Maximize Your Brand’s Reach: 8 Essential Tips for an Impactful Awareness Campaign

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Whatever be the quality of your services and products, regardless of your money spent on advertising or how often you publish on social media, the business you run won’t get far in the absence of an identity that makes it unique.

Business Identity is synonymous with your Business Brand. Turn your business’s name, logo along with your services, offerings, and other information into a memorable experience for your customers and clients is to be called Brand Awareness

It’s the element of businesses that customers can trust, which helps businesses grow above their competition.

The process of developing a brand is a long one. It’s a problem that many marketers fail to consider.

If you don’t have a clear branding strategy, you’ll lose your business to rivals. 

What can you do to improve recognition among your potential customers?

A strategy to build Brand awareness has emerged as an essential element of success in all businesses in the year 2021. 

It could transform your company into a market leader. Getting into more details, you will get here 8 killer tips on how to run an effective Brand Awareness Campaign in 2021

What is “Brand Awareness”?

Brand awareness refers to the degree to which your potential customers can remember or recognize your Brand. 

If a customer recognizes your Brand’s name or logo, that is considered to be brand awareness. 

And when the customers might be able to remember your business’s name or phone number, address, or even your slogan, that’s counted in brand recognition. 

What band-aid comes to your mind whenever anyone around gets a cut? Do you hear McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” slogan without humming it on your own? Such brands have made a separate likeability in people’s minds. 

Why is Brand Awareness Important? 

  1. It Creates a Solid Foundation

Small or big, all businesses start from scratch to get into the journey of becoming successful. 

Likewise, the strategy for successful campaigns starts from the basics. 

Your presence with social media accounts is essential to build interaction with potential customers. Set aside some of your budgets for Facebook advertisements that help increase awareness and a separate budget for paid advertisements across different social media platforms. 

The more frequently consumers come across your company’s name online and interact with you on social media, the more likely they will consider your Brand when they make a purchase decision. 

Branding develops trust between you and your customer, and you’re most likely to be recognized as a trustworthy company. 

  1. Consumers Need to Trust You

How do you convince customers to believe in your company? 

Focus on creating an image of confidence for your company in the minds of prospective customers. Brand Awareness will do this work. 

When customers start connecting with your brand or the product or service you provide, you can welcome them with a greeting and offer.  

Start building deep connections with loyal customers who come back repeatedly. 

Hola! New products in the store or new offers exclusively for you. When you make conversational messages, keep them personal. 

  1. To Achieve Business Goals

Brand Awareness can help you achieve a variety of goals and objectives for your business. 

It will help you increase your reach and increase site traffic, build brand loyalty, and help build leads. 

It’s not a shock to find out that awareness of brands is the most crucial factor in the marketing funnel. Campaigns to raise awareness of your brand cast a broad web. They make people aware of the services you offer and encourage them to be interested in the subject.

  1. Increase Market Share and Sales

Brand awareness is the leading step towards achieving marketing goals, building new leads, and increasing sales. Getting people to be aware of your Brand, particularly by targeting the right, highly qualified, relevant audience, increases the likelihood of conversions.

Shoes of Prey, a women’s footwear company, wanted to increase brand recognition and reach new audiences. The company approached a YouTube influencer Blair Fowler to be the face of their brand for announcing giveaways on her own YouTube channel. This deal increased their conversions by 300%. 

8 Tips for Your Brand Awareness Campaign to be Success

Understanding of areas to focus on is essential before getting into the process of building a strategy for a Brand Awareness Campaign.

  1. Know Your Target Audience

Target audience refers to the actual consumers a business is trying to reach via advertising or other promotional activities. 

In general, you need to focus on people who are likely to purchase your product.

Though a targeted market is a set of people, a company will make sales to or reach through marketing strategies. 

And the targeted audience is the particular group or segment of the market to which the company has presented with advertisements of their product or service. This makes the target audience the most specific segment of a targeted market.

Overall, If you target those who aren’t willing to purchase your products, your products will only bring good traffic to your website and nothing more.

You’ll find yourself pulling out the hair of your head, trying to determine why none of your visitors is converting to a BUYER.

Example: The idea of airing an advertisement in the Super Bowl might seem like the best way to be noticed by all the feasible people, but it’s expensive. In addition, only about one-quarter of viewers will be interested in your Brand. 

Knowing that the audience you want to reach follows a specific publication or is a fan of a particular TV show means that your advertisement is likely to be seen by fewer people but by the appropriate people.

If, for instance, you offer running shoes, advertising in magazines for runners could be better suited to your intended audience. The right choice of medium is crucial to achieving an ROI (Return on Investment) in marketing.

  1. Know the Most Popular Medium Among Your Target Audience

Where would be your ideal customer hanging out? It doesn’t mean you need to track them in parks or restaurants. 

But your applied marketing tactics must tell you if they are on YouTube or posting photos on Instagram? 

It would be best if you categorize social media platforms in order of higher to lower impact making. Make your investment in the medium that can bring you better results. 

