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We focus our pay-per-click management services entirely on quality. We guarantee delivery of quality traffic to your website.

There are managers out there who will try and guarantee to get you leads or add thousands of keywords and bring tons of traffic, or even $0.10 cost per click, but most of those results are searches not even remotely related to your industry. 

We specialize in B2C service-based industries like those wanting to advertise Garage Door Repair Companies, Landscaping Companies, Home Renovation Contractors, General Contractors, Painting Companies, Estate & Divorce lawyers, Disability attorneys, Laundry Service Companies, Fire Extinguisher Inspectors, Hair Salons & Stylists, Facial Spa companies,  E-commerce Shops,  and more!

We retain about 75% of all clients past the first 2 months. We personally manage every client, we do not outsource work, you will be working directly with us. Check out our reviews and success reports page.

We have experience in multiple areas that cover the entirety of your customers’ journey.

We can manage and optimize Both Google and Bing platforms to not waste your hard earned money.

We are also trained in and practicing the most current Search Engine Optimization methods to be able to utilize the best landing page of your website for your ad campaigns, and flag any potential adjustments if any needed to be made to improve conversions from traffic to your website.

We can track your clients’ journey starting from the search they used to enter your website all the way to their destination on your website – whether they leave on a certain page or click your phone number or a download button. All of that information is also included as a standard in our client reports.


The best part about Google and Bing ads are that you’re in control.

You can set when, where, how, and to who your ads will show. You can also set how much you spend so you can maintain a healthy profit on the product or service you’re selling.

In addition to that control, you can track every part of your account to make sure you’re getting quality traffic, that you’re only spending your budget, and how competitive you are on the search results pages.

The final piece to these two platforms is that they both specialize in their own areas. Google is best for businesses in B2C traffic, and Bing is best for businesses in B2B traffic. If your customers are in both then running ads on both is highly recommended. 

It can work very well for some industries. We’ve found it’s best viewed as a branding advertising platform for most industries, but others like those with very niche or unique products, it works quite  well.  

We can keep prices competitively low because we are freelancers working from home.

Having managed a multitude of accounts thus far, we build them from the get-go for scaling and efficiency so there is little need for fee renegotiation. 

1) We will first discuss everything about what you expect to get out of advertising.

2) Once you are satisfied with my ability and promise of delivery, I send a short questionnaire to fill out about building your account(s).

3) After the questionnaire is completed, I send over the invoice for the build fee and 1st-month of management.

4) With payment settled I start the build – which will take between 2-5 days depending on complexity.

5) Before the campaigns are made active, I notify you that your account is built. At that point you are welcome to look through it (via screenshots or you logging in) or I can just turn it on.

6) Once the campaigns are running, I send you a link to your customize online report. You can access this 24/7 and adjust the date from daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.

7) If requested, we can schedule a monthly call to review your account. Any adjustments or changes needed can be discussed via that cal or emailed over.

To reach us for any account questions, changes, adjustments, pauses, etc. We are available via email and we will do our best to respond within an hour or two from receiving it.

We can also set up a scheduled monthly call to review the performance of your account. 

Google Ads Management

Struggling with your Google ads performance? We can help you get back on top, we're experts in managing successful Google ads campaigns.

Bing Ads Management

Struggling with your Bing ads performance? We can help you get back on top, we're experts in managing successful Bing ads campaigns.

You retain full control of your account since we link to yours via our manager account

With us managing your Google and/or Bing ads account, we’ll continuously monitor and optimize it and you’ll be able to get updates at your convenience with our online report.

Advertise on the first and second largest search networks in the world!

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FAQ: Why do we mainly manage google and bing platforms?

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PPC Pricing

We like to be open and upfront with our fees. We offer a flat rate as that is easier overall, since we won’t need to recalculate the fee for every budget adjustment and you wont need to do math to know how much you’ll be charged each month.

Fees are calculated based on your total ad spend with Google, Bing, and/or Facebook. You will only pay one monthly fee (per company) regardless of how the budget is divided.

Our fees increase as your ad spend increases since it takes more effort and time to sort through incoming searches and properly allocate the budget to be spent for optimal results.

Single Build

Setup or Optimization
$ 50-600 ONE TIME FEE


$ 250/mo Ad spend under $10K/mo or <10 Campaigns
  • We manage account at our defined schedule and pace (agencies)
  • Reports are sent out on a weekly and/or monthly basis
  • Communication via email, slack, monthly call
  • Our Standard image ad creation


$ 600/mo Ad spend under 100k/mo Or >10 Campaigns
  • We manage accounts on an agreed schedule (agencies)
  • Reports are sent out on a weekly and/or monthly basis with notes
  • Communication via email, your messaging platform, bi-weekly call
  • Our standard image or video ad creation


$ 1,300+/mo any ad spend any campaign amounts
  • We manage accounts on agreed schedule (agencies)
  • Reports are sent out daily, weekly and/or monthly with notes
  • Communication via email, your messaging platform, weekly call
  • Custom image & video ad creation

Please note that the monthly ad spend is a separate amount that is paid directly to Google, Bing, or Facebook (respectively). It does not include my fee nor do I get any part of it.