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5 Powerful Benefits of PPC Marketing for Small Businesses

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Whether you’ve just launched your business or looking forward to expanding it, getting people to visit your website or store is forever the biggest challenge. Pay-per-click advertising or PPC ads are a highly effective way to get more web traffic and bring growth to your business. 

Small businesses have a great opportunity with PPC ads to get revenue. Hiring a PPC agency to grow your small business can generate more profit and brand growth than other any other online marketing method. 

What makes its case more compelling is that PPC ads:

  • Opens the exclusive door for quick entry into the market
  • No relying on Search Engine Optimization
  • Measurable results
  • PPC works with many marketing channels
  • Get valuable traffic and data

However, these benefits are just the starters to begin the show.

PPC ads have in their store a lot to offer. Before we reach there, let’s make PPC easily understandable to those who are just starting out.

What is PPC?

PPC ads are the pop-ups and banners you often see when you make search on Google about a product or service.

The PPC model works in a way that you create and launch an ad ( manual and automatic), and you pay an amount when someone clicks on the ad. 

Sounds simple enough?

PPC is one of the best-paid advertisements that can start showing results immediately after you launch them. 

You have got the flexibility to run ads only for a fixed amount of time, and you can set a cap on your budget. 

That means you don’t have to pay a dollar more than your budget. One of the biggest benefits of pay-per-click advertising is that with geo-targeting, you can run ads for a definite circumference in the location you want. For any clicks outside that area, you don’t have to pay. 

With local business PPC, you can get leads in the area where you serve your customers. It is budget-friendly as well (only if you launch your ads correctly). 

PPC ads utilize keywords, and hence keyword research and placement are crucial for PPC for small business owners.

Branding building, social media marketing, and content marketing take time, but with PPC, you can get traffic to your website today.

Google Ads and Bing Ads are the most effective and popular PPC platforms. 

You don’t have to wait for even a week to start getting pay-per-click marketing benefits. With a small business PPC agency, you can get your ads up and running in no time.

5 Pay-per-click marketing benefits for your small business

1. PPC ads are predictable.

You might have been told repeatedly about the importance of content marketing and search engine optimization, and rightly so because they are great channels to get traffic.

But the problem with these strategies is that the results are more often not predictable. 

One of the major benefits of pay-per-click advertising is that things are in your hands. You have control over the ads and the amount of traffic your website will get.

79% of marketers are of the opinion that PPC ads are great for their business.

A viral post might get you so many visitors, and your channel will be popular. Or on the not-so-lucky days, your post might get only 30 views.

It’s not that this variance won’t reduce over time or with employing different strategies, but the gap will always be there.

Moreover, traffic coming from organic search won’t remain the same, and it can change abruptly at any time. That means the significant traffic that has been coming to your website due to top ranking might get hit. 

The reasons could be your website being outranked by other websites for the related keywords or getting punished by Google penalties.

Additionally, you can never predict how much and how quickly the traffic from these sources will grow. Be prepared for sudden setbacks if you have been relying on such sources.

What does PPC ensure you with?

Google algorithms have lesser roles to play in PPC ads. So, the traffic you will get will not be dependent upon search engine algorithms and changes in SEO factors.

The game is simple with PPC.

Invest your dollars, and get more leads.

2. Get quick results with PPC campaigns.

Whether you are ready to launch your new business or want to grow your existing business- PPC is your best bet for faster results. 

With PPC, you can start seeing results the next hour you publish the ads. 

The outline is simple. If you have a business website up and running, you can easily create a Google Adwords account, create ads, set your budget, and get the ads to show up in the galactic Google network. 

If everything’s alright, your website will be receiving visitors next hour.

Regular forms of marketing won’t give results this easily and quickly. 

You have to check the success of your traditional marketing strategies from time to time; still, it’s tough to find out the results for a subset of ads. 

But with PPC campaigns, determining the results of the campaign is easy, and the success measure is quite clear. 

If the ad is getting more clicks than your previous ads, it means the new ads are performing better, and your products or services are being noticed by people.

PPC for small business owners makes it possible to announce sales, events, and seasonal offers, all with ads.

3. More time for your core business

The more time you get free is a PPC component that is frequently disregarded. 

The time required to manage a PPC campaign is minimal compared to other marketing strategies.

While it is obvious that there is some setup time needed for PPC campaigns, especially if you are beginning with PPC. As you become more accustomed to establishing and managing campaigns, you will become much more efficient with paid advertising.

When a campaign is profitable, maintaining it requires much less than even an hour per day and as you build experience over time, it gets even quicker.

