Programmatic Advertising Services

Unveil the potency of simplicity with our digital advertising platform. Ignite impactful campaigns and connect with your audience, anytime, anywhere. Dive into boundless opportunities across Web, Mobile, Digital Audio, and Connected TV. Leveraging 200+ Data Providers, we’re your gateway to achieving your aspirations.

Embrace the freedom of choice with McElligott Digital Marketing’s versatile platform: a do-it-yourself powerhouse for the hands-on business owner or a managed solution with our expert team at the helm. We’re here to amplify your campaigns, your way. Step into the future of digital advertising where autonomy and professional support coexist.


The amount of web traffic that can be targeted through our programmatic network


The amount of publishers we partner with

14.3 Billion

The amount of globally connected devices to our properties

183 Million

The Amount of households that watch their favorite shows on connecteed screens

55 Million

The amount of Cord-Cutters In the US


The amount of audience behavioral, demographics, and psychographic targeting segments.


The minimum amount needed to start ads, for ensuring optimal campaign performance.

Less Restrictive

For companies that are usually restricted or not allowed to advertise on Google or Facebook (Dispensaries, Credit Repair, Realtors, etc.)

Your message is only as big as your network

Connect to audiences outside of Search + Social

Connect to the future of media

Connected TV is a once-in-a-generation media opportunity for advertisers. Here are some examples of available inventory.

Platform Analytics & Reporting

Measure campaign metrics in real-time

Platform Capabilities

Finding your ideal consumers on the devices they’re on has never been easier

Audience Targeting

• Demographic

• Psychographic

• Purchase + Intent

• Behavioral

• Household + Ethnic

• Retargeting Audiences

• 1st Party Data Audiences

• Lookalike Audiences

Device Type / Medium

• Web/Mobile/App Video

• Web/Mobile/App Display • Connected TV

• Digital Audio


• Campaign duration control

• Daily/Hourly/Flight Times

• Frequency of activation

• Auto recurrence enabled

Geo - targeting

• 110+ countries

• Regional targeting

• City-level targeting

• DMA targeting

• Postal & Zip

Political Targeting

Political ideology

• Registered/ likely voters

• Congressional districts

• Legislative districts

• Donors

• Community involvement


•Resolution: 1080p or higher •Length: 15, 30, 60 seconds

•Max File Size: 10GB

•File Type: mp4

•Bitrate Range: At least 1.5

mbps (Rec. 17 mbps – 30 mbps)

•Aspect ratio:

•16:9 (640×360 min., 1920×1080 rec.)

•4:3 (480×360 min., 640×480 rec.)

•Length: 15, 30, 60s

•File Types: Mp4 | Wmv

•Size: 60MB or less

•Min. Rec. Bitrate: 2500 kbps

•Max File Size: 5mb

•File Types: GIF, JPEG, PNG •Supported Sizes:

•160×600 (wide skyscraper)

•300×250 (medium rectangle)

•728×90 (leaderboard)

•300×600 (half-page ad)

•320×50 (mobile leaderboard)

•970×250 (billboard)

•File Types: .MP3, .M4A, .WAV •Bitrate: 160 KBPS,

Hosted .MP3 files should

have a constant bitrate

•Spot Length: 15s, 30s •Dimensions (Companion


•300 x 250 (for web)

•320 x 50 (for mobile)

15 Seconds: Engagement

The shortest ad slot is a great way to quickly reach a large number of people and entice audiences to take action after your video.

30 Seconds: Awareness

Using a full 30-second video lets you get your brand message across clearly. It drives brand awareness through views and completions.

60 Seconds: Storytelling

A longer video is a storytelling opportunity. Dive into the mission of your brand, and how you’re changing the world. It’s important to use CTAs throughout a longer video.


Having a mixture of at least one of each is best to capture your audience at different points of their customer journey.

As our platform is built on being able to target exactly who you want there are small costs to cover our data providers. The more targeted you get will start splitting more of your ad spend to targeting vs clicks. 

We can target just about anyone or anything so if you have a specific target in mind that you don’t see let us know and we’ll get it added if possible. 

Restricted Industries & Allowed Options:

