10 Amazing Tips to Make Persuasive Commercials and Ads

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How’s your experience during the last festive season sale? I need not remind you how bulky your cart and light your pocket felt then!

Words like: Sale, grab it now, 30% discount, limited period offer, last chance to hit the jackpot, get exciting rewards, and so on. It is hard to ignore such magnetic words and not buy. 

Science is quite simple behind any purchase. The customer’s perspective of investing on what they feel is useful. 

Why should customers like your product? Does your product intend to solve an issue? Does it allow buyers to save their time and money? Does it come with distinctive features or characteristics?

These are the questions that a marketer should keep in mind before marketing his brand new product on an online or offline platform.

The more you master making connections and persuasion skills, the better your product will perform in sales. 

Well, the ultimate aim of any marketing campaign is sales!

In the following discussion, we will disclose 10 excellent tips to make persuasive commercials and ads that attract an audience like a magnet.

What do Persuasive Ads Look Like? 

An effective ad targets a specific audience and is relevant to the exact query of the customer. 

Persuasive advertising is designed to convince viewers of a particular belief, which results in taking action, often by purchasing products.

Persuasive marketing employs various strategies that appeal to rational as well as emotional aspects of our decision-making. 

Many buyers aren’t completely rational when it comes to their buying decisions and are emotionally driven. 

Understanding how to create commercials starts with the message you’re trying to say. If you’re certain of that and the fundamentals of effective advertising, you’ll be able to execute the right idea at the right time.

3 Key Elements of Persuasive Commercials and Ads

  1. Ethos:

 It means character or appeal to ethics. The audience is highly convinced by the influencer or person they follow/like. Trust building process becomes easy when it is associated with some credible source. 

Example:  In the commercial for Heinz ketchup, Ed Sheeran speaks to the audience like it’s a pitch. The effect he added makes it appear like a movie clip and not an advertisement. 

He makes you believe that all the “posh” foods and sauces don’t matter without the backpack-style Heinz. This is the celebrity effect + Your brand value. 

If your company is large enough or lucky enough to be a favorite of Ed Sheeran or any celebrity (just in case), you can prepare another winning commercial like this.

But, you have an alternative if your fan base isn’t as large as Heinz.

You might consider engaging with influential people on social media. Persuasive ads should generally be in line with the social media personality’s brand.

  1. Logos 

Logos is the method of persuasive communication that aims to convince an audience using logic and data. Also known as “the logical appeal,” logos use facts, statistics, graphs, charts, and charts in advertisements.

Example: Logos in technology advertisements are used to highlight exciting new features. Apple’s commercials use logos to promote its newly launched iPhone. They’ve got their latest exciting features that pop up at you, from tough glass to the Face ID software and every new addition. Brands typically use buzzwords to promote the product. 

Similarly, food brands will highlight the “more healthy” side of their meal to convince customers. 30% less fat, Zero cholesterol, extra fibers, etc., to set their brand’s superiority over others.

Clorox uses its germ-killing ability and enhanced scrubbing capacity to make the audience believe their superiority over other cleaning wipes in the market.

*source: Clorox brand ad on amazon. 

  1. Pathos

“Pathos” refers to appealing emotions. This persuasive method includes tactics to convince a set audience with emotions. 

Pathos’ advertising techniques tend to draw attention towards the senses of being or any shared experiences. 

What will be a simple method to grab viewers’ emotions? Maybe an adorable animal animation. A grieving family with some issue that your product or service may resolve. Depicting a love story with your brand story. A song that crosses their mind often.

It is more like a game of words and pictures. Positive comments bring emotions of excitement, love, and wonder and convince people to do specific tasks. 

Example: Brand may present a model drinking a refreshing coke. Or simply the coke is using a tagline that connects to the viewer. 

*source: Google

10 Amazing Tips to Make Persuasive Commercials and Ads

People are aware of the AIDA principle, which is common in making effective ads. It stands for:

A- Attention

I- Interest 

D- Desire

A- Action 

Summing up: Grab the reader or viewer’s attention to make him take an interest in what you are trying to deliver. Convince him to a state where this interest turns to a desire that they wish to fulfill. This desire will let the action prevail. 

This principle directs us where to start. 

  1. Know Your Audience

Before you start to pitch, know your target audience. It is important to understand the buyer’s perspective before you build any business strategy. It is your target market in the advertising field.

For example, consider giving answers related to your product. Understand men/women/both are going to use it. Which aspect of one’s lifestyle do you think makes the product useful for them? What age will be attracted more towards the value it offers?

The answers will tell you what to use in your commercials/ads. It will help you determine the language, accent, pictures, examples, etc., you will put in ads to influence the viewer.

  1. Make a Bold Statement or Claim

Make your reader believe that your product is more than just amazing. This claim will suggest to viewers the confidence you have in your brand. 

Don’t hesitate to add an offbeat script. It may start with a completely different plot and then is twisted along to get on track with your product. 

Look how Kmart used their special service of shipping in making smooth-going commercials. Please keep it simple but deliver the right message at the right intensity. 

  1. Provide Audience with a Social Proof 

Humans can easily be convinced by the behavior of other people. Social proof, also known as social influence, occurs when we look at those who have the highest popularity to assure safety or credibility in our decisions.

