5 Key Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Website in 2024

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As the world gets into a pandemic situation and shutdown, everything seems motionless. But also, 2020 proved to be the year of advancement in technology and automation.

Businesses with significant online presence flourished like never before. The ones who never joined the online marketplace were convinced to invest their time and resources in the virtual hub of potential customers

The digital platform has a broader reach than any other form of advertising. And your website acts as the center of your brand’s online presence.

A website offers extensive benefits for all-size businesses, and the value of these benefits increases exponentially with time. You might question: Do I need a website now? My business seems to be smooth enough without one. 

No worries if you don’t feel like having one for your small business. Or you might be thinking a physical marketplace is all you need.

I assure you to change your perception by the end of this article with five specific reasons for “why your business needs a website now.”

What Impact does a Website have on your Business?

Deloitte analyzed Connected Small Companies in the United States and found that advanced (Digitally) small businesses:

  • Gained twice as much revenue per employee.
  • Experienced nearly 4X increase in revenue over the previous year.
  • Were almost three times more likely to create new jobs than last year(s).

The data shows how these small businesses experienced revolutionized growth by adding a website to their conventional trading system.

You can make your website a money-making machine that attracts new customers and leads.

Reasons to Have a Professional Website for Every Business 

  1. To Build Brand Credibility With a Website

A Website is a set of web pages under the registered domain name (company, brand, organization, etc.) made available online to be accessed by the audience/customers.

Your website is a communication channel that conveys primary and necessary things about your business. 

Out of every ten searches, six are on Google. Google explains that most of the searches are to help users with a decision. Yahoo and Bing are other platforms where users search for getting and comparing products and services.

The digital era has taken over the physical dependency of stores for showcasing and selling products.

84% of present time consumers think a website makes your brand more credible than others having only social media profiles.

Your website must include the company’s professional certifications, awards, and reviews from past customers.

Adding these details enables visitors to your website to get a reference of past customer experience and the quality of your service.

You may add your business background and its mission to your “About Us” page on site. The added information gives clarity in the mind of the customer to whom they are connecting. 

In turn, this website adds a trust factor to your brand’s name.

  1. Businesses with a Website are Easily Accessible

Over 63% of customers make use of an official website of a company to engage with businesses.

This is because visitors can easily find all information about your business on a website, such as who you are, the services you provide, and how to contact you.

Your website can be your digital salesperson. Your site informs the consumer about the product, sells it, and collects their payment. The best part about this is that you don’t need to be present physically to reap the sale rewards.

You need not welcome your customer repeatedly in your store and ask for their choice from now onwards. Your store (website) is available 24*7 in searches.

Here’s an example: Imagine you are looking to buy health insurance for the family. Do you prefer to drive around in search of an insurance broker or search online for the one? Which would you choose? People like the latter. Smart business owners make their websites display what services they can offer customers.

  1. To Attract New Customers Through Google

81 % of shoppers do their research online before they make a purchase. Google is the best place to get solutions for all kinds of buyer intent queries of the user. 

Maybe you are feeling content with the current size and profitability of your business. However, every company experiences loyal customer loss at some point.

It is essential to attract new customers to your site for continued success in online marketing. Google provides you legit space to start your business branding.

A well-optimized website will help you rank high for different search terms and draw a steady stream of new customers to your business.

Without a website for your company, you have no chance of being listed on search engine results pages (SERP). 

97% use online mode presently to find a local business. Google gives visibility to your website and, in turn, to your business. 

  1. To Showcase Your Products and Services

Study shows 46% of consumers make their decisions on the credibility of websites, by its visual appeal including layout and images quality.

  • You can list your products and services with details using beautiful images and graphics.
  • You can also offer short videos or downloadable PDF instructions so that the visitor of your site doesn’t have to look elsewhere on the web.
  • It is necessary to showcase the business’s premium product effectively.
  • A website can be a great tool in this regard. You can express yourself creatively.
  • Your website should clearly state the services your business offers. Customers’ eyesight will grab uniqueness; it will increase your chances of sales and leads.

It might be a good idea to indicate user-specific items in your store. For example, if you are a retailer for unique travel bedding for kids. Then highlight the product’s information to reach the potential customers (parents) who will be in search of this product. 

5. Website is Indivisible Part of Online Marketing

Online marketing is less costly and more effective for getting desired results in less time.

Is online marketing possible without having a professional website for your business?

I am sorry to burst the myth that “only social media marketing can bring interested customers to your place and award you with increased ROI.” It was never the case!

A website is a final destination to send your customers via various channels such as email marketing, video channels, and social media.

Still not changed over “why your business needs a website to grow?” Let’s draw some more stats to deliver the impact of well optimized and maintained website for a business:

  • Companies with a higher blogging ratio were able to receive 4.5 times increased leads.
  • Email marketing is 40x better at acquiring customers than any other social media channel. The channel help visitors find your site directly from their inboxes.
  • Video on landing pages and blog posts can improve conversion rates by as much as 80%. This is one of the best tips for optimizing your PPC ads.

You may or may not create another landing page for your ads if you already invested in a website that delivers your message and has a proper CTA for the customer.

Creating a Website for Your Business

One can find thousands of companies selling similar products and services online, most of which have established business websites.

Building an eCommerce store or business website is now easier than ever. You don’t have to master programming or designing skills to create your first website. Small businesses can simply go with these steps:

  • Choose a website builder platform online (WordPress, Wix).
  • Pick a design template.
  • Create your content ( Must have Home, About, and Contact page).
  • Enlist your products and services with a description.

Ta-da, it is done. For some typical tasks, you may also hire web developers or a digital marketing agency to handle the website’s appearance and functionality.

Checklist for an Effective Business Website

  1. SEO of your website: Perform a website audit before optimizing it for search engine results. Verify the mobile-friendliness of your site, loading speed, errors pages, and broken hyperlinks, security, page titles, and keyword optimization. By optimizing, you can increase your chances to attract more qualified leads that are more likely to buy your products.
  2. Backlinks to your website: Link your personal website to the business website for increasing authenticity. Verify that your business is correctly listed on multiple listing and review sites. Encourage others to share your content and website on social media. Backlinks help you in ranking.
  3. Encourage customers to connect: Modern website builders allow you to create a contact form for leads easily. Mention social media platforms to join or learn about the latest updates of your business. Display contact info on all linked web pages.

Summary: Why Your Business Needs a Website to Stand Out

Nearly 4.54 trillion people (59% of the world population) used the Internet in 2020 for different purposes.

Work from home, sell from your place, have customers worldwide, is the new trend.

It has never been a better or crucial time to establish your brand online, to invest in a website. There is no barrier to entry into the digital marketplace with your website. There are considerable opportunities to grow your company.

Remember, every site’s content is unique. Your strategy can attract a bunch of potential customers. 

To avail all the benefits a website can offer, visit and boost your business today.  

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