10 Simple Content Creation Hacks To Stand Out In 2024

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To stay ahead in the business, you gotta stay ahead of time. And so do your content creation needs.

To cite some top reasons as to why content creators are racking their brains over the right content to go with:

  • Align the digital marketing efforts for your brand with the demands of your customers
  • With over 3.5 billion online searches, Google attracts 94% of total organic traffic, and you are in a war to get to the first page of the SERP- search engine results page.
  • Because you care for your customers, and you’re helping them out with your created content.

But to consistently producing better and relevant content one after each can be draining. And that is true for professional writers too. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business; you have to keep your content relevant, interesting, and updated for your audience.

And here’s what you and I are going to achieve together. You’re going to get amazing ideas and motivation for creating supercharging content for your business in this blog. 

Not wasting a second more, let’s get to what matters!

10 Easy Hacks to Creating Content 

#1 Create Compelling Content

As per findings of The State of Content Marketing –  98% acknowledged that written content is the most frequently used type of content throughout the marketing industry.

Creating compelling content looks easier said than done. But we have made it even easier to do for you. Here’s how.

It starts with crafting a compelling headline.  Assume 10 people visit your blog, 7 out of the  10 will only read the headline, and only the remaining 3 will read the rest. So, your title has to lift the weight of your whole content.

After the headline, how well you are able to hook the readers depends on your introduction to the topic.  Next, the topics or subtopics you decide to include must be in consonance with your headline.

Lastly, how engaging your content is, gauges the success of your digital marketing efforts.

#2 Don’t Deviate from the Central Idea

A blog or an article must have a single and clear central idea from the very beginning to the last word of the conclusion. This attitude while writing the blog will help you to make sound statements, which, ultimately, will connect your thoughts to that of users.

Having a thousand types of audience, your idea might not match with, say, a few. But having a loud and clear theme, you could add substantial value to the topic.

How can you achieve this goal?

  • Be clear with your subject, your point, and your outline.
  • Know who your target is.
  • Focus on the gist as much as possible.

#3 Visuals speak Volumes 

Your next hack is visualizing the content you have written. 

Why is it a hack?

Because our brain can process an image even faster than 13 milliseconds, therefore, next time when you create content, you must keep in mind that your content must have visuals like infographics, images, videos or GIFs, etc.

How does it work?

A good image or infographic grabs the attention of visitors because being short; it’s easy to grasp the information. A content, explaining or being descriptive in nature, must include high-quality and relevant visuals rather than be just composed of long messages.

Visuals might include – images, infographics, slides, videos, or even memes in trends.

#4 What is the AIDA formula?

Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action- this is what AIDA stands for.

  • Attention – The first in many questions that you have to answer is how to draw the attention of the consumers. 
  • Interest –  Customize your products or services according to the interest of the consumer.
  • Desire – Desire emanates from interest. Let the consumer feel that you offer, best products or services or as out of scarce.
  • Action – Consumer decides to or purchases the product or service.

The AIDA version says that Attention ends in Interest, which results in Desire and, finally, Action.

To answer how AIDA works? AIDA is perfect for drawing the consumer’s attention, emanating the interest, pulling their heartstrings, and resolving their issue.

Though it’s a very simple model but yet effective, from the past till today, the AIDA model has been used, and marketing enthusiasts will use it tomorrow too.

#5 Don’t Pause for Perfect Phrasing

Let me reveal a secret about how to write the best blog.

When you take up a blog, in-depth reading and comprehending the idea is what you should start with, and when it comes to jotting it down, fluency is what you should focus upon without worrying about perfection.  Formatting is the last thing you should do.

There are many who write a paragraph and start formatting; again, they write a paragraph, and again they do formatting. But does it make sense?

Besides wasting time, pausing for a better word choice and perfect phrasing jolts you out of fluency.

So, don’t overthink your first draft; just write and keep writing. Once you finish it, go back and fix your mistakes or insert words that you find good.

#6 Don’t Force Yourself, Take a Break

You want to be limitless, you want to push it hard, and you will surely do whatever it takes.

But sometimes, these powerful thoughts might become self-exhausting. You need an active and free mind when you start something fresh. They want to keep pushing. It seems irresistible; nonetheless, sometimes, when you get blocked while writing, it’s better to leave the chair and better come back after some time.

For instance, you sit to write a blog, and you are unsure as to where to start from, set a timer for 10 minutes and if you still don’t get any idea to begin writing the blog, take a break. Leave the chair and come again a few minutes later. Now, your fresh mind has a lot of brilliant ideas, and you can write more fluidly than a few minutes later when you can’t.

So, it’s better you should go and take a break without forcing yourself when you are unsure as to where to start from.

#7 Feature Unique Stories

Apart from large budgets, what else makes the marketing efforts of brands like Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, etc., successful?

If you keenly notice their ads, they all share a story.

From sharing a real experience to adding the human element to your content and awakening empathy, also they don’t sound salesy.

Besides, platforms like Google Stories provide customized content in the form of videos, images, or dynamic texts, catering to consumers’ marketing way of living.  

You get only a few seconds to hook the customer, and featured stories serve the purpose best.  

The motive is to make content easily discoverable and thence, making the brands and influencers easily seen.

#8Undertaking Email Marketing Segmentation

As per the revealings of user data, better-segmented campaigns get around 14% more open and 65% more clicks as compared to non-segmented campaigns.

In addition to the above, more than 80% of marketers have shown an increase in email engagement, and another exciting statistic is that email marketing gives the highest ROI.

Segmentation of your email marketing could be a huge undertaking but relaxing. We are here.

While segmenting your email marketing list, ensure it matches your customer base.

  • Asking for too much information can scare the customers from signing up at all.
  • Get access to personalized data about your customers by generating personalized surveys or quizzes.
  • Segment through engagement by designating active vs. dormant users.

#9 Leverage Social Media

4.5 billion people owning social media accounts, one sign-in, and the brilliant content world – is all that you need to skyrocket your business, isn’t it?

Strategize and plan, engage and listen and publish-  are core pillars that convert a lead into a buyer. Integrate these three principles and acclimatize to regularly checking your account; post less but effective can boost your profitability.

What you need to work upon is just figure out who your potential target is, apply those three core pillars, and be updated because social media changes very fast and swiftly.

#10 Captivating CTAs will do the Rest

CTA – call-to-action is an invitation to a user to take some desired action.

You will find CTAs at the bottom of the blog or the article. The sole purpose of a CTA is to ask the visitor to spare a few minutes to your site.

But the block is that most of the businesses aren’t using effective CTAs to converse with their potential customers. A figure shows that around 70% of small business B2B sites lack an effective call-to-action.

Source: Small Biz Trends

Now, how you can overcome this problem. 

  • Convince the visitor by striving for clarity.
  • Make the visitor believe that there is no risk of breach of personal information.
  • Call attention to immediate benefits.

Few best CTA examples:

  1. Amazon -“Watch now, Cancel anytime.”

2. Netflix – “See what’s next.”

When it comes to compelling CTAs, Netflix is my personal favorite.

While scrolling down the blog, you might have realized that content writing hacks are nothing more than smartly executed plans, upgrading at each level. And the list doesn’t end here!

If you’re already executing some or all of these hacks, well, we are more than happy to bring even more for you. 

Just ask us in the comments!

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