10 Best Moving Company Marketing Strategies to Get More Leads

10 Best Moving Company Marketing Strategies to Get More Leads

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According to a report by IBIS World, the moving services industry has a huge market size of $19.4 billion in 2022. 

The constant growth in the revenue generated by the moving industry and heavy market size is a great opportunity for the moving services industry in the United States. 

But it also means an already existing competitive market and lots of places for you to invest in for the marketing. That’s why moving companies sometimes happen to shell out a good sum for a little return.

Proper knowledge of how to market a moving company is necessary to get new leads for movers. If your moving company is eyeing more buyers and has good revenue flow, it’s time to implement the right moving company advertising strategy.

We have been marketing for moving companies for a long time now, and our experience with a variety of clients has taught us a thing or two.

Using our own experience and putting market research together, we have created a list of top 10 moving company marketing ideas.

This article is your answer to how to market a moving company and how to get new leads for movers. Keep reading!

10 Pro Moving Company Marketing Ideas

1. PPC for movers

The biggest benefit of pay-per-click or PPC for movers is that you don’t have to wait for the traffic. 

Soon as you publish your campaign, your website will start getting relevant traffic. 

While SEO for websites is not at all avoidable, you should be aware of the fact that SEO takes time to grow. But due to the seasonality factor that affects moving business, you need to show up quickly, and that too, at the top of the search results pages on Google. 

PPC lets you reach the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) for the keywords that your clients search to find a solution online. PPC advertising is one of the most powerful moving company advertising ideas to get to your customers. 

The word of advice here is that since PPC marketing involves investment, you must have a basic understanding of how PPC works, especially for targeting moving clients. 

Small moving businesses to big agencies use professional help with their PPC marketing needs to get more leads online. 

If this is your first time with PPC ads, consider professional expertise to get a good return for your bucks.

2. Invest in a clear and responsive website

Think of your website as the first introduction of your business to your clients. 

The only difference is that you won’t be sitting there doing the talking for your agency and taking questions from the clients. 

Rather your website should be clear and responsive enough to let the audience get what they came looking for easily and contact you whenever they want. 

Making your social media channels on screen all the time is a necessary part as well so that the audience can click on, suppose, your Instagram page, and contact you immediately.

Ease of navigation and a minimal design is considered as two most important factors in a user-friendly website. Search engine optimization or SEO of the overall website helps your website rank higher.

When we say content, it doesn’t mean only blog posts, but it involves everything from the design of your website to the landing page copy. 

Consider your website as the face of your brand, and just by looking at it, your customers should feel like they have reached the right place.

Mobile version of your website

Most people rely on smartphones to look for a service or anything they want to know about over the internet. That means your website needs to be optimized for ease of usage on smartphones. 

Also, keep in mind to display only necessary things over the mobile version of the site, and don’t miss to add a ‘click-to-call’ link to your phone so that your audience can contact you at once.

3. Start a blog

To generate more traffic for your website and to boost the SEO, start a regular blog for your moving company if you aren’t doing it already.

With a regular blog, you can help your clients with information about a niche of services, provide tips, and also build your authority as an expert. There is endless content to provide in your blog articles as people face lots of questions when they are thinking about moving to another place or even after when they’ve moved to a place

Here are some SEO-friendly and fresh content topics to benefit your audience:

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)-

People have so much to know about when they are planning to hire a moving company, right from the process details, timing, services information, etc. 

FAQs are a great way to provide instant solutions to your audience. 

  • Packing and moving tips

The common questions related to ‘moving for householders’ and commercial entities can be answered through tips, checklists, etc.

  • Case studies-

Write case studies about what challenges were faced by your previous clients and how you made it a cakewalk to move to another place for them. 

Also, include examples of a variety of sets of demands from your customers.

  • Interesting topics-

Did you have any irregular moving demands from your customers or items that require ultimate care to move? People love to hear such real instances.

4. Use niche keywords

Trends are good, but only when you follow them wisely and exercise constraints. 

An often seen mistake in the marketing of moving businesses is going with the biggest target. Broad keywords have a heavy volume, and that means more and more businesses are already pushing for those ones. 

For example, if you are targeting keywords like ‘local movers’ or, let’s say, ‘long-distance movers,’ what you will surely face is huge competition for these. Why? 

Almost every moving company believes these are the ideal search terms that their potential customers would be using, and it jumps for those keywords.

