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WordPress Website Hosting

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Each plan is isolated, compartmentalized, and uses dedicated resources to ensure peak site-speed and security.

PlanCostDedicated Memory# Of CPUsStorageBandwidthEstimated Visits Per Month
Quantum$10/mo512 MB1 vCPU10 GB512 GB10,000
Bronze$25/mo1 GB1 vCPU25 GB1 TB20,000
Silver$40/mo2 GB2 vCPU25 GB2.5 TB50,000
Gold$80/mo8 GB4 vCPU60 GB10 TB100,000
Platinum$160/mo16 GB6 vCPU155 GB20 TB250,000
Uranium$325/mo32 GB8 vCPU640 GB25 TB400,000
Titanium$650/mo64 GB16 vCPU640 GB30 TB1,000,000
Palladium$1050/mo96 GB20 vCPU640 GB35 TB1,500,000
Rhodium$1,300/mo128 GB24 vCPU640 GB40 TB2,000,000
Iridium$2,000/mo192 GB32 vCPU640 GB45 TB3,000,000
Add-on: Hourly Backups$10/mo

What's Included With Our Managed WordPress Website Hosting

30 Day - Hourly Backups

For piece of mind with your ecommerce site, you no longer need to worry about losing weeks of orders/receipts if an issue arises. Backups are saved for 30 days which provides you 720 available restore points.

Free Email Accounts

10 free @yourdomain email accounts per hosted site.

Dedicated IP

For security, SEO, and reliability - nothing here is shared.

Web Application Firewall

Hosted WAF stops malicious traffic before it reaches your site. Similar to Cloudflare.

Multisite (with free SSL)

All plans support Multisite setup with free wildcard SSL support.

Global IP Ban List

You'll be added to our personal growing IP ban list, which contains 10s of thousands of IPs that have been flagged by us or others for spam, malware, or high risk. You can also contribute to this list by allowing us to add any flagged IPs on your website (failed logins, multiple 404 attempts) to be saved to this list.

  • DNS Management
  • Activity & Access Logs
  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • One-Click Staging
  • Nightly Backups
  • Migration Assistance
  • 7 Pro WordPress plugins.
  • Automated Updates
  • Activity & Access Logs

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