My Experience & Management Technique

My Experience

Google & Bing Ads

I actively build and manage multiple accounts for clients whose target is getting leads as their main goal.

I have been trained and am continuously learning from the top ads managers in this field who focus on quality over quantity. I build and structure my campaigns to be the easiest to manage and test, I also set them up to be scale-able for when my clients want to increase their ad spend as they as seeing the return they want or are wanting to start additional keyword campaigns. This method, in turn, delivers the best results to your clients with the least amount of wasted ad spend money on worthless traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a unique area where you can’t really test someone’s knowledge in the standard way. This is because SEO is an ever-evolving arena; what I mean by that is the large search engines, mainly Google, keep their SEO algorithms secret. Now in order for people to be properly tested, we would need to know how those algorithms work, and that’s unlikely to happen.

The best anyone can do for now is to follow the leading figures in the SEO world and keep in the loop of all Google algorithm changes, and all new and proven theories at that time.

I follow and keep up with a lot of these leading figures as well as all the latest algorithm changes and what industries they affect and potentially why. 

There are also times where the changes will drastically impact a previously very lucrative way websites were able to rank high in the Google rankings. The biggest one being backlinks, back in 2012 with the algorithm change nicknamed Penguin, Google targeted link spamming and websites paying other higher ranked websites for links back to theirs to increase their own rankings [source]. The reason I bring this event up is that every “expert” in SEO now became “obsolete” as their main tactic for growing a businesses website rankings was gone.

Google’s outlook since then and going forward have been quality. They have even taken hits to their own income for the sake of quality by holding to their original 10 philosophy goals. With this information and keeping up with the changes Google makes we can adjust our websites to actually provide quality and original content and maximize each user experience to our website. 


Google Analytics is the best free platform available to track and diagnose everything about your website. You can track your entire users’ journey through your site starting with how they got to your site, what actions were taken on your site, and where they mainly leave on your site. You can even compare your website to other similar sized websites in your industry, this helps you gauge how well you’re doing and where you may be missing out on potential traffic sources. Other uses are to find pages that need updating, either content wise or page speed. 

I am currently actively tracking 12 different websites on Google Analytics and using it to make sure the sites are running well and find areas that may need improvement. I also set up tracking for link clicks so we can see how users are interacting with the website, so we know that our users are engaged and not just leaving making the website useless.

Below is a screenshot a portion of a report I provide from a current client, it covers the basic yet most important information to see a general overview of how your website is doing.   

google analytics report

My Technique In Managing Your Google and Bing Ads

I focus on providing you with the most effective plan that will spend your money the wisest. Don’t be fooled, anyone can build you an ad campaign and put you in position 1 or say they can reduce your cost per click to $1. Going with these options will lead you to one end result, spending A LOT of money. 

I take a mixture of conservative and aggressive approach, I don’t try and hit number 1 nor do I try and get the lowest cost per click. I will keep you within the optimal ad position range of 2-4, this range has proven to still get a good amount of clicks and conversions. I will try and reduce the overall cost per click but only by focusing more spend on the keywords that perform the best. 

The figure below explains my overall strategy of initially targeting very bottom funnel people who are actively searching for a product or service like yours and are ready to buy now. This method allows us to get the best performance at the start, then as your business starts to grow we can expand our targeting and eventually move to include branding. 

This will allow us to get the most impact and return for every dollar you spend advertising, reducing wasted spend when you’re first starting out on unnecessary marketing strategies.      

What's Included With My Management

Who I Manage Accounts For

I specialize in managing ad campaigns for small businesses in the services industry, and those in the industries needing advanced verification via Google (Garage Door Companies, Locksmiths and Plumbers).  I have worked with and got results for clients in the B2C, B2B, SaaS, and Shopify industries.  

Scaling Your Account

I can work with and scale your account no matter what your ad spend. Results aren’t always guaranteed if your ad spend is very low in a highly competitive market and average bids are high for your spend. 

This doesn’t mean we won’t see positive results, it will just take time. I tend to recommend most of my clients start at my first tier unless your industry is competitive and has a high cost per click then we may bump you up a tier or two.

Tier 1 – Up to $999 ad spend

  • I will only be running on the search network.
  • I will only build ad groups for the top products or services.
  • I will target bottom funnel customers who are ready to buy. 
  • I will run a very low-cost re-marketing campaign to target your website visitors that don’t convert.
  • If your goal is phone calls we will run some call only ads.

Tier 2 – $1,000 – $2,999 ad spend

  • I will increase ad spend for your current ad groups and add more if needed.
  • I will increase your re-marketing budget to capture more visitors and more websites.

Tier 3 – $3,000 – $4,999 ad spend

  • I will increase any ad group budgets that aren’t hitting 100% of all searches 
  • I will increase the re-marketing budget if necessary
  • I will start display ads to begin company branding 
  • I will start email ads for company branding

Tier 4 – $5,000 – $6,999 ad spend

  • I will Increase any ad groups that need it
  • I will increase your re-marketing  if needed
  • I will increase your display ads budget to be seen on higher traffic websites 
  • I will increase email ads to capture more clicks

Tier 5 – $7,000 – $9,999 ad spend

  • I will increase ad groups that need it
  • I will increase re-marketing if needed
  • I will increase display ads if needed
  • I will increase email ads if needed
  • (Google Ads only) I will start a Youtube campaign to complete the company branding 

Tier 6 – $10,000+ ad spend

  • I will increase ad groups that need it 
  • I will increase re-marketing if needed
  • I will increase the display campaign if needed
  • I will increase email ads if needed
  • (Google Ads only) I will increase Youtube ads if needed
Keep in mind that this is a general guideline of how we can scale your account to a higher ad spend budget.
These numbers may vary based on your industry as well as competition and bids; For example, some businesses will need $10k just to max our their search ads potential and some other businesses will only need $1k. It all depends on your industry, the target local, number of services or products you’re targeting and competition.


Why do you only manage Google and Bing platforms for advertising?

I chose these two platforms for the following reasons:

– They account for over 80%* of all internet search traffic in the US.
– Nearly all internet searches across devices use Google or Bing/Yahoo.
– You control how much you spend.
– You control When,Where, and What you advertise and Who you advertise to.
– Massive scaling potential.
– No minimum investment is needed to start.
– Target your exact audience or people ready to buy now.
– You ONLY pay for results like calls or potential buyers to your website.
– Measurable results on how your money is being spent and your ROI.

*Based on statistics from