Adding customer reviews, testimonials, rating systems are just a few ways that social proof could help you convince other potential customers to buy something by following the trends.

You may also add some impactful data or tag in your ad or commercial, like:

  • “Enjoyed by more than 5,000 happy customers.”
  • “Most popular brand of the year”
  • “Bestseller”

*Source: Data collected from Bizrate Insights.

  1. Add Attractive Visuals and Sounds

Videos often work better than still pictures or text on social media. Persuasive commercials must aspire to inspire positive emotions in customers. 

This is the reason why you have seen commercials often using images of merry, cheerful families. The frame displaying ads on any offline or online platform has people with needed expression to convey the product’s feelings. 

And animals never go out of trend; the cutest buddies evoke positive emotions in their minds.

Eventually, your applied “pathos” ads or commercials will lead to sales. 

Look at the happy face of the delivery boy with a touching commitment of delivery in just 30 mins. 

*source: Domino’s pizza ad. 

  1. Use Endorsements 

If it’s anything that can skyrocket your sales, it is a boost from a famous personality/organization. 

Declaration or recommendation from a favorite celebrity is all it takes for the buyer to decide upon hundreds of choices available. 

Endorsements are not always paid. Sometimes the mutual benefits of both organizations neutralize any charges. 

You also may approach any influencer matching your products’ specifications.

You may also get some free promotions on the influencer’s social media account by offering a free sample or a gift voucher.

The correct approach to the right person, and you are done with endorsement.  

We don’t see big commercials without a celebrity face. This is the winning strategy for competitive brands to get endorsed by pretty faces like Jenifer to increase their brand value by 300%.

*source: Google

Pro tip: Celebrity endorsement is not everyone’s cup of tea. Influencer marketing can play a part and is a good way to reach the maximum audience with authority. 

  1. Use Offers, Promotions, Giveaways Often

Free Free Free! Who will not love saving money in their hand? Whether it is extra choco chips on cornetto or reward on purchasing from the store, Getting extra is always lovable. 

Eighty-eight percent of consumers avail their coupon codes. This is huge. You can turn a large number of eyes to your ads by adding offers. 

You can offer them free shipping for orders over, say, $50. Or you may add additional products; buy three get one free. 

Make a limited-time deal. Mention the duration for which the offer is available. Adding a timer to your google ads always increases viewers’ chances of buying a product with an offer. 

Discounts are an effective persuasive strategy. The results will also depend on the type of audience you are convincing. Make sure the offers added are worth investing in.

  1. Reciprocity and Consistency Rule

Reciprocate the way your customers want.

Suppose if your commercial tells them to install your XYZ app. It delivers all the pros of having an XYZ app. But what if the viewer substitutes it for the other one he already has on his phone? 

Mutual benefit is the key to eliminate this uncertainty. 

You add offers like free access to our premium newsletter or install XYZ now and free access to the service for one month. 

Similarly, the value of any product can be increased when met with people’s expectations.

Be consistent in what you serve to customers. XYZ app can be useful to customers for one month, but later they may stop using it because of service issues. 

The simple “COMMITMENT technique can avert this.” You can make statements like getting exciting offers every month, give us reviews and receive free gifts in your cart. 

  1. Prefer Storytelling in Your Commercials

Convincing a potential customer is an art. Your product needs more than just clicking the right emotion in them. 

The story plot can hold the customer in one place for a long time. They often listen and react to a plot more than they would ever on one or two-liners. 

Make yourself clear on the voice to promote your brand and a persuasive script to master the scene. The story can be conceptual, totally unrelated, sarcastic, or the one that induces tears to roll down their eyes. 

One of the wonderful pieces of all time liked and praised by thousands. 

  1. Use FOMO Marketing Tricks

The last bite of a cookie is often sweeter. It means you need to make every bit of your ad appear as the last bite of a cookie to boost sales!

FOMO (fear of missing out) is the emotional trigger element or sentence in your ad copy that leverages consumer’s intent to use every opportunity they are offered.

Make use of social proof, timers on limited deals, more highlights on missed opportunities, etc. You can add the time of a bumper sale and witness the increase in traffic. 

Look how Burger king made use of competitive spirit to make consumers believe the healthy alternative available at such an ease. Health seekers would choose the less fat% fries. 

*source: Burger king ad copy, Google. 

  1. Use Inventive Ad Copy

Words are the gamechanger in every situation. When telling a story or a concept, choosing the correct set of words is important to deliver the exact message.

*source: Google

Good copywriting is concise and meaningful. Like this one, beautifully portrayed one-liner story. If you wish to make copywriting more highlighted, incorporate the latest news or trends to seek attention. 

Great ad copy is evaluated based on its impact on extended sales metrics.

Final Words: Tips to Make Persuasive Commercials and Ads

Any persuasive strategy is a mix of several tips. 

We can assure you these 10 tips altogether can reap your benefits, probably which can’t be achieved by just two or three. 

Make your visuals attractive and sensible at the same time by adding persuasive copy to deliver the message. 

Experience the change in your sales graph with these easy-to-go persuading tips.

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