Top 9 Moving company Digital Marketing Strategies to get more leads in 2023

Top 9 Moving company Digital Marketing Strategies to get more leads in 2024

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Moving from one place to the other is not just a significant memory in each of our lives but also a very hectic event. It takes a lot of time and effort, the same two things we are always running out of because of our hectic work schedules and other reasons. 

Besides work schedules, people have to constantly care for an elder person, a child, or a pet while also packing up and shifting stuff. Basically, life kind of takes a pause when you have to start over in a new place. 

This is why these days people consider it more useful to just hire a moving and packing service. This not only makes it easier for them to prioritize and adequately distribute the work but also to helps to save time and feel a little less overwhelmed while life is taking such big turns. 

For any growing industry, coping with the growing demand comes with amping up on the marketing game. But for a company competing in such a highly competitive market, taking care of the market might become a little tricky. 

Well, it won’t be so tricky after you read this blog. 

Why should you consider digital marketing for your Moving business

 Most moving companies get their leads from referrals in the market. It is very common for moving companies to be unaware of the advantages digital marketing comes with. 

To name a few, they are: 

Increase in leads and sales: 

Digital marketing enables you to place yourself in the market where people can find you with just a few clicks. 

According to a survey, the global digital marketing market has been estimated to be at $350 billion in 2020. It is forecasted to grow to double the current rate in just three years. 

These numbers should be enough to show you the potential digital marketing holds. It makes you available to not just your referrals and their friends and family but also to everyone who has access to the internet. 

You will both get good leads and potential clients who will soon become your customers. 

Optimize the marketing costs: 

Did you know that 63% of businesses have increased their digital marketing budgets by 2021- 22? 

This is completely because digital marketing allows you to have better control over the overall marketing costs incurred in the whole marketing campaign. 

The cost per lead reduces significantly with digital marketing because you just need a good strategy and a team that is aware of your end goals. 

And for a good start, you can anyway start small and increase your spending as the revenue increases and the quality of leads increases. 

There was an overall 14% growth in budget spending in digital marketing across businesses. This increase comes with time and more results. This statistic should show you the growing importance of digital marketing in today’s businesses. 

This is also accompanied by the ease of doing digital marketing campaigns over conventional marketing practices, which no longer work. 

Differentiate your business

What is different between companies A and B if they both ultimately are movers and packers?

With conventional marketing campaigns, you will never be able to establish your own true voice, nor will you be able to stand apart from your competitors. 

In order for you to stand apart from your competitors, you should be doing something different. It could be addressing small pain points in a customer’s buying journey, it could be connecting with them personally, and giving them tips on moving and packing or anything. 

The sky is the limit to your creativity. 

This helps potential leads remember you better when the need comes for them. 

For example, you post blogs online about several hacks and time-saving tips for packing and moving. Your lead who will come across your blog will naturally trust your expertise and hire you when they need your service. 

This is one of the biggest advantages of Digital marketing. 

Local marketing

Local SEO and Local marketing means all the marketing campaigns that target leads from the local area your business operates from. 

If you are a moving business, this is especially important to you as a huge part of your business is local. So invest in strategies such as local SEO and targeting your audience wisely. 

If you are worried that you might not find the audience for this, relax; it is common. 46% of all google searches include local intent. 

This refers to searches with “movers and packers near me,” “moving businesses in XYZ area,” or “shifting services available today.” 

Notice how all these search intents would mean that the customer is potentially looking for an urgent requirement. This would mean it is your time to jump in and make the most out of the opportunity. 

The benefits of digital marketing are seen across many businesses. This is the reason why global companies have continued to increase their budget spent on digital marketing. 

Digital marketing continues to deliver the best cost-per-lead returns on investment. It is now time for you to start working on building your own strategy and seeing such results for yourself! 

Top 9 Moving company digital marketing strategies to get more leads in 2024! 

Now let us jump right into things you should know about while developing an effective digital marketing strategy for your moving business in 2024! 

Keep reading. 

Competitor analysis 

Before starting with your digital marketing plan, be well-versed with your competitors. 

This will show you what you are competing with and help you devise a clear strategy ahead. You can take inspiration from them and also get ideas on how to stand apart from them. 

An equally important step is to analyze your target audience. Which websites do they use, what are their pain points, what motivates them to consume content, etc.? 

Once you have both of these figured out, you can move ahead to the further parts of making your plan. 

Website design and development

Your website can make or break your digital marketing efforts. 