  1. Abortion:
    • No violent language or gruesome imagery.
    • Abortion-related services allowed depending on country. Consult Account Manager.
  2. Alcohol:
    • Ads for alcohol branding/information allowed with geographic restrictions.
    • Pre-approval may be needed from the supply-side platform for certain ads.
  3. “Anti” & Violence:
    • No promotion of “anti” or violent concepts against organizations, people, or protected groups.
    • Ads linking to Scientology must indicate the relationship (e.g., “Scientology,” “Ron Hubbard”).
  4. Casinos & Gambling:
    • No online gambling or brick-and-mortar casino content.
    • Allowed: Contests, sweepstakes, raffles, sale of physical scratch cards, online scratch games by governments, fantasy sports contests, physical gambling equipment, national/state lotteries.
  5. CBD:
    • Promotion of CBD products allowed. No health claims can be made.
  6. Cryptocurrency:
    • No promotion or advertising allowed.
  7. Endangered Species:
    • No promotion of products from endangered/threatened species.
  8. Fake Documents:
    • No promotion of fake documents.
  9. Financial Services:
    • Must operate with regulations, disclose fees, include third-party endorsements, and provide contact information.
  10. Fireworks:
    • No promotion allowed.
  11. Illegal Drugs:
    • No promotion including marijuana and related products.
  12. Illegal Hacking:
    • No promotion of hacking tools or guides.
  13. Illegal Products & Services:
    • No advertising allowed.
  14. Sexually-Explicit Content:
    • No promotion of graphic or underage/non-consensual sexual content.
  15. Solicitation of Funds:
    • Allowed only for tax-exempt organizations.
  16. Tobacco Products:
    • No promotion except certain exceptions (e.g., e-cigarettes might have restrictions).
  17. Traffic Devices:
    • No promotion of law-evading products. Radar detectors allowed in most countries.
  18. Underage-Themed Sexual Content:
    • No promotion even if it meets legal restrictions.
  19. Trademark, Copyright, Counterfeit:
    • Must comply with laws and regulations.
  20. Weapons:
    • No promotion of weapons or harmful devices.

Always consult with McElligott Digital Marketing or your Account Manager for detailed guidance.

Click here to see our full list of policies and restrictions.

  1. Legality:

    • No advertising where it’s prohibited by law.
    • Comply with all local, state, and national laws and regulations.
  2. Industry Standards:

    • Adhere to self-regulatory guidelines (e.g., DAA).
    • Must categorize campaigns as “Law, Gov’t & Politics” in “Industry Category”.
  3. Content Restrictions:

    • Follow all McElligott Digital Marketing’s Ad Content Guidelines.
    • No violent or derogatory content.
    • No misleading claims.

Specific Guidelines for U.S. Political Advertising

  1. Prohibitions:

    • No advertising for state/local measures/candidates in Washington.
    • Must only use data from U.S. residents.
  2. Verification:

    • Required to verify entity paying for the ad.
    • Provide a valid FEC ID (for federal) or EIN (for state/local).
    • Address should match FEC submission.
  3. Targeting:

    • No microtargeting; audience size > 5,000 users after all qualifiers.
    • No use of Dynamic Creative Optimization or similar techniques.
    • Abide by guidelines of inventory partners.
  4. Transparency:

    • Include a “Paid for by” disclosure in all ads.
    • Facilitate DAA’s political icon on ads, linking to a disclosure page.
    • Links to fact-checking organizations provided.
  5. Violence in Ads:

    • No ads that incite or glorify violence.
    • No ads claiming specific groups are threats to safety or health.
  6. Voter Suppression:

    • Neutral stance on opinions/claims in political ads.
    • Prohibit ads aimed at suppressing voters or delegitimizing elections.

Always consult with McElligott Digital Marketing for specific guidance or clarifications on political advertising.

Click here to see our full list of policies and restrictions.

For any advertisement planning to run on McElligott Digital Marketing’s Programmatic Advertising Platform, the associated landing pages must not contain:

  1. Unbranded Content: Ads that lack proper branding.

  2. Adult Content:

    • Pornography or overly suggestive material.
    • Promotion of adult products or services, such as sex toys, adult-themed dating, escort services, etc.
  3. Regulated Activities:

    • Online gambling.
    • Sales of weapons, ammunition, or tobacco.

  4. Illegal Downloads & Copyright Violation: No content promoting peer-to-peer file sharing, torrents, or copyright infringement.

  5. Violence & Hate: Content that:

    • Incites, threatens, or promotes violence against individuals or groups.
    • Promotes hatred based on race, religion, creed, class, etc.
    • Contains hate content or promotes racial/ethnic superiority.
  6. Drugs & Harmful Activities:

    • Promotion of illegal drugs or paraphernalia.
    • Promotion of black-hat hacking, cracking, etc.
    • Any “how-to” guides on illicit activities, e.g., bomb-making.

  7. Defamation: Defamatory or libelous content.

  8. Malicious Software: Distributing viruses, malware, spyware, or similar threats.

  9. Graphic Content: Depictions that are:

    • Graphic or gratuitous in nature about pain, torture, violence.
    • Describing or glorifying suffering, torture, or death.

  10. Weapons: Sales or promotion of firearms, ammunition, bombs, or related design materials.

  11. Misleading User Experience:

  • Automatic redirections or pop-ups.
  • Misleading content differing from the clickthrough URL’s promise.

  1. Others: Any other content deemed illegal, promoting harmful activity, or infringing on others’ rights.

Advertisers should ensure full compliance with these guidelines before proceeding with campaigns on McElligott Digital Marketing.

Click here to see our full list of policies and restrictions.

Programmatic Advertising Costs

We like to be open and upfront with our fees. We offer a flat rate for managing the account. Or no management fee if running DIY.

Manage Yourself

$ 0 Minimum of $1,000 Ad Spend
  • Create multiple campaigns
  • Run for a few days or ongoing
  • You have full control of setting up and settings

We Manage

$ 500/mo Minimum of $1,000 Ad Spend
  • We create and manage a campaign for you
  • We will create basic video, audio, and image ad
  • You will still have full control of the account