You can use the remaining time freed up from marketing efforts to either create content for your business or enhance your product and service. It will only help your business grow as visitors from search queries and pay-per-click advertisements convert. From the ad wording to the content you provide, don’t forget that the call to action is crucial.

Make sure that the CTA used is attractive, compelling, and actionable.

4. Easy to measure

The fact that PPC through Google Ads is simple to assess and the record is one of the benefits of pay-per-click advertising.

Utilizing Google Analytics along with the Google Ads tool can easily tell the stats.

You may view complete performance information of your ad, such as the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions achieved (it is recorded on the basis of set business goals).

The success of your PPC campaign is not a mystery that you can’t uncover. 

Statistics of your ads are easily accessible, and they can demonstrate how your ad campaigns are doing in terms of traffic and outcomes for your money invested.

The useful data and the insights obtained are not as clear in the other marketing channels as it is with PPC advertising. 

You can see how much you spent on the visits and what revenue it generated in terms of your end objectives when you direct the traffic from PPC campaigns to specific landing pages and monitor it to conversion taking the help of Google Analytics.

Can you measure the revenue generated through advertising with billboards and magazines? 

No, but with PPC, all of these are possible and more.

Additionally, you can separate your PPC campaigns more than you can with SEO. 

Utilize call tracking as phone calls may be a significant blind spot for several other marketing initiatives.

5. Scale your marketing efforts.

Listen from the giant itself.

Google, in its report, revealed that 76% of the visitors who were looking for a product or solution nearby on their phones visited a business within not more than a day.

If you’re aware of content marketing, you know how it can be scaled. That is, you’ll try to bring more content to the table. 

However, there isn’t much spare time to do more of the tasks like creating content and improving products if you’re generating the majority of the content yourself and advertising it as well.

You could always hire someone to do the job, but even then, you can’t be totally free of the worry as to whether the content meets the level of your expectations.

But it’s not the case with the PPC campaigns. 

Here if you want to have good results and drive up your efforts, you don’t have to spend more time and staff. All you have got to do is to raise your ad budget.

You could also target extra keywords or audiences to scale up your marketing campaigns.

McElligott Digital Marketing wants to tell you the immense benefits of PPC advertising for your small business. 

But what we want more is to execute our experience with a multitude of clients to bring revenue to your business.

We are listing some of these tips here that we use for our clients to make their PPC campaigns a success story.

4 Tips for running a successful PPC campaign for your business

1. Set your PPC budget.

Before diving into the waters, decide how much you’re willing to spend on your pay-per-click campaigns.

If you’re beginning without any expert help, have a look at the industry trends to calculate how much you can afford to pay for each conversion attained.

Deciding the budget is the initial yet the most important step in the PPC campaigns. Google provides you with all the necessary tools to help you with the ads. That’s why it’s important to follow the search engine’s recommendations to get maximum results.

You can see an estimate of how many clicks you are going to get with your ad budget. Based on the average conversion rate, you can calculate the potential ROI you can avail.

2. Start small with your PPC campaigns.

It’s important that you start lightly with your ad campaigns unless you’re partnering with PPC experts for the marketing of your business. 

If you’re not attentive when managing several budgets and advertising, it’s possible to drain hundreds of dollars just in a day or two when managing several budgets and advertising.

It’s advisable that you start with a single campaign on Google Ads. 

With this platform, you get access to the resources of the largest search giant, so Google Ads is most popular with marketers and advertisers.

Once you are more used to running your ad campaigns, you can add more campaigns to your marketing schedule.

3. Utilize local business PPC

Geo-targeting your ads can gain qualified leads in your locality. 

To maximize your PPC efforts, geo-targeting is one of the most effective strategies, and that requires using language native to that place. 

Mentioning the city is not enough. The better approach, instead, is to include specific areas in your proximity.

While you might think that this will exclude a majority of people, this step will ensure that you will get leads from the parts of your demographic.

4. Consult professionals

Managing your PPC campaigns is not easy, especially if you’re running an existing business.

If you know that you don’t have enough time to set up an account, plan, create, run, optimize, and measure your PPC campaigns, you may consider taking the help of a PPC agency.

McElligott Digital Marketing is a leading PPC agency.

As a certified Google Partner, we’ve been managing and helping grow a variety of businesses.

Whether you’re about to launch your business or you are running an existing business, our dedicated team of PPC experts can help you get more leads and gain conversions. 

We are happy to be a part of your success story with our custom PPC campaign strategies.

Call us at (833)772-4897 for a free consultation now!

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