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McElligott Digital Marketing specializes in managing Google ads for small businesses in the services industry and those in the industries needing advanced verification (Garage Door Companies, Locksmiths, and Plumbers).

We have worked with and get results for clients in the B2C, B2B, SaaS, and e-commerce industries. We’ll help you improve your Quality Score, lower your costs per conversion, and increase your leads and sales.


Are Adwords Consultants Worth It?

Working with an Adwords consultant can be very beneficial for you as the biggest reason is you’re getting a second unbiased pair of eyes reviewing your account and performance. This is always helpful even for Google ads agencies, as sometimes you just get too close or passionate about an account and miss some crucial details. 

Alternatively, some common issues we’ve seen and personally experienced as well with other Google ads consultants is that they have knowledge about the platform, but the information and recommendations are a few years outdated. Especially since June 2021, a lot has changed in the Google ads landscape and backend that you need to be actively involved in order to have up-to-date knowledge of the changes and how to best navigate these new changes. The biggest changes are the merging of keyword match types Modified broad and Phrase match, and the ongoing issue of Google’s “close variants” being questionable at times. Another is the new performance max campaign and what the best practices are in getting results. Finally, Google’s massive API update in March 2022 knocked out a lot of 3rd party software. 


7 Years Experience

We have been personally managing all of our Google ads accounts for 7 years now. We’re working in the Google Ads platform daily. 

$1 Million Managed

My wife and I personally manage over $1,000,000 annually in Google ads spend across all of our clients.   

Google Ads Expert

We manage, on average, 65-70 clients in Google ads alone every month. We have a lot of long-term clients who’ve been with us for 3-7 years. 

Why Choose Us As Your Google Ads Consultant?

What sets us apart from a lot of other consultants in the industry is that my wife and I manage all of our Google ads clients ourselves, which is about 65 – 70 accounts each month with about $1 Million in ad spend annually (including our white label for other agencies). We’re doing all of the grunt work and overview analysis of the accounts to make sure they’re performing as best as they can be within each client’s budget.


Work Directly With Me

When you want to work with us or get a consultation, you’ll be working and talking directly with me, David McElligott. You won’t need to worry about talking with a salesperson just trying to upsell you and who can’t answer all of your questions. We want to provide a personal connection with all of our clients, so you don’t feel like just another number.


What Is SKAG Adwords?

SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Groups) is when you have multiple campaigns and multiple ad groups totaling in the hundreds most of the time, where each ad group is targeting 1 phrase and only has an exact and a phrase match of that keyword. The ad copy is tailored to that keyword and sent to a specific landing page or page on the website with that phrase.

We have cleaned up dozens of SKAG builds and reviewed even more, they don’t work right out the gate, if at all. Most aren’t built correctly or lazily, and they always fall into the 80/20 rule, where 20% of the campaigns are bringing in 80% of the conversions or sales. They’re also nearly impossible to properly manage and analyze performance for growth.    

Can SKAGS work? It is possible for SKAG builds to work very well as their purpose was to maximize your keyword quality score, which allows you to rank higher for cheaper. It doesn’t work right out the gate unless you have a massive budget and solid strategy in place but are also fine with generating a lot of irrelevant traffic and non-converting traffic for the first couple of months while everything gets optimized. You also need a valid reason to build out so many campaigns and ad groups, as a lot of service companies can scale just fine with a single campaign and a few ad groups. Our approach is always to start simple and break out the high converting keywords and ad groups as they start dominating the budgets, and over time you’ll have a SKAG build, but it will be based on actual data and historical performance rather than guessing in the beginning and putting in a lot of unnecessary work.


Google Ads Consultant Fees

For consultations, we don’t charge a fee, nor do we charge a fee to provide you with a personalized audit of your account with our notes and next steps and strategy. We provide our free consultations and audits as our time allows, so it may take a few days to a week, depending on our workload. 

If you would like us to make our recommended changes and monitor the account for a week or two and or hire us for monthly management, you can check out our management prices. 

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