Bing Ads: Underrated but worth your money

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Build with Ferguson (Build) has grown into the most influential e-commerce home improvement retailer in the U.S. Build flourished their online presence at the time of pandemic with the Bing ads or Microsoft Audience ads. The strategy helped them attain a 70% hike in click volume from 2019 to 2020.

Search engine ads play a great role in the success of a digital business campaign. Businesses of all sizes search for the “POP” (I mean perfect online platform) to invest their marketing allocations. 

Well, I have found some fascinating data on the “benefits of Bing Ads” to catch your eye. In February 2021, Bing accounted for around 6.7% of the global search market. Bing is expanding rapidly and can be your premium choice for PPC ads. 

Look at the numbers that suggest that Bing is expanding their wings with the Microsoft search network:

  • Bing Ads users reported a decline in Cost Per Click (CPC) by about 35% from their previous expense. 
  • Bing (along with partner sites) now holds a 14% market share of the global desktop search network.
  • Bing Network receives 14.6 billion PC searches each month. 
  • 699 million unique PC searchers use the Microsoft search network. 

What are Bing Ads?

The structure of bing ads is quite similar to that of Google ads. Microsoft audience ads is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform that displays your advertisement across the Microsoft audience network and gets you the potential customer.

Every time a user searches for a query, Ads auction begins to show the user the most relevant results to the inquiry. Relevant ads are ranked based on their keyword relativity. 

Marketers pay the CPC (cost per click) for their ad getting a click. 

This type of search advertising remains the most popular form of internet advertising because of its success rate. All you need is a budget-friendly campaign set up via Microsoft Merchant Center.

Bing search ads are proven to target a wider range of potential/specific customers to your ad, who are more likely to convert.

Reach with Bing Ads 

Microsoft owns Bing, so you include advertising on Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and other partnering sites of Bing.

Bing only accounts for 6% of the global search engine market share, but it estimates millions of unique users. If you haven’t used Bing ads before, you have missed this significant number of potential customers. 

Bing deems for 30% of all searches within the United States, making it the second most popular choice of search engine. Bing accounts for 34% of all desktop searches and 500 million monthly search volume within the U.S.

According to the Microsoft search network data, Bing also allows advertisers to reach older and educated people worldwide.

The network has almost 73% of its users aged under 45. 34% of the total users are educated or with college-level qualifications.

Bing and Yahoo report a fantastic picture of Bing Ads’ growth in the past few years.  The ad network is working amazingly for Microsoft as it can make them more than $7.6 billion a year.

Why Use Bing Ads for Your Business?

1. Bing Ads has lower competition and cheaper CPCs

Paid ad budgets vary by industry and size of businesses. Bing ads serve as an affordable alternative (though your budget chiefly defines affordability).

Many advertisers argue that the lower costs are directly proportional to the less global search market share.

Also, creating a Microsoft Advertising account is free. With less keyword competition in each niche, you pay less of your budget in a particular keyword bid.

The clicks are cheaper on Bing than Google for similar keywords (keyword groups), and their ads had higher CTR’s.

You get more value for your money. And you can plan to double your budget (as per the flexibility).  

Bing Ads is something that small and medium businesses tend to overlook. Bing Ads works similarly to Google Ads and works wonders when incorporated along with Google ads campaigns. 

As Bing has less competition, advertisers can get better ad positions on SERP and lower click costs. 

2. More control on the campaign level and ad group level

Bing allows you to quickly change a setting for a specific ad group without the need to create another campaign.

Bing makes it possible to create different campaigns in different time zones. Bing allows you to easily manage complex ad schedules, especially if the campaigns are international.

You can either allow your campaign setting at the ad group level or edit them separately. This means you can re-enter the preferred network, location, etc., for an ad.

3. Bing Ads has more device targeting options

Bing advertisers can exclude desktop, mobile, or tablet traffic from their campaigns and set bids according to a target device. Advanced advertisers can target mobile device audiences only. 

Bing’s device targeting supports you to target a single device or operating system. It is also flexible in assigning different time zones to your different campaigns. 

You can also choose not to display your ads on desktops to focus more on mobile users.

Bing holds a mobile search click share of nearly 34%. Bing facts on marketing show that it is at the top for the tablet department, surpassing search click share by 1% over Google. 

4. Greater transparency and control of search partner targeting

Bing lets users choose between other search partners at the ad group level.

To quickly see which search partners have been driving this traffic, you can refer to a Bing report. Navigate to “Website URL” (Publisher), and you can quickly see where your traffic is coming from.

For example, you don’t feel is useful for your business, and you need not spend on this partner search engine. Then you can effectively change settings and exclude the website from your ad campaign.

5. Bing Ads Allows to Set Search Demographics- Audience Targeting

Bing ads have multiple targeting capacities, including market, day of the week, location, age, gender, and more. The best and most underutilized feature is the ability to control demographic targeting by LinkedIn profile and device.

