Digitally Powered - Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is an excellent option if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to reach your target audience. With direct mail marketing, you can send personalized messages directly to potential customers and clients, allowing you to build relationships with them. You can also track the effectiveness of your campaigns and make adjustments as needed to ensure you’re getting the best results.

Furthermore, direct mail marketing allows you to capture your website browsers showing intent, so you can focus your efforts on those most likely to respond and not hope a random list of addresses will pay off. Tracking scripts allow you to track the performance and how many reached your thank you page or bought a product. Best of all, direct mail is much more cost-effective than other forms of marketing, such as television, radio, and even some PPC ads. So if you’re looking for an efficient way to reach your customers, direct mail marketing is worth adding to your marketing strategy.


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How Our Direct Mail Marketing Works

What About Customer Privacy?

Your customers privacy is still our top focus, utilizing a patented “double-blind” system allows us to generate the information we need without combining any customer PII (personal identifiable information) and browsing data. This information is never combined, sold, or contributed.  


We can target everyone who visits your website or just visitors to specific pages, this means we can do everything from branding to service/product re-targeting. If you have a specific service page, product, or manufacturer page, you want to remarket to, we can pull just those visitors.

You can run up to 6 simultaneous mailer campaigns for a single location area. If you want to separate locations you will need to have separate location pages on your website or you will need to run multiple accounts for each location (discounts apply for multiple locations so won’t be the full monthly price for each)

We can get down to a zip code level, we just need a list of zipcodes you want to target, and we’ll only send postcards to people within those zip codes. We can also target larger areas and exclude specific cities or zip codes as well. 

We can target thank you pages or order confirmation pages. You can also create coupon codes specific to mailers and track performance that way. For in-store visit tracking, you can have them bring in the postcard for a discount or use a coupon code. 

This can all happen within a week, so an example:

– Monday, Someone visits your website or specific page and gets tagged by our script.

– Tuesday or Wednesday, we will gather the information, and compile it into a Customer Model, Then the Customer Model is passed along to be matched to a name and address and finally passed to the printer and mailer. Ideally, this is all handled within 24 hours.

– Thursday or Friday, usually 2-3 days shipping, the customer receives their personalized postcard in the mail.

You will be billed 5 times each month. 
– 1st Billing is for our monthly software fee.
– 2nd – 4th are weekly payments, we bill out Mondays for the prior weeks number of mailers sent out. 

Yes! Let us know what your monthly budget is, we’ll subtract the monthly software fee and then evenly divide the rest for a set weekly amount not to exceed. This allows you to maintain a monthly budget without getting a surprise bill from a random spike in website traffic.

No Minimums!
– Website Traffic wise, you can run this at any level, but lower traffic volumes you may only be sending out a postcard or two a month and that may not be worth it on your end. 
– Postcard wise we have no minimums on the amount you must send out on a monthly basis, like above you can use this service and only send out a single postcard that month and you’ll only be charged the monthly fee plus $0.93 for the postcard. 

Yes! We highly recommend you have a cookie consent option on your website while using any tracking scripts like Google tag manager or Google Analytics. If you have the cookie consent / data collection pop-up or option on your website, if they choose to not allow cookie tracking our script will not run for them. If you do not have any consent pop-ups then all visitors will be tracked. 

Try and plan to run for at least 2-3 months, using the first month to gather data and second month to start seeing postcards come through the door, or promo codes to start being submitted on the website. 

If you’re planning a promotion start it at least a month in advance as starting it the month of doesn’t always give enough time from when the person is tagged, receives the postcard, and finds time in their schedule to visit you or visit your website.

These do work best when running continually so an annual package is preffered and having 1 campaign for general remarketing and setting other campaigns for promotions throughout the year works the best.

What Others Are Saying

“Retargeting postcards have been a real godsend in the sense that it's given the opportunity to test something new that is working really well that bridges Direct Mail and our website in a way that we are able to scale.”​
“We introduced postal retargeting, and can I say, the results were mind blowing. If you aren’t doing these then you are missing the boat.” ​
“Our website visitors come to us with a purpose in mind. It makes sense that the intent data would perform in niche situations where traditional prospect sources do not.”​
“This solution targets the more engaged site visitors with a personalized postcard, and they provide the service at a very reasonable price. And the response rate has been eye-catching.”​
“Innovative new sources of customers come along very rarely in our industry.”​

Direct Mail Marketing Costs & Return Calculator

Direct Mail Marketing Costs

We like to be open and upfront with our fees. We offer a flat rate and per postcard that is sent. 

Month To Month

$ 350/mo +$0.95 Per Postcard
  • Postcard Cost Includes a 6x9 postcard, 4-color, 2 sided, and first-class postage.
  • No minimums on the number of postcards mailed
  • Multi-location and multi-domains can be eligible for quantity discount
  • High volume postcard mailings are eligible for discounted pricing up to $0.10 lower

Annual (Pre-pay 12 months @ $3,360)

$ 280/mo +$0.95 Per Postcard
  • Postcard Cost Includes 6x9 postcard, 4-color, 2 sided, and first-class postage
  • No minimums on the number of postcards mailed
  • Multi-location and multi-domains can be eligible for quantity discount
  • High volume postcard mailings are eligible for discounted pricing up to $0.10 lower