SEO for Contractors | 10 Tips to Rank Your Contracting Company on Google

SEO for Contractors | 10 Tips to  Rank Your Contracting Company on Google

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The first question we’re asked when onboarding a client for contractor SEO is how to rank on Google?

And we absolutely love to hear this question, because to rank top in Google’s search results or at least near it means more business. 

Let’s get some facts to make a stronger point.

  • According to data by Google, 53% of the customers in the US look for products on a search engine, before making a buy decision.
  • Nearly 86% of the search engine market is driven by Google.
  • The top-ranking website on Google gets nearly 32% of the total clicks.

SEO for contractors is the smartest way for contracting businesses to help your clients find you on Google.

To generate qualified leads for your business, you need to get to the top search results and contractor SEO is the best way to get there.

Your SEO company for contractors should design the SEO strategy customized for your business to rank it at the top. At McElligott Digital Marketing, our SEO experts have pulled up these top 10 SEO strategies we employ for our clients. 

Let’s look at how your business can benefit from contractor SEO with these tips.

How SEO for contractors can help your business?

If you want to stay ahead of the competition and get qualified leads that convert, a good contractor SEO plan is important for you. For example, SEO for roofing companies is important for the contractors taking up roofing works. But not everybody can be an expert at SEO for contractors. So the best shot such a business has got at achieving higher search rankings is to hire an SEO company for contractors. 

Even the UN Conference on Trade and Development put the stamp on the fact that nearly half of the consumers look for products online. 

According to another data, 60% of the consumers do a Google search before going to a company to buy their services.

By now, you must have got all the facts and figures speaking out about undertaking SEO for contractors.

These 5 reasons are going to tell why you should take SEO seriously:

1. Rank in your locality

A person looking to get some roofing work done will search for local companies using terms like ‘roofing companies near me.’

Your company needs to show up at least near the top search results, and this job is done by SEO for roofing companies.

If you’re not ranking higher in the search results, that explains the reason you are struggling with getting more leads. This means ranking for local businesses, both on the Google search engine result pages and the local map pack.  

2. Build your brand awareness

How many of the brand names do you remember that you might have come across today?

The ones you do remember must have been seen by you before already, on the internet, on a billboard, or any place. 

It’s important that your company name keeps showing up in search results. This way you’re helping people remember your brand name.

According to research data, an entity can gain 33% revenue through a consistent brand presentation.

People are even going to skip browsing to visit your website and look into what you’re offering.

3. Trim your marketing costs

Contractor SEO needs investment, and even if you’re doing it on your own, it will take your business hours. But investment in SEO for contracting business can help you gain more reach as compared to other marketing techniques. The efforts you make for search engine optimization for your website will gain you results in the long run. 

A well-optimized site means that your audience can find you anytime and from wherever they want. It increases the authority of your site in the algorithms of search engines.

Investing in contractor SEO saves you time, money, and efforts as well which often get wasted in trying out numerous marketing methods.

4. Competitive edge to your business

With an enormous marketing budget at their disposal, industry giants often overtake small businesses when it comes to marketing.

But smaller contracting businesses have a chance at reaching the top of the search rankings just by focusing on contractor SEO. That means SEO for contractors can help you surpass your competitors who have a bigger marketing budget than you.

Contractor SEO creates a level playing field for businesses to rank in search engines, grow and beat the competition in the industry.

5. Greater return-on-investment

Your marketing efforts might be directed at multiple purposes-for example, brand awareness, and more engagement from people. But what remains a common purpose is generating ROI or revenue.

Until you see a good ROI, your marketing efforts are not there yet and maybe it’s not going to happen soon if you don’t invest in contractor SEO.

SEO for contractors is not a ‘ try today, see results tomorrow’ thing. But the results SEO delivers, in the long run, can help you gain massive ROI consistently. 

When SEO for roofing companies is handled by a team of experienced SEO professionals, the revenue numbers are going to speak for your investment.

10 Tips to implement SEO for contractors successfully!

Let’s see how to execute SEO for contractors in 10 ways to help grow your business!

1. Enrich mobile user experience 

Research figures reveal that half of the local searches are conducted on smartphones. 

These mobile searches when looking for a solution to their problem actually mean that there could be qualified customers behind the screen, who would genuinely be looking for your services. 

Almost all mobile phone users use Google for their search. 

And especially after the introduction of helpful products like Google Assistant and Google Home, the search trend has grown rapidly. Mobile-first indexing in the recent algorithm changes makes optimizing for a better user experience for smartphone users unavoidable. 

Making your website mobile-friendly is important to improve search rankings as well as to offer a better user experience to your potential customers.

