10 Emerging Content Marketing Trends Set to Dominate in 2024

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“To improve is to change, and to be perfect is to change often.”

In this fast-changing world, you can’t wait and watch things happen by themselves; instead, you have to make them happen. The passing year, 2021, has been a witness to a lot of unprecedented changes and so has changed the world of content marketing.

In this huge content marketing world, if you want to be ahead of the pack, you have to adapt yourself according to what the customer exactly wants. And for this, the best content skills come into play.

Business and content are two inseparable entities. If you want to reach out to a larger audience and make your base in them, you have to provide them with well-tailored and personalized experiences.

In this pandemic arena, a large number of businesses shifted to digital platforms, and to sustain the core as well as attract new customers; content acted as a bridge between the business and the customer.

Thus, creating a golden opportunity for content marketers to expand their base and connect to a large number of potential customers.

The coming new year is coming with novel challenges and hence novel opportunities for content marketers. And a content enthusiast must be keenly observing the best 10 potential fields.

So here, we got for you 10 content marketing trends to look out for in 2022. Let’s check’em out!

  1. SEO will  always be at the heart of search’

Search Engine Optimisation will continue to attract marketers. Pin-pointed keywords, as always, will always be the catch of eye for writers as well as the readers. A good SEO will reach you to exact matches even if you enter a grammatically incorrect or random and incomplete search word.

AI-enabled voice search devices like Google Now, Alexa, Siri, etc., which, by nature, are developed to listen and respond to commands and orders in casual or everyday use languages, are also by and large based on SEO searches.

A good SEO will add to your customer connection potential bringing more traffic to your site and hence, increasing the revenue you earn.

  1.  AI is on a rapid rise

A large number of businesses have come to play in the market but with little resources. To sustain their business, they need to identify the areas where to work upon.

To gain high output and augment business efficiency, AI technology has an important role to play. Content marketers will use such AI-enabled technology to respond to customers instantly like, AI-enabled interacting agent.

Now, you will be wondering how AI will work?

Don’t worry. Set aside your worries and listen to this. AI collects and processes a bulk of data in which, from what a customer likes and dislikes, etc., everything is there. AI filters out these details for you and gets you with what exactly you want.

Besides details, it saves your precious time and energy and also the extra expenditure that you have to put in as to reach a large number of customers.

  1. Audio-Visual content  with exciting potential in future

I came across this back long- ‘if you want to comprehend something, visualize it after reading and writing. At that time, I didn’t understand this, but now I do.’

Can you guess the ‘why in this?

When you see or visualize something, it creates a visual memory in your brain, and it falls in the realm of implicit memory, which acts as a sensory process and not a fact-based learning process.

Scripted content has always been inherent in marketing and will be, but today where everything is being digitized, the number of netizens has exceptionally increased, visual content will play a crucial role. To engage better and leave an everlasting impression on a first-time customer, nowadays, marketers use such Audio-Visual content.

Use the following methods to advertise your product in a much better way

  • Image
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Memes
  1. Scintillating  Marketing Companies

Today the well-established sales and marketing companies, apart from promoting the brand which they work for, acquire stakes in the same brand.

They identify the potential targets, a better market -place where they could easily trade their products and services, which in turn would bring higher returns for the brand as well as the marketing company.

Content marketers, now, will come in handy for such companies in want to allure customers will need contents that directly connect them with their customers.

  1. Personalized experiences tie up the users to the content

To be alive and kicking in this stiff and fiercely competitive world, companies inevitably need to have a sharp eye on providing personalized and relevant content to the customer.

You must have ever wondered why companies like Amazon and Netflix are always the first preference of customers?

The answer is because these giants tie up their customers by providing them with curated content based on users’ past personal experiences.

In the same way, if you, as a content marketer, want to be the first preference of customers, then you must be well-versed in the art of providing curated and personalized content.

  1. 3Cs to  boost your ABM

ABM- Account-Based Marketing is a strategy in the B2B market that works the 3Cs principle – Connect, Captivate and Construct.

First, identify and connect to potential companies and then, secondly, captivate them with your personalized content which matches exactly what they are looking for. Once you have connected and captivated them, try to construct a good bond that leads to new opportunities.

3 reasons why clients love and, of course, will love ABM

  • First, it has apparent ROI- Return On Investment.
  • Second, it reduces indecisiveness.
  • And, third, it helps to build a good bond. 
  1. The large shift towards voice-enabled searchings

Me -“Hello Google! Can you find me the best content marketing companies near me?”

And instantly, before you, there are a plethora of search results.

You must be familiar with  Google Now, Siri, etc. So, why are these voice-enabled search devices on a surge?

It’s simple because they add up to your ease-comfort, reduce your work pressures in different ways, and always at the top, they provide you with the results which exactly you would be looking for.

You can grasp the popularity of such devices by this figure that around 36 million Americans use voice search devices!

  1. Non-profit collaborations

More and more companies are partnering with non-profits and getting involved in philanthropic and sustainable practices. 

Companies and brands will need contents that would advertise their philanthropic works to create a unique image within the public, which could be the source of their credibility.

It’s a win-win situation for both ends. On the one hand, it’s a way of giving back and earning for yourself the trust and engagement of consumers.

  1. Advancing your social media game

Social media is not just only about liking and posting. It is much more than that for marketers. Also, having a vast number of users, such platforms will be a good route to content marketers in the upcoming year to make success.

It is also true that you will find a superabundant number of contenders, influencers, celebrities, and social media uproar. 

Therefore, you need an innovative marketing strategy to model your brand, engage with your potential clientele. Also, you have to be always a step up and continuously update yourself according to the fast-evolving world of digital marketing.

Some tips to social media marketing strategy:

  • Tailor-made content is an integral part.
  • Out-of-context content will never benefit you.
  • It’s a world of Hashtags! Compelling hashtags equals customers influx.
  • Shares and downloads. The higher the shares and downloads, the higher public will love it and the higher your desired success. 
  1. A surge in short duration contents

Instagram reels, viewer-targeted short-time visuals on Youtube, etc., have surged in the market in this pandemic, which will continue in 2022 as well. Platforms like Youtube shorts, which offer short-time visual content, are often liked by the net-generations.

Better content will bring in a large audience and ultimately profiteer. The makers will hunt for such content, and there the content marketers will come in handy.

Understand this by these figures-  Youtube has 2 billion monthly active users, 35 million daily active users, and in the year 2020, Youtube published advertising revenue of  $5.04 billion which amounts to  37,76,88,780.00 INR.

This is the time to look back and analyze what has been the changes in the nature of contents widely demanded and produced. We have been brainstorming and experimenting with more and more ideas to keep you ahead of your marketing needs and catch up with the time.

Want to boost your online marketing games? McElligott Digital Marketing is there to extend end-to-end support for your marketing campaigns while you focus on your core business. 

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