as well as a monthly report sent out on the 1st of every month. We provide all the information you need to know how well your accounts are running.

Facebook Ads Management Fee

We like to be open and upfront with our fees. We offer a flat rate as that is easier overall, since we won’t need to recalculate the fee for every budget adjustment and you wont need to do math to know how much you’ll be charged each month.

Fees are calculated based on your total ad spend with Google, Bing, and/or Facebook. You will only pay one monthly fee (per company) regardless of how the budget is divided.

Our fees increase as your ad spend increases since it takes more effort and time to sort through incoming searches and properly allocate the budget to be spent for optimal results.


$ 300/mo Ad SPENd under $2,000/mo


$ 400/mo Ad SPEND From $2,000/mo - $3,000/mo


$ 550/mo Ad SPEND From $3,000/mo - $5,000/mo


$ 850/mo Ad SPEND From $5,000/mo - $8,000/mo


$ 1,300+ Ad SPEND over $8,000

Please note that the monthly ad spend is a separate amount that is paid directly to Facebook. It does not include our fee nor do we get any part of it.

Agency Discounts

We work with over a dozen digital marketing agencies as well as individuals who own multiple businesses and we can offer a discount on our services. If we manage 5 or more Google ad accounts for you we will add a 15% discount on our management fees.