I would suggest selecting either two or more platforms and design your campaign accordingly. 

For instance, if you decide to go with the Instagram campaign, pick an appealing hashtag, post video content often, and use stories and personal interaction. Knowing 24 hours insta stories can be more engaging if your social media handler can make it so. 

Instead of spreading your efforts over different social media sites, concentrate on the platforms your prospective customers most frequently use. 

If you are a newbie or have just started with online marketing, you can use ABM (account-based marketing). Targeting particular customers via their social media handles. Personalization can boost your sales and will get you, loyal customers at local stores.

  1. Organic and Paid Advertisements Reach to Audience

The organic audience is the estimate of interested persons in your Brand. Nobody will visit your website regularly to check the number of updates and go till the next visit. 

Organic traffic is genuine but is hard to grow nowadays. 

A website’s rank on SERP decides your reach to the audience searching for the product/service you offer.

Paid online marketing is the better choice in this competitive era. 

You can choose from Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, YouTube ads, etc., to get started with an effective Brand Awareness Campaign.

The paid campaign doesn’t affirm an immediate conversion, but it will surely be worth investing in to increase your visibility quickly. 

  1. Engage with Audience Online 

After you have successfully adopted a customer-centric approach, interaction with customers is paramount. 

Whether it is about replying to tweets or simply liking the tagged content on Instagram, every communication can set up a new affinity ladder among the Brand and the consumer. 

Amazon has set a benchmark when it comes to personalization and providing the best customer service for any issue. 

Look at the following example, how @AmazonHelp reacted to a user query politely. 

* source: Twitter handle of AmazonHelp.

  1.  Use Appealing Content With Consistency

For standing out of the sea of a competitive market, one must represent the unique side of their Brand to viewers. 

Earlier in print media, it was just the pictures or text that could work for brands to deliver their message. But now, video content can help you boost conversion by 34% when used in your Brand Campaign. 

Not just video content but any content that matches your product must be incorporated in ads, posts, and commercials to create a sense of taking action in the viewer’s mind. This is nothing but the art of persuasion. 

You must not break the string of valuable content. Make your audience believe your standards by consistency and quality. 

Make your Brand flexible. Use different hook lines, including the latest trend in your appeal, make the art look fun, let your Brand connect with different people. Look how Crocs Shoes has used the “UNITE” for depicting their Brand’s popularity among different professions. 

*Source: Twitter handle of Crocs Shoes.

  1. Partner With Brands and Influencers

You must be acquainted with the #likeforlike and #followforfollow on Instagram. People use these popular hashtags to connect with like-minded brands or pages. They may connect and promote each other’s stuff to their audience.

The partnership becomes an important aspect for local businesses to increase their exposure and to get a shout-out from established authorities. Local partnering brands can host joint seminars or sponsor some events that will give fame to both. 

Search for an influencer in your industry. Approach them to promote your brands. Find complementary brands with whom you are not directly competing.

The majority of customers have a positive experience in the same way as any products businesses sell. If you’d like to make a positive and lasting impression on your clients, you must improve the customer experience.

  1. Focus on Improving Customer Experience 
  • 86% of shoppers are willing to spend more money for better service: Research data of American Express.
  • 91% of customers become loyal to the companies which p[rovide better customer service. 

On average, UX-focused businesses are at least 60% higher-profitable than the rest.

That’s why your Brand Awareness Campaign should not be just about promoting your business. But to convey the idea to your customers how you can assist them and explain why your customers’ needs are important to you. 

Providing them with social proof is the persuasive tactic you can follow to get customers’ trust. Encouraging customers to write reviews or leave feedback is the best way to build a two-way communication channel.

Although it’s not possible to respond to all feedback, be sure to note the common issues or suggestions to determine the areas where you can improve.

Better service counts the freebies, offers, gifts, and vouchers that your audience will appreciate. 

  1. Remarketing Ads 

Remarketing is a pro method for improving Brand awareness.

Remarketing is the process of showing advertisements to visitors who had visited your website but left before they made a purchase.

Remarketing advertisements are displayed across the internet on the websites that your customers frequent. Soon, they’ll see your company/brand/product all over the internet- on their preferred blogs as well as when they shop online for other services. 

This is very likely to increase your conversion rate, not instantly but definitely. 

Like the PPC (pay per click) ads, investing in remarketing ads is also important to increase visibility on the web and boost sales. 

Conclusion: 8 Tips for Effective Brand Awareness Campaign

You can implement many strategies for different size businesses to run a Brand Awareness Campaign successfully. 

You may also add: Podcasts to deliver your audio interviews, Infographics to detail the product’s info, Invite authoritative guest content on a blog or social media, conduct social media contests, and other strategies to create brand recognition among consumers. 

But these 8 tips for highlighting your Brand across different platforms will surely help you make a remarkable ROI. Start today with these phenomenal tips to outshine your competitor in a shorter duration.

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