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We take the headaches out of managing your website with our affordable monthly maintenance plans. 

We can help with transferring an existing website to our servers, adding content and images, editing text and images online so you don’t have to, updating WordPress plugins and themes. We love working with businesses that need to get a new website up and running quickly and don’t want to pay a fortune. We are a husband and wife team and treat all our clients like family.

What's Included With Our WordPress Website Management

MDM Website images 1200 x 1200


*For new sites, if your site is a rebuild, we do offer to relocate to our host servers
**Design phase is the first 30 days after contract date
***For existing social media accounts only, new set up extra

All of our website options are designed with you in mind.

We implement from the start a questionnaire designed to pull as much information about your business and your potential clients as possible – questionnaires can be long and tedious, but believe me when I say this one is crucial, and not terribly long.

From the floor up, we build a brand new website for your company that is designed with the end user in mind. 

Mobile responsive and loaded with tons of options, your new website will be the pinnacle of your online presence, as it should be! Integrate your social media or other online profiles and make your website a true hub taking your business to new heights (and new potential clients).

UX and basic SEO is included at all levels!

Check out our pricing table for all included and extra items.

Don’t need a whole new website? Then don’t buy one!

We can design and build a landing page specific to whatever your need is – an event, an Ads campaign, a FAQ board, etc. 

Be sure to check out our pricing board for more information.

You already have a website, so why would you need a new one? 

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. The answer isn’t always straight forward until you dive in and evaluate what your end goal is. 

But for the sake of sanity, let’s assume your current website just doesn’t cater to what you as a business is. It’s missing the point and missing the mark by a whole pasture. 

With our redesign and build option, we go through your entire current website page by page and see what is going on. Then, using the information gathered both there and the new client questionnaire, we begin to design a new less-cow-patty-filled website for you to show to the world. 

Be sure to check out our pricing board to see everything we include!

You already have a website, so why would you need a new one? 

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. The answer isn’t always straight forward until you dive in and evaluate what your end goal is. 

With our website evaluation option, we run your website through our SEO applications and we also do a manual page by page inspection to see what’s going on. What is broken? What can/should be improved or even removed? What’s missing? 

Using the information we find, you can feel confident in making a decision about the future of your website. 

It’s up to you from there – do you want a whole new website? Or maybe just some DIY on your part going in and making adjustments. If DIY isn’t an option, send the report over to your web master, or for an additional fee (and depending on your platform) we can make those changes for you.

Check out our pricing board for more info!

How Can We Help?

Whether you are with us for a quick review, or with us for a full build and continued maintenance – McElligott Digital Marketing is more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and we look forward to working with you.


1 Page Website
$ 100/mo Includes Hosting On Our Servers (Up to Bronze)


2-10 Page Website
$ 150/mo Includes Hosting On Our Servers (Up to Silver)


11-25 Page Website
$ 200/mo Includes Hosting On Our Servers (Up to Gold)


25+ Page Website
Contact Us Includes Hosting On Our Servers

As Needed Updates

Periodic Updates (1hr block)
$ 50/mo
  • Add or Swap Images
  • Update Provided Content
  • Minor Adjustments To A Page Layout
  • Update Plugins Once A Month
  • Monthly Backup

Lets work together.

A CONSULTATION IS REQUIRED. This is to protect us, and you.

Give us a call or fill out the form below and we will reach out to you as soon as we can.