LinkedIn Ads: What You Need To Know

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LinkedIn is one station for everything related to business, hiring for jobs, working career professionals, entrepreneurs, marketers, writers, technical services providers, and whatnot. 

LinkedIn is exceptionally different from the natural advertising giants like Google and Facebook. Your audience on LinkedIn is unlikely scrolling to kill time, so if any user finds relevancy in your ads, he is most likely to engage. When you advertise on LinkedIn, you are engaging with a qualified audience.

In providing a professional social web with a professional work base of users ranging from a job seeker to a company executive, LinkedIn stands out in the advertising world.

Whether you are eyeing for building brand awareness primarily to target people in the related industry, or generating traffic, roping in customers, you can’t just avoid LinkedIn. Community response in this professional landscape is impressive. You can get more than 100 comments and thousands of views on a video that is merely giving tips about fixing your procrastination habits.

LinkedIn though an excellent tool for B2B companies, it’s heavily leveraged into the advertising strategies of B2C business owners, software agencies, colleges, and universities, and health entities.

LinkedIn ads are used by every marketer today in the advertising domain. It is no longer an add-on advertising service after other social media but an essential now. Here’s why you should use LinkedIn ads. 

8 Advantages of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a unique social and career connecting site in the online and social marketing domains, whether it be an idea, marketing a brand, or connecting with people. 

Let me tell you why LinkedIn ads are beneficial for your business marketing!

  • The networking power of LinkedIn

With more than 700 million active users in 2020, LinkedIn boasts of being the most comprehensive social, career, and professional networking platform on the social globe. LinkedIn gives you a chance to connect with the biggest names in your industry, in-person connection with whom not being viable, and that too without having to leave your office. 

With a handsome business profile and engaging content, LinkedIn offers you seamless connectivity with individuals and organizations.

  • Promote your business on LinkedIn

Market your brands or connect with today’s leaders of the industry on LinkedIn. Moreover, it provides you with targeting a specified audience relevant to your industry and professionals who are veterans in their jobs.

  • Get recommendations from experts

LinkedIn has a unique ability for receiving recommendations from the contacts of your products, services, your company or organization, and you as an individual.

LinkedIn is a great tool to build your brand image and reputation.

  • Target from your industry

LinkedIn enables you to target people working in your industry. You get a target market of people with specialized business communities. 

What you get here is a range of well-defined connections on LinkedIn!

  • Track your engagement with traffic insights

LinkedIn has special sections in your profile displaying the number of your profile visits, post views, search appearances. It has a well-curated statistics system, making it easy for you to monitor your content and professional profile.

  • Get the right person for a job!

With the particular jobs filter on LinkedIn, you can directly review the profile of a person seeking a job with unique qualities that suit your market needs.

  • Social media connectivity 

I can confirm that LinkedIn is no more an optional social media platform but an unavoidable tool in your marketing arsenal. It directly fits into your website and can be best harnessed as a content-generating tool by integrating with other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

  • Up-to-date opinions

Receive well-curated content, business ideas, latest market information, and trends with the opinions, webinars, posts of the professionals and entrepreneurs on LinkedIn. I already believe you understand how important it is to synchronize your products/services with evolving market demands.

Now that you are familiar with the advantages of using LinkedIn ads, it’s time we get you to know who should advertise on LinkedIn. 

Who should advertise on LinkedIn?

Before you put your business into the advertising testing on LinkedIn, you need to be very clear about whether your product/service suits a professional who is in a daily job mindset.

If the product you are putting on the ad is not so much about professionals or companies with strict business demands, LinkedIn is not your best option.

Take an example. If you are a company based in the UK selling organic food products, a daily job professional on LinkedIn is least likely to respond to your ads.

LinkedIn is the best hotspot for B2B marketers, with 380 mn professionals continually engaging on the platform. It has a high conversion rate though it is not cheap as other advertising costs on other social media platforms. But understand the difference here. 

On LinkedIn, you do not want to spend your hard-earned money on non-targeted prospects! LinkedIn ads are best for you if you provide a solution to ‘specific’ companies, businesses, and working professionals. Here your solution should just fit right in the ad space- text and images based ads.

The typical LinkedIn audience is people looking out for jobs, business hirings, connecting with the people in the same field, targeting business professionals, getting in touch with experts. Analyze if your product fits in this mind space!

Social media marketing requires tracking the ads’ results in terms of impressions, traffic and revenue generated. One of the most efficient ways is to analyze from previous examples of advertising successes.

Well, case studies are a way to do that. 