Having bigger targets pays off, but when you’re starting and building your brand, you need to market for more niche demands from the customers like ‘specialty moves.’

Consider some examples of these kinds of niche demands-

  • Photo-frames moving
  • Estate moving
  • Office equipment moving
  • Gun-safe moving
  • Antique Moving
  • Estate cleanout
  • Piano moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • School Moving
  • Library moving

Due to less competition, you can easily pick out a piece of the market from here and expand eventually.

5. Engage in social media

Why even be on social media for moving businesses? 

The simplest answer is that your potential customers are already social. 

Decide the right channels and invest some time getting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google local page, etc. If you believe your ideal customers within a certain age bracket tend to use Facebook more than Instagram, of course, your social media marketing plan will be focused on building a strong foothold on Facebook.

Twitter is an excellent platform for customer service and sharing news about an event, new launch, or offers.

Successful moving companies maintain a content plan and posting schedule. Creating a profile is just the initial step, but it is important, and no part should be skipped like logo building, a good cover story, ‘about the brand’ etc.

Share relevant content like topics in trend, link to your other channels, tips, benefits, and other information, including past work, to grow a followers base. 

A good number of followers is important, but the focus should be on providing value to your audience and not on just inflating the followers’ list. 

Also, keep aware of what other movers are sharing.

6. Claim your profiles

As a local business, don’t forget to build and optimize your company profile on the review sites and local online directories. 

Some of these sites are paid, but you can find review sites and directories offering free profiles only if you are quick enough to take advantage of these sites. 

  • Update your brand logo-

Having a company logo builds trust and makes it more clickable to reach your website. It is necessary to update a logo to stand out from the competition and appeal to the customers at the places where they are looking at a lot of other companies as well at the same time.

  • Benefit from all fields- 

Third parties, like directories and review sites, are the places of sale where your audience will go through your profile and decide whether to go with your company.

So make sure the description you put there is updated and attractive.

  • Up-to-date contact information-

Check with your profile to ensure that only the updated contact information shows up so that your customers can contact you easily. 

7. Network with realtors

Realtors know best about the people who are planning to move. 

Commercial establishments are connected with realtors for their several needs, so if one of them needs a moving service, the realtor is most likely to know about it. 

Networking with realtors can help you get leads, and it also might lead to future partnerships that will get you leads for movers, month after month. 

Reach out to realtors actively on social media platforms, and ask for meetings to convince them of your reliability as a professional moving company and offer help to their clients with moving needs. 

Build relationships with the local realtors and join their associations actively. Realtors can prove to be an incredible source for getting more leads and further recommendations.

8. Build a referral program

Launching referral programs is a trusted marketing method for all types of businesses, and that includes marketing for movers as well. 

To go ahead with referral business, give a clear bonus structure. What it gives in return is happy customers, and they are the biggest signs of success for any business. A customer who has benefitted from your service is most likely to refer it to his friends, family, or neighbors.

But to achieve that, provide good incentives so that your customers will market your business without even asking for it. 

When a happy customer leaves you a good review, show it off proudly on all of your platforms and marketing channels.

9. Accreditations, licenses, and insurance

Trust and safety- anyone in need of a moving project would like to ensure these two things first before hiring a moving company.

To show your trustworthiness, display your license and insurance on your moving company website.

Add your license to your footer to show up on every page with a verifiable license number. Use your certifications in the metadata and copy of your site. 

Get this information to be registered on Federal Mover’s Data maintained by USDOT (US Department of Transportation). 

Provide the USDOT number to your audience as well.

Showing your accreditations and certifications will help you establish trust and legitimacy as a leading moving company in your area.

10. Get professional help

On top of running a busy moving company, you might not be able to take care of the marketing needs of your business as well. 

Moreover, successful marketing for moving companies requires years of investment and experience with complex testing. 

McElligott Digital Marketing is a leader in digital marketing for moving companies and a single-stop shop for all your needs like SEO, PPC Ads, social media marketing, web designing, blog writing, etc. 

As you need someone who believes in communication and understanding your brand and what its growth means for you, McElligott Digital Marketing can be your trusted digital partner to bring more leads and increase revenue.

With our experts taking care of your internet marketing needs, rest assured about our dedication to helping you grow online.

Want to know more about how we at McElligott Digital Marketing can help you get leads for movers? 

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