WordPress Trends 2022: Make Your Website More Attractive

WordPress Trends 2024: Make Your Website More Attractive

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You’re here, which means you want to know how to keep your website hot with the latest WordPress trends 2022.

But before jumping on the topic, let’s be aware of a few things about WordPress which make it the most dominant content management system(CMS). 40% of the websites running today with all efficiency are backed by WordPress.

WordPress is powered with more than 54,000 plugins and nearly 31,000 themes to give the best taste to the users. 

But knowing the latest website trends is important to know where WordPress is headed and what WordPress website design services experts are talking about. 

The new features and trends we’re going to talk about here are nowhere in a hurry to go, and the top web development companies are using them for the WordPress website design of their clients.

Let’s dive in!

10 Top WordPress Trends in 2024

Here are the top 10 WordPress website design trends you’ll get to know right now:

1. Voice Search 

For the e-Commerce industry, voice search is now a hot style. 

Rather than typing the products or solutions, they’re browsing for; many smartphone users use Voice Search. It’s critical to optimize your WordPress website for voice searches. For the past several years, voice assistant products such as Google Home, Alexa, Apple HomePod, and many others have grown in popularity. 

While creating a WordPress website, it’s critical to consider user behavior. Consider how you would beat the voice search mechanism by putting yourself in the place of your target audience. When creating product information, take into consideration the keywords that visitors might use to find those things.

2. Drag and Drop Website Builders

Drag and drop website builders, according to the top WordPress website design services, will prove to attract small startups and business owners in 2022.

Even with no coding experience or skills, you can simply create a functionality-rich website. Using drag and drop tools, you can easily launch your website. Users can see how the website will feel by using such builders. There are numerous plugins available for WordPress that could be utilized to add the features needed to your site.

Drag and drop page builders are now the most convenient way of creating a website design, even without the assistance of a programmer. They are very simple to operate and inexpensive too.

The popularity of drag-and-drop page builders for WordPress has skyrocketed. They’re quite important because it enables us to check changes in real-time. Page builders work for you whether you want to alter all design components individually or just use preset widgets.

3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality(AR) and virtual reality(VR), one of the WordPress Trends 2022, are being lauded as game-changers in the eCommerce space. In unique ways, each of these tools assists people in immersing themselves in digitized surroundings. Many WordPress website design services marketers are educating about the relevance of AR/VR.

Ever since the breakout of Covid, augmented reality has risen in importance and rapidly spread, cutting across all businesses. Online buyers can picture their purchases and gain access to the place via smartphone or web applications, thanks to this solution that overlays electronic information onto real life. It is widely utilized in E-comm and the retail sector to increase sales by incorporating key characteristics that make better the customer experience.

By highlighting the location’s prospects at a low price, VR assists the tourism sector and event-based enterprises. VR is perfect for boosting the appeal of a gallery and enhancing additional content for non-commercial uses. We’re expecting further advancements in 2022, as we’ve more lot possibilities to tap in.

4. WordPress for Ecommerce

Be it WordPress website design services offering their WP educational video content or a startup selling branded items; several sites sell products or services.

WordPress is being utilized for E-comm, and it has a lot of advantages.

  • Plugins are an elementary unit of any WordPress website. They assist you in creating a website with all the features that you require for your enterprise. If you would like to create an E-comm website, WordPress has a number of plugins, especially for E-comm, that can help you sell things.

WooCommerce is a successful E-comm plugin provided by WordPress.

It allows you to personalize product descriptions, design attractive storefronts, and select from a variety of payment providers. Also, setting up shipping alternatives and estimating taxes is made easy by it.

  • The vast quantity of template choices available for designing your website is among the most significant advantages of WordPress. WordPress has templates for creating an E-comm platform that reflects your brand’s own design. WordPress has thousands of themes from which you can choose, as well as over 1,200 online business-targeted templates.
  • Developing an SEO-friendly WordPress eCommerce website is among the great features of the platform. You’ll need a website this is designed to score higher in the search engine if you want people to discover your stuff when they use search engines such As google. Plugins for WordPress might make your website score higher in search of the SERP competition.

5. Parallax effect

Even though the parallax effect isn’t a recent innovation, it’s still relevant in the WordPress trends 2022. 

The concept of parallax scrolling, often referred to as the parallax effect, happens when the background content appears to run slower as compared to the forefront content while you scroll down a webpage. It’s prevalent with one website with single-page because navigating is an essential aspect of the interface, but it can be successful if the site has split content portions.


You may use any of the top parallax plugins or themes to create the parallax illusion in WordPress. Since parallax has a significant effect on the site’s functionality and customer experience, you must choose a cover image with care.