Your website should be attractive and attention-grabbing and should help to keep the user on your website. It should be responsive, meaning it should work well across devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets. 

It should be well structured. You can include options such as a free consultation or an instantly replying automated chatbot to respond to customer queries fastly. It can help you automate customer scheduling pick-up and drop and other services. 

We have got just the place for you if you are looking to build/ rebuild a website that generates leads. We also host WordPress websites and manage them. 

More about us at the end of this article! 

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is the magic tool that helps leads find you in the pool of content online. 

There are certain changes you can make in your content and in the structure of your blogs or website, which will guide traffic to you. 

This also is organic traffic, so you know people coming to you do actually need your service. They must have looked for a particular word you used, which has made them find your website. 

Local SEO and brand establishment 

Local SEO is also a part of SEO and helps in targeting people from around your locality. This will enable you to get a huge bunch of customers from potential leads who will be targeted toward your website.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Think of local SEO as referrals but from search engines like google. 

There are various SEO parameters you can take care of, such as the number of times you post in a week, the type of content that you should be posting, etc.

Brand establishment is all about creating enough social proof for your brand and its expertise. 

Customers develop a positive feeling towards a brand that responds instantly, has good reviews, and responds to customers regularly. But all of this is not possible, especially when your main business is becoming so hectic. 

Brand establishment comes with a lot of other strategies as well. Like building a personal connection with your customers, trying to show your brand’s voice through content, etc. 

To streamline and automate these processes, consider incorporating professional local SEO services that can enhance your brand’s online visibility and reputation. Save time and effort by leveraging expert assistance in navigating the intricacies of local SEO. 

Pay-per-click marketing 

Pay-per-click marketing, or PPC, is a strategy with growing importance across businesses. 

As the name suggests, Pay per click basically means that you will be paying a fee every time someone clicks on the advertisement. It is a cost-effective way of marketing that literally lets you pay as per the results you get. 

PPC ads help you generate a lot of traffic and are considered a very effective advertising tool. 

For impactful PPC campaigns, teaming up with a seasoned Google Ads consultant is key. Their expertise and insights optimize your strategy, ensuring maximum value for your investment.

Email marketing 

According to a recent survey, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42.

That is a huge percentage of increase between the expenditure and return on investment.

Emails are not just used for promotional purposes; they are also used for establishing a personal connection with potential leads and adding a personal touch to your marketing strategy.

You can send newsletters, personal achievements, tips, and hacks for your customers, or anything that is relevant enough to your leads. 

You should be using personalized subject lines, optimized copywriting techniques, and include photos and videos to generate more responses through your emails. 

Many businesses use email marketing as their primary customer acquisition channel and also an important customer retention platform. So now it’s time for you also to use this important platform to grow your business. 

Social media marketing

Did you know that over 70% of people who have had a positive impression of a business’s social media will recommend it to their friends and family? 

Such is the power of social media. 

People use social media not just to connect with their friends and family anymore. They use it to connect with businesses. 

People are also more likely to remember a business from the company’s social media page or posts rather than any other form of communication. 

Think of social media as a really powerful network of people who can give you constructive criticism, to whom you can market your various services, and a regular way of keeping in touch with your customers. 

Content curation 

Content is king. It has been this way for years, and it will be for many more to come. 

For your moving business, consider creating effective copies for landing pages and all your emails. Also, try to improve the quality of your content for blogs and social media posts. 

This shows your expertise in general and also helps to generate results from your digital marketing campaign. Content can be used to talk about your brand, build personal connections, market effectively, and much more. 

Use content wisely. 

Video production and using Images 

Did you know that videos and photos are more likely to be registered in the minds of people rather than text? 

You can use video testimonials, written feedback of your reviews, analytics your company has achieved, and how it has addressed the pain points of the customers. 

Don’t forget to make sure that the photos and videos don’t take a lot of time to load across devices. They should be smooth and easy to load, and attractive to look at. A combination of good content and relevant photos and videos is sure to make customers hooked to your content. 

Best place to avail Digital marketing services for your moving company

You have a fair understanding of how important digital marketing business is to your moving business in 2024. Though all these steps are easy to be executed on your own, having the expertise of digital marketers can bring you better results faster. 

At McElligott digital marketing, we provide a wide range of digital marketing services such as PPC, SEO, and content creation for websites and social media. 

We help you gain the right traffic and increase your revenue through these strategies.

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