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McElligott Digital Marketing specializes in managing ad campaigns for small businesses in the services industry, and those in the industries needing advanced verification via Google (Garage Door Companies, Locksmiths and Plumbers).  We have worked with and gotten results for clients in the B2C, B2B, SaaS, and Shopify industries.  

We actively build and manage multiple accounts for clients whose target is getting leads as their main goal.

We have completed extensive training and are continuously educating ourselves through both the platforms themselves as well as the top ads managers in this business who focus on quality over quantity. We build and structure each campaign to be the easiest to manage and test, we also set them up to be scale-able for when our clients want to increase their ad spend as they are seeing the return they want and/or are wanting to start additional keyword campaigns. This method, in turn, delivers the best results to your clients with the least amount of wasted ad spend money on worthless traffic to your website.

You retain full control of your account since we link to yours via our manager account

With us managing your Google and/or Bing ads account, we’ll continuously monitor and optimize it and you’ll be able to get updates at your convenience with our online report.

Advertise on the first and second largest search networks in the world!

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FAQ: Why do we only manage google and bing platforms?

*Based on statistics from https://www.statista.com/statistics/267161/market-share-of-search-engines-in-the-united-states/

Our Technique

We focus on providing you with the most effective plan that will spend your ad money the wisest. Don’t be fooled, anyone can build you an ad campaign and put you in position 1, or say they can reduce your cost per click to $1, it’s possible, but there’s a catch. The catch is that these options will lead you to one end result, wasting A LOT of money. 

We prefer to take a mixture of a both conservative and aggressive approach. The main goal isn’t trying to immediately hit number 1 nor is it getting the lowest cost per click. These two things are still goals, and will happen with time. Starting out, we will keep you within the optimal ad position range of 2-4, this range has proven to still get a good amount of clicks and conversions. We try to reduce the overall cost per click, but only by focusing more spend on the keywords that perform the best as opposed to everything all at once. 

The figure below explains the overall strategy of initially targeting very bottom funnel clientele who are actively searching for a specific product or service like yours and are ready to buy now. This method allows us to get the best performance at the start, then as your business starts to grow we can expand to additional keywords, targeting strategies, and eventually move to include branding. 

This method will allow us to get the most impact and return for every dollar you spend advertising, reducing wasted spend on unnecessary marketing strategies, which we all know is a critical point when you’re first starting out with online advertising.      

PPC Pricing

We like to be open and upfront with our fees. We offer a flat rate as that is easier overall, since we won’t need to recalculate the fee for every budget adjustment and you wont need to do math to know how much you’ll be charged each month.

Fees are calculated based on your total ad spend with Google, Bing, and/or Facebook. You will only pay one monthly fee (per company) regardless of how the budget is divided.

Our fees increase as your ad spend increases since it takes more effort and time to sort through incoming searches and properly allocate the budget to be spent for optimal results.

Single Build

Setup or Optimization


Google and/or Bing
$ 200/mo STARTING

ad spend

$ 375+ per month

single Account

1 Time Setup or Optimization
$ 150* one time fee

Please note that the monthly ad spend is a separate amount that is paid directly to Google or Bing (respectively). It does not include my fee nor do I get any part of it.


We offer an online report available to you anytime for all ad management services. No longer will you need to wait until the end of the month to see how your campaigns are doing. I provide all the information you need to know how well your accounts are running.
My reports are stored on Google servers so availability is a near guarantee.


Since we actively build and manage Google & Bing accounts, we get a first-hand look at how they should be structured and what attributes should be utilized to achieve the best performance for your campaigns. 

Our Ad Campaign setup or optimization checks and adjusts 15 points, these include:

With this service we also include 30 days of ongoing monitoring and adjustments to make sure your account is as optimized as possible when we part ways. 

*Fee is based on your accounts overall ad spend since larger spending accounts require more time to dig through data