To use parallax on your WordPress site has numerous advantages. Let’s see a few of them:

  • The visual part of a parallax effect for one would be the first and most prominent benefit. A parallax effect is attractive to the eye, providing your site with a clean, fashionable, and trendy appearance. This amazing effect could truly make your content stand out, and it produces a fun and engaging browsing experience for the visitor.
  • One other important reason to include the parallax effect on your site is to facilitate the division of a webpage, especially a homepage, into more understandable pieces.  You can use it to draw attention to the various areas and sorts of content you wish to emphasize.
  • The parallax effect could be applied to any webpage or content on a website, but you will most commonly see it on the homepages, landing pages, and single-page websites. The spectacular aesthetics created by the parallax effect, as well as the significant influence it has on the customer experience, encourage users to stay on your company’s site for a longer period and help you reach your conversion rate targets.

6. Chatbots

Many brands use chatbots to better user experience and respond to client questions more quickly. 

Chatbots are a convenient and enjoyable way to respond to client questions and provide relevant information to consumers. Top web development companies themselves take the help of chatbots to quickly resolve the doubts of their visitors. 


Pizza Hut offers a Facebook chatbot that allows foodies to know about deals and offers before placing takeaway or online orders. To assist clients, this chatbot primarily uses various menus and simplistic input, yet it is incredibly user-friendly and accomplishes its goal of assisting people with placing orders online efficiently.

Chatbots are also used to assist people in navigating a site and gather useful feedback about their experience.

To produce greater leads and increase your revenue, you can call an experienced WordPress development company like ours or choose a chatbot builder which is available online.

Some additional benefits of using chatbots are-

  • The WordPress bot can also develop a FAQ section alongside their responses, giving the visitors a lot better seamless experience. These queries can be gathered from the website’s first readers, which may be repeated with the use of a WordPress chatbot plugin.
  • Nowadays, several writers provide email subscriptions related to their business.  A WordPress bot might gather customer emails for newsletter mailings to keep up with the latest trends.
  • Chatbots are also used to deliver connections towards other blog posts that the visitor might be interested in visiting.

While we’re discussing the benefits, let me clear a popular misconception related to chatbots.

It is a common myth that AI and automation are around to rule over the planet and replace people. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been created to make our everyday tasks easier and more efficient than ever before. 

Bots facilitate a more precise connection between your customers and your employees. If the bots are unable to give satisfying answers, they refer the inquiry to the appropriate team or a particular employee. This adds a special touch to your site and encourages customers to return.

7. Using Videos

Video content is used by many website owners and top web development companies to market their products and unique solutions. Visuals on online sites are not the latest craze; they have been around for quite some time.

In terms of aesthetics, the use of video content produces an authentic experience that makes a positive first impact on the visitor. You can also provide additional info without ever being intrusive or overloading the site with text areas. If you’re having a hard time keeping your users interested, this is the style to follow.

Improved connectivity and excellent video copy compression enable you to leverage both– a gorgeous video theme and a quick loading website – with several nations experiencing ongoing improvements in digital infrastructure and the approaching 5G wave.

8. Minimalistic experience

Visitors can scroll through minimal web design with ease. 

The use of simple visuals and white space improves user experience, and this growth is projected to continue in 2022. In other words, the minimalist design approach emphasizes keeping things simple and removing any unnecessary aspects from an object. 

This minimal style was developed in response to overcomplicated and intricate designs. Minimalism can be created in a variety of methods. Limiting the number of colors in the style is among them. As a result, minimize employing just so many colors in the layout; this will lessen the design’s intricacy. 

You can discuss a clutter-free site with a simplistic style with the experts of top web development companies you work with for your website.

9. Mobile-Friendly Themes

Making sure your site works on smartphones is crucial to engaging your target market.

It’s not simply about making your website user-friendly. Using mobile-friendly themes also helps you achieve your client retention requirements. If the WordPress theme you are using isn’t mobile-friendly, customers on their devices may not have as good an experience as you might have thought.

Google’s Mobile Playbook suggests that 57% of consumers would not endorse a company with a horrible mobile version, and 40 percent have gone directly to the competitors after a poor smartphone experience.

When it comes to designing your site, WordPress has numerous themes to select from.

10. Multi-purpose themes

While the popularity of WordPress is growing across a wide range of businesses, multi-purpose themes are gradually overtaking specialized themes as the customer’s preferred theme. This style of template is not only cost-efficient, but it’s also very easy to use. You can create any type of website, irrespective of its niche or goal.

Expandable functionality, personalization flexibility, and retail options are among the most important elements of a multi-purpose design. It is particularly well-suited to eCommerce businesses who are in need of boosting their SEO by incorporating a blog post. 

In a nutshell, all you require here is contained within a single package.

Chances are, you’re using a few of the trends we just discussed to make your website more attractive. But do you feel you are there?

Because if you’re thinking of making the switch, our WordPress website design experts at McElligott Digital Marketing are there to keep your website up with the latest trends.

You can place a call or schedule a No-cost consultation with us at  

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