3 Case studies of LinkedIn Ads

Case studies specialize in understanding the thinking, processing, and vertical breakdown of how a business uses its products/services. Look at these examples of LinkedIn Ads’ success.

  1. Snagajob’s Ads

Snagajob is a company helping in finding jobs. It leveraged LinkedIn ads for the generation of leads and adverts for targeting its audience. 

Now, who is the customer of such a service? Business owners, leaders, and managers. Snag’s Job and Video Ads reflected its deep customer understanding and marketing behavior.

It hit a rise of 84% in the converted leads by relaying short videos and powerful visuals. Snagajob is an example of a hiring ad targeting prospects in a well-structured manner. 

  1. Animation Anywhere Ads

Animation Anywhere is a software bot building firm. When this firm had to launch its most important product, they made a short video on LinkedIn about their product launch. In no time, it received heavy engagement from the LinkedIn community in the comments section.

More than a thousand comments were flooding just after the end of the broadcast on the live broadcast. Interestingly, more than 78% of the viewers of the live broadcast of the product launch came from LinkedIn! 

We know you might not have a launch tomorrow, but you can set up webinars and hold Q&A on LinkedIn to advertise.

  1. Design Pickle’s Ads

Design Pickle is a graphic design company providing subscription services. Design Pickle formulated a very effective strategy to increase its plan subscriptions using LinkedIn message ads to retarget their website visitors.

The messages addressed in their ads are always in straightforward sentences, for example, “Save $37,000 on Design”. What happens with such ads is striking! Design Pickle garnered 463 premium subscription signups yielding a revenue of $1.8 mn with its ads!

Even a single but powerful sentence message advertisement can drive huge revenue through audience targeting and retargeting.

Facts and statistics about Linkedin Ads

Linkedin might not seem like a platform worthy of spending time for some people, but the facts stated below will completely change your outlook towards Linkedin. 

  1. For multinational companies, Linkedin is the best platform to be presentable. You are thinking, why is that so? It’s because Linkedin is available in 24 languages. So if your company serves clients from all over the world, Linkedin has got you covered. 
  1. Linkedin has seen a blast in its users after the 2020 pandemic. With employees getting fired, companies switching to more innovative and faster-working employees, LinkedIn is a platform that offers benefits to both. There was a 2.5x increase in remote job offers in Linkedin during the pandemic. 
  1. Many companies across the world want to target the United States. If you are among one of them, Linkedin is the best platform because it is the US’s most trusted platform. 
  1. Linkedin is the best platform to attract fast-growing people. It has maximum users from the age of 25 to 35 years old (the best from any company)
  1. Bill Gates is there! Isn’t that interesting enough? Bill Gates has penned down half of the 10 most engaging articles on LinkedIn in 2020!
  1. HR managers love Linkedin. It’s because 40 million people search for jobs on LinkedIn every week, and almost three people are hired through Linkedin every minute! 
  1. There was a 60% increase in content creation in LinkedIn in the year 2020 
  1. All of you might have heard how mobile phones dominate laptops. Even in LinkedIn, 57% of users are mobile-based. 
  1. If your LinkedIn Ad has an image, it will gain 2x higher engagement than any other ad. 
  1.  Suppose you are a fan of video posts, congratulations! Your posts just increased their engagement and share by 2x. According to research, video posts get much higher engagement than other post types. 
  1. We all are a fan of Facebook targeting characteristics, aren’t we? You will be surprised to know that LinkedIn has more than 200 targeting characteristics from interests, firms, industries, to sizes, and much more. 
  1. You can increase your purchase intent by 30% if your ads get exposure on LinkedIn. 
  1. Linkedin targets its audience by jobs and not demographics. Doesn’t that make your targeting much more refined and versatile at the same time? 
  1. Not only do you gain the best values from LinkedIn, but you also get to be in touch with around 60 million senior-level influencers.
  1. Got a deep root for B2B connections? Linkedin has over 55 million companies. 
  1. Around 80% of the content marketers use LinkedIn ads. 
  1. Companies that post weekly see a 2x higher engagement range on LinkedIn. 
  1. More than half of the U.S. will use LinkedIn by 2021! 

I know these facts are driving you towards LinkedIn advertisements more than ever. Statistics even say that if you are not using LinkedIn Ads by 2021, you will be a minority by the end. 

The pandemic has closed many earlier business growth windows, but LinkedIn has now opened many doors for the firms to grow worldwide. I know you are curious to learn how to run a Linkedin Ad. Well, I guess it’s time.

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