Who We Are

Meet David and Dana McElligott, owners and operators at McElligott Digital Marketing. 

Together they have been building websites for over 20 years, and have been building and managing Google Ads since 2015. Their driving focus is quality vs quantity with an emphasis on simplicity. They are both certified Google Partners. 

They are currently living and working in SW Missouri, near the NWA region/Bentonville AR, and their hobbies include gaming, reading books, and enjoying nature. 

Dana grew up in Los Angeles County California, with a close familiarity to the service industry through her parents. In school her focus was computer sciences, so it was only natural when websites and digital advertising became her career later in life. In her downtime (which is rare in this industry) she partakes in reading and playing outside with their son. 

David originated in Pennsylvania, and moved to Arizona early on with his parents, both of whom are teachers (so he didn’t get away with much during school). Enthralled with analytical data, David loves picking through data to get to the bottom of scenarios that come across their desks. He pre-games and fuels up with cheeseballs and mountain dew from his soda stream machine that he is super proud of. 

Over the years they have been privy to quite a few interesting scenarios with their clients. They haven’t stopped learning, and are able to pivot on a dime based on the ever-changing online advertising algorithms. Our journey has deepened our dedication to the businesses we serve. Driven by a genuine passion for fostering growth, we take pride in going the extra mile for our clients. For us, it’s about more than just business—it’s about building meaningful relationships and contributing to our clients’ success stories in every way we can. After all, their triumphs are a reflection of our collaborative spirit and commitment.