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Is your digital presence strong enough to get you monthly leads that convert?

To reach local services, a maximum number of people take to the internet, or a search engine like Google is where they start. That’s why you need to ensure that you have a strong web presence so that your website appears in the top search results related to your services. 

What is SEO for contractors?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for contractors, talks about all the actions taken to make your site rank as high as possible in the Google search rankings. Your potential customer simply pulls out their mobile phone and starts scrolling through the search engines for the service providers they need. 

But to ensure that you’re visible to your potential buyers is the job of SEO. This is why you need to get SEO for contractors right to generate new leads. 

According to data provided by ImForza, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

Search engine optimization is focused on drawing people that are actively looking to buy products or services, and it is an excellent way to brand awareness and lead generation. 

Stats reveal that SEO leads have a 14.6% chance of conversion as compared to traditional marketing strategies like direct mail and print ads which have an average conversion rate of 1.7 percent.

To begin with your contractor SEO as a part of your overall digital strategy, call our team at 833-7724-897. To learn more about SEO for contractors, continue with the guide.

Benefits of SEO for contractors

1. Get more leads with contractor SEO

Organic web traffic accounts for over 54% of all site traffic.

And this organic traffic to your site is unpaid and varies depending on the region.

Organic traffic is critical for you because:

  • More web traffic provides more opportunities to display your efforts and persuade clients.
  • This is an inbound phrase; clients come to you when they need you, which increases the conversion rate.

Waiting around for the leads to come from here and there is a waste of time that could be spent on generating revenue. Lead generation is the first step toward revenue; therefore, boost the number of phone calls you receive from prospective consumers. 

With McElligott Digital Marketing’s tried-and-true contractor SEO optimization approach, you will get more calls, requests for quotations, and opportunities to boost revenue and grow your business.

2. Build brand awareness

Most businesses know only about the traffic and lead-generating power of SEO.

But search engine optimization is an excellent way to generate brand awareness also. 

The logic behind this is very simple- the more often people see your website for their search results, the more they’ll tend to remember your business the next time they want to make a purchase.

If you think about the benefit of increased brand awareness, more clients are one benefit. But it is not limited to only the number of clients. Contractor SEO will help your buyers remember your business, and even suggest it to their numbers when they are looking for contractor services.

We use local SEO for contractors to help our clients find customers who have just started the process of buying around for contractor services.

With the right contractor SEO strategy in place, you can make your business the ‘go-to’ one when your buyers are about to make a purchase decision. 

Contractor SEO best practices to get more leads 

1. Create top-notch content

It all starts with top-notch content that is your first chance to hook the potential customer to your brand. Your company can interact with potential customers effectively thanks to quality content. 

It can show your deftness and subject-matter expertise while augmenting your brand identity. Having curated material for your company website as well as for other online platforms will drive more traffic to it and thus increase your mileage. Quality content lets prospective customers know about your services and products and also builds trust. It will include enriching your blog posts, the home page, social media posts, the landing page, and more with creative and attractive ideas to which the user could connect himself.

2. Keywords are the differentiator

Keywords are vital to contractor SEO. 

To make sure your local SEO approach includes all the terms necessary to appeal to search engine algorithms, you have to do some research or you can take the help of a professional contractor SEO services. After digging in and finding out the best-suited keywords and keyword phrases will then be skillfully included in your content. Crawlers from search engines will be driven to the keywords. In addition to other variables, the crawlers use keywords to index and rank your website.

If you’re having difficulty in dealing with keywords for your company, consider your audience. Dig into where they spend the most time online. They end up talking about contract services on Reddit, Quora, or Twitter.

Now you can also take wonderful ideas or get a cue about what’s actually going on there from these sites or other platforms like these and then use them in your contractor SEO keyword list.

3. Link creation

Google views links from other websites as a “vote” that supports the legitimacy and reliability of the material on your website. 

Instead of simply attempting to gather links from everywhere, you have to create high-quality connections from reputable websites that will not only improve your organic rankings but also drive organic traffic to your website.

Why do we do link building? It’s loud and clear, the purpose behind link building is to develop a varied profile of links. Now it’s equally important to ask for whom you are creating it or who will benefit from it. Keeping them in front and center you have to build the links. If you created a relevant and promising link strength it will help you rank well.

4. Offer a user-friendly interface

Creating quality content, incorporating keywords in the right areas, or link building is important but next to nothing when your website user experience is sluggish. 

You are advised not to take the impact of a mobile website lightly, even if you are a business-to-business (B2B) contractor. More than half of internet traffic now originates from mobile devices, and Google also uses a mobile-first index, which affects how well you do in search results. Now due to this reason, your contractor SEO approach should place a high premium on the customer experience.

Many internet users will choose the first search result, but if they have a negative experience on your website, they might not come back. Since Google and other search engines take user behavior into account, high bounce rates and slow page speeds could have an undesired impact on rankings, even ranking low.

Here is what a good and user-friendly should look like:

  • Swift loading of websites
  • Responsive and flexible designs
  • The pages’ layout should be creative 
  • Sites with genuine content that are simple to use

5. Optimizing GMB profile to boost local SEO for contractors

It is important to optimize your Google My Business listing and also on local sites. 

Inaccuracy in Google My Business profile can lead to SEO problems and it can seriously put your digital efforts behind. You can take the help of contractor SEO services to make sure that your GMB listing is free of errors. Stay updated with your NAP(Name- Address- Place) citations for strong local SEO. 

6. Get genuine feedback and measure your progress

Be it a big or small brand or a business or business person, it needs to build a good bond with the clients.

And getting a review about the services or products that you are offering, whether it is a negative comment or positive endorsement demonstrated your actual progress in audience communication.

If your website gets a negative comment, engage back with the client, and it would not be a mistake to ask where they want the improvement and ask the client to give you another chance; that’s how you create trust. If that client gives 9 or 10, use it for brand endorsement.

Over to you

Our certified SEO experts at McElligott Digital Marketing have years of proven experience in contractor SEO.

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