2. Proper keyword implementation

When it comes to contractor SEO, optimizing your website depends on the right selection and usage of keywords. This keyword strategy for local search engine optimization uses local modifiers and keywords that put forward the services offered by contracting services. 

We conduct wide keyword research and selection for on-page SEO and optimize the complete website as well. Leveraging local keywords can help your website show up in the local search results by your customers. 

SEO for roofing companies involves keyword optimization for the searches related to roofing business to develop quality online content. 

Without proper keyword selection and optimization, it’s unimaginable to market your business on the internet locally. 

Our SEO experts at McElligott Digital Marketing conduct extensive keyword research, both with popular tools like Google Keyword Planner, Moz, and utilize our own tools to rank your business locally.

3. Update your Google My Business account

We must know what is going to have the most dominant effect if we are to achieve high levels of performance in our SEO efforts. 

Thankfully, several market research companies release their local search engine ranking variables every year—basically, the number of factors that influence how local businesses like contracting show up on Google.

Research reports have consistently stressed the importance of establishing your Google My Business (GMB) page effectively. Such a report released in 2018 speaks about Google My Business Signals as a crucial factor to getting ahead in the Google Local Pack, and interestingly as the fourth key signal for local organic rankings.

4. Optimize your page title and description

Optimizing page titles and meta description is a key part of SEO for contractors but to do it means you have to first know what it is.

The clickable headline which appears when you do a Google search is the page title and it helps both Google and the users get what your site is meant for. Page titles help you improve search rankings for important keywords. 

Consider page title as your first impression for your potential customers when they see you in search results.

The short description below the page title in the search results is the meta description. Even if the description is not a direct factor in search rankings, it attracts users to visit your site.

5. NAP citations

Building local citations means having your website mentioned online. NAP citation means mention of the name of your business, your business address, and your phone number. 

The maximum of the contracting business are local companies, and it is important to ensure your business has clear NAP (business name, address, and phone details) citations. The NAP citation must be optimized for local searches. 

NAP citations are the best way to get your business locations in Google’s pack to improve search rankings.

6. Optimize images

Images can be optimized for your website and you can make your website content better by optimizing images with various options. 

Update your image alt text:  It is done to help Google read your image content, as the algorithms can read the content on-page, but not the content of an image without external help. And this external help is the alt text and with its help, Google can index an image.

Other than that, make the image file name readable, and compress the image to assist in faster loading of the site.

7. Build an off-site reputation

SEO for contractors is not limited to just keyword implementation on-site, as search engines value your online reputation in other places as well. Contractor SEO involves your outreach efforts, and this goes well beyond your site. 

Links and mentions of your business from the other sites greatly influence the ability of your site to rank.

Create social media presence on popular platforms for enhancing your online visibility, and it redirects people to your website as well.

8. Add local business schema markup

Schema markup codes are intended to make the search engines better understand your website by marking up some elements on your website.

Features like review ratings can be added to appear with your search listings with the help of local business schema markup.

Schema markup helps add image, name, and your business operational hours to appear on the search results and makes it lucrative for the users to visit your site.

This makes your website the perfect fit for rich results, thus helping you present your business authoritatively, gain more organic traffic, increase click-through rates ( CTR), and drive conversions.

9. Online reviews

Positive online reviews mean more trust, and extra motivation for your potential customers to choose you above the other choices available. 

Having good reviews is a powerful way to build a positive online reputation for your contracting business. 

If you think that online reviews are not directly involved in contractor SEO, you might be wrong. Studies reveal that businesses with more positive online reviews are favored by search engines like Google.

Google’s algorithms are advanced enough to read the feedback people have about your business and check the relevance to rank your website in the search results.

10. Track and optimize

Rather than assuming whether your marketing efforts are in the right or wrong direction, you can track your performance.

Measuring the results of contractor SEO can help you come up with remedial plans in case the results haven’t been satisfactory so far. 

With a constantly fluctuating search environment, measuring becomes even more important. 

Even if you are ranking at the top of the search results right now, you have to keep your eyes on the analytics to observe the changing patterns. Because if you don’t, other sites are going to update themselves with the changes and outrank you.

Even if you are aware of search engine optimization, SEO for contractors is not always a DIY for you!

There are complex technicalities involved in local SEO and one wrong move going unnoticed can hurt your marketing efforts so far.

This is why our clients leave their complete SEO contractor needs to our SEO experts at McElligott Digital Marketing

Our contractor SEO secrets are built for you to secure the top spot in search rankings, and we’ll be happy to share a lot more premium tips with you. 

Call us now for a free consultation!

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