The LinkedIn profile targeting option helps you sell or promote to specific individuals or companies. This is used mostly if you are focusing on account-based marketing.

Bing Ads offers the unique ability to land a specific audience to your website. It will ultimately lower your CPC and will increase conversion.

Advertisers can adjust their bids on MSN users’ for their gender and age. The range is from -90% (effectively reducing their reach of this audience) to +900%. This targeting is especially powerful for advertisers who know that certain age groups or genders are most likely to buy their products.

6.Google Ads Campaigns are easily imported to Bing

This is a major advantage for Google Ads users who wish to advertise on Bing. Bing allows you directly import your Google Ads ads onto its platform. This saves time from creating new campaigns for Bing.

Bing Ads easily imports most items from Google Ads, but there are still a few items that you will need to consider. These are:

  • Bids & Budgets: Bing Ads is different from Google Ads in terms of minimum budgets and bids. Bing will raise budgets and bids if they are below the minimum requirements. Bing Ads doesn’t allow campaigns below the minimum requirements to be imported 2during import setup. 
  • Targeting options: The targeting options available on each platform are different, with some options being location targeting or time of the day targeting. Before you launch your campaign on Bing, make sure to read these options.
  • Negative keywords: Bing Ads doesn’t use broad match negative keywords. If you have created broad match negative keywords in Google Ads, they will be treated as negative phrase keywords once imported with the ad.

7. Bing has Multiple Ad extensions 

  • Structured snippet extensions – allow advertisers to showcase their best product and service within ads. They allow attracting a large number of prospective customers for your brand.
  • Callout extensions – You may use four Callout items per ad to tell customers what’s your best deal or offer.
  • Sitelink extensions – Testing shows that Sitelink extensions boost click-through rates by 30% for advertisers. It is free to enable enhanced site extensions and is easily used across multiple campaigns.
  • Social extensions- These extensions help in directing potential customers directly to your social media profile.

Microsoft Advertising Sitelinks, increase your ad size by adding two lines of customizable, detailed text to each site link. Informative ads grab the attention of customers. 

Social extensions are a way for businesses to connect with customers and start conversations on social media.

Bing makes it easy to add extensions to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram business pages.

Bing’s Market Share is Increasing, Especially in America

Search Engine Journal estimates that Bing is responsible for almost one-third of all searches in the United States. It has a PC market share of 37.7 percent. Bing ads are the key to unlock the potential customers’ hamper but are often ignored.

Moreover, comScore data has shown that Bing’s market share is growing faster because of Windows 10. Since Bing is integrated across the entire desktop OS, it is a part of Windows 10. 

Bing is a powerful advertising platform that you cannot ignore if you want to target the U.S. Market.

Microsoft Ads Success Stories


CanvasChamp Scales ROI globally- 228% Annual Growth in ROI

CanvasChamp is a brand to spread positivity with its high-quality printed gifts. People had limited options during the pandemic, so they preferred ordering gifts online for their loved ones.

 Microsoft Advertising was a partner of the brand to leverage paid searches and get people to send their love by custom gifts.

CanvasChamp tapped into high-intent audiences by using the Microsoft Audience Network. It naturally analyzes users’ experiences on premium websites like Bing, Microsoft Edge, MSN, and

Brands can pull in better quality leads by targeting these audiences strategically and using the right messaging.

The simple act of leveraging search ads has allowed the brand to grab attention from audiences and continue to spread happiness in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Finance aggregator grows its digital strategy with auto-bidding

French household finances aggregator Lesfurets, insurance product line implemented eCPC, target CPA strategies, and saw quick returns with Microsoft audience ads.

They say from their experience that even though there was a spike in CPA initially, it would take time for the algorithms to adapt before they could be optimized properly. 

These auto bidding strategies are best used with patience.

LesFurets patience paid off just four weeks after the implementation of the automated bidding strategy. CPA for the accounts started falling significantly, which resulted in LesFurets doubling their conversions.

Microsoft Advertising or Bing ads is an efficient pay-per-click (PPC) platform designed to help advertisers reach specific audiences, increase leads, and ultimately increase ROAS.

Many success stories of leading global businesses and SMB’s make us believe in Bing Ads’ capability to bring results. 

Final Verdict- Benefits of Bing Ads for Your Business 

Bing has multiple ad types to choose from. They include Expanded text ads, Dynamic search ads, Audience ads, Product ads, App install ads, Responsive search ads, and Smart search ads. 

The choice of the ad type also offers more transparency in paid search partner advertising. Their reports on the productive and unproductive search partner save you time and money. 

You can do an exact keyword match as the variants and misspellings negatively impact the quality of traffic.  

More demographic options give you a filtered audience according to your wish. It also gives you the flexibility in setting bids.

The great assistance and customizing options available increases user experience. Bing ads allow advertisers to run their ads in different time zones or languages.

I hope by now you have found your POP (perfect online platform) to invest your digital branding budget.

Do tell us: How these benefits of bing ads convinced you to get Bing on your priority list?

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