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With McElligott Digital Marketing you get the full package for your websites growth. In addition to the rapid results of PPC advertising, we also offer long term growth via SEO with an experienced set of eyes on your website.

Our crew is on the front lines of SEO, keeping notes of every new development on tips for better ranking and all the new changes that occur regularly to the search engines algorithms. We achieve this by dissecting all the top SEO websites, following all the top SEO experts and listening to top SEO podcasts. We spend the time studying and learning this information so you can spend your valuable time focusing on more important things for your business.   


Search Engine Services

SEO is a unique area where you can’t really test someone’s knowledge in the standard way. This is because SEO is an ever-evolving arena; what I mean by that is the large search engines, mainly Google, keep their SEO algorithms secret. Now in order for people to be properly tested, we would need to know how those algorithms work, and that’s unlikely to happen.

The best anyone can do for now is to follow the leading figures in the SEO world and keep in the loop of all Google algorithm changes, and all new and proven theories at that time.

We follow and keep up with a lot of these leading figures as well as all the latest algorithm changes and what industries they affect and potentially why. 

There are also times where the changes will drastically impact a previously very lucrative way websites were able to rank high in the Google rankings. The biggest one being backlinks, back in 2012 with the algorithm change nicknamed Penguin, Google targeted link spamming and websites paying other higher ranked websites for links back to theirs to increase their own rankings [source]. The reason I bring this event up is that every “expert” in SEO now became “obsolete” as their main tactic for growing a businesses website rankings was gone.

Google’s outlook since then and going forward have been quality. They have even taken hits to their own income for the sake of quality by holding to their original 10 philosophy goals. With this information and keeping up with the changes Google makes we can adjust our websites to actually provide quality and original content and maximize each user experience to our website. 


SEO Evaluations
$ 100 one time fee


SEO Monitoring
$ 50 monthly

Monitoring & Maintenance – Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO reporting package is a monthly report that gives you a full overview of how impactful your presence is online compared to your top competitors.

We use multiple factors to see both your overall progress as well as very specific progress like a single landing page. The factors we take into account include: 

The first section covered in your SEO report is your website optimization. This report covers a lot of the foundation blocks needed to start positively growing your SEO.

Included in this report are:

  • missing title tags
  • missing meta (titles and descriptions)
  • 404 errors
  • robots and sitemap errors
  • page speed
  • broken links
  • and more!

Getting any potential issues corrected is your first step in building your ranking on the search engines.

Landing page optimization allows us to dig deep into your website and give you more than just a blanket of potential issues to fix. This dive gives us the data needed to see how well your landing page is optimized for the specific keyword you want it to rank for. Simply put, you can’t rank for the keyword if the keyword doesn’t exist on the page.

With this test we check for the following:

  • Mobile usability (AMP)
  • Page speed test
  • On-page issues
  • Keyword usage

This is the second most important part of getting your website ready for rising in the searches.

The most popular factor for knowing how your SEO growth is performing is keyword rankings.

We have solid software we use that can allow us to check over 550 different search engines including Google local(geo-specific), Google international, Google Maps, Google Images, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Duckduckgo, Ask, AOL, and more!

We also won’t limit the keywords you wish to track. Want to add an unlimited amount of keywords to your tracking report? Do it!

We can even show where a change to your website or the search algorithm impacted your rankings, be it a positive or negative impact, and how to potentially rectify it.

The second favorite factor for tracking your growth is backlinks. we utilize over 10 sources to find a list of all possible backlinks to your website. The information obtained gives us exactly what we need to get your backlinks on point.

Backlinks have been knocked down as the most important factor for Google’s ranking algorithm however it is still very high when it comes down to it.

Our backlink test covers the following:

  • Detailed information for each backlink (do/no follow, anchor,title,description)
  • Google page rank for each backlink
  • Penalty risk for each backlink
  • Link value for each backlink
  • age/IP for every backlink domain
  • Social media stats for every backlink page
  • Backlink verification

Backlinks, in general, have a long building process, but when done correctly they will help build your ranks AND your authority in your industry.

Social Media traffic is a newer factor that has come in to play over the past couple years as social media, in general, has been skyrocketing in popularity and Google has been increasing its value of social media traffic in their ranking algorithm.

we offer an overview of how your social media account/traffic/ads are impacting your growth through traffic it provides to your website and any interactions that occur because of it. We track the following:

  • Social media traffic
  • Twitter mentions
  • Facebook likes
  • Linkedin shares
  • Pinterest bookmarks

Factor-wise, it is undetermined exactly how big of an impact social media has, however, we do know that its value in rankings is close to backlinks so it’s definitely an area that can be capitalized on.

The last piece of the SEO puzzle is your domain authority.

The domain authority ranking is a combination of all of the other factors we have outlined and convert them into a numerical score. The scale is logarithmic from 0 to 100, where 100 is the best and ideal goal (for example google.coms domain authority is 95).      

Your domain authority is tracked on your reports so you’re able to see your ranking strength. 

We have the ability to rank you against your top 5 competitors, side by side, in all of the aforementioned factors.

Comparing your website against your competition will give you the edge by keeping tabs on how their rankings are versus yours, or how their web page optimization is compared to yours, etc. This can be invaluable information if you truly are ready to push your website to the top of Google’s organic listings.

We perform a quarterly manual walk-through of your website to look for any broken, missing items, or missed opportunities. 

This allows us to enter the perspective of your potential clientele and give you a human’s viewpoint on your website. Software can cover about 80% of all your best SEO factors, and our manual review is specifically designed to cover the remaining 10-20%, accounting for all unknowns (unknown tips, tricks, etc.).

Our basic walk-through covers 10 pages*, so please specify which pages you would like us to check in your questionnaire. 

*larger sites may be considered for an additional negotiated fee 

With the monitoring package, you get a lot of the personalization and expertise of a full-sized SEO company for the price of a DIY cloud-based SEO software. 

But we don’t want to leave you in the dark after all the reports have been run and sent to you, so we offer monthly scheduled meetings to review your report and you’re always able to call or email us with questions, or to discuss adding landing pages, new competitors or new keywords to track.  

We are also equipped to assist you in making any necessary adjustments to your website pages. If this is something you are interested in, lets chat!

Evaluation and Consultation Only – Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO evaluation includes a single report ran for you, covering everything the monitoring package includes except the ongoing options

This is best for those who are more hands-on with their website or those just wanting a periodic check for how their website is performing. 

Analytics Services

Google Analytics is the best free platform available to track and diagnose everything about your website. You can track your entire users’ journey through your site starting with how they got to your site, what actions were taken on your site, and where they mainly leave on your site. You can even compare your website to other similar sized websites in your industry, this helps you gauge how well you’re doing and where you may be missing out on potential traffic sources. Other uses are to find pages that need updating, either content wise or page speed. 

I am currently actively tracking 12 different websites on Google Analytics and using it to make sure the sites are running well and find areas that may need improvement. I also set up tracking for link clicks so we can see how users are interacting with the website, so we know that our users are engaged and not just leaving making the website useless.

Below is a screenshot a portion of a report I provide from a current client, it covers the basic yet most important information to see a general overview of how your website is doing.   


Analytics Evaluation
$ 100 one time fee


An Analytics evaluation includes a look into your websites performance data, and finds areas that could use improvement. It also can locate areas that are getting traffic but not converting and potentially why that’s happening. 

During our auditing process we look at the relevant/requested website pages per your request but we also may peek at other potential slowdown points for a more well-rounded approach.

Reports for Analytics evaluations are custom written based on the request and will include a write up about what was found and screenshots of any troublesome finds.

Lets work together.

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