10 Pro Tips from a Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms to Help You Get More Clients

10 Pro Tips from a Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms to Help You Get More Clients

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According to a study, over the course of the coming 30 years, the percentage of seniors in Canada and the US is going to cross 50 years.

However, we are not going to debate over the productivity of the working age to balance the gap. We are entirely focused on what these figures mean for the law firms- more people needing help with their decision makings related to property and more and managing their finances.

As a leading digital marketing agency for law firms, we will discuss leveraging digital marketing to reach out and help these people.  

Why digital marketing for lawyers?

Digital marketing for law firms not only caters to elder law marketing but every legal practice area.

For example, personal injury in the legal industry is valued at $38.4 billion for 2021, as revealed by IBIS World, and it also registers an average growth of 1.5% per year.

It’s necessary to learn about digital marketing for lawyers because no one talks about this in law schools. 

PPC for law firms and attorney SEO might not be your area of expertise, but it is definitely something you can’t afford to ignore.

With a sound digital marketing strategy, you can grow your brand easily and quickly.

This must-read is the answer to your digital marketing needs for your law firm to reach your clients on the other side of the screen.

10 Digital Marketing Protips for Law Firms

1. Invest in attorney SEO services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for lawyers is one of the inalienable digital marketing strategies for lawyers but being complicated; it’s not done right by most firms.

The final goal of SEO, as we call it, would be to show the most relevant answer to the user for their search query on engines like Google.

But your goal with SEO is different from that of Google, and that is to help you rank first on the search engine result pages for a search term related to your business. And hence, it is nothing less than a battle to rank at the top.

SEO includes functionalities of your website like smooth user navigation and loading speed to the quality aspects, which includes the content you provide for your audience. More the organic backlinks, the more authenticity your brand has in the eyes of Google and hence, people.

Before building an SEO strategy for your law firm, it is necessary to have a ground understanding of SEO and how it works. SEO practice tells what people are looking for when they are online, what kind of content they engage with and what kinds of solutions they are looking for. 

This is why most law firms leave it to their trusted SEO services to take care of their firm’s SEO strategy.

2. Optimize your Google My Business page

Let’s start with some facts and figures.

For 71% of the people in need of a lawyer, they will prefer a local attorney.

Chances are, before walking directly into your office, people will look for the attorneys in their locality online. And here enters local SEO, and it is important to focus on local SEO for lawyers apart from the overall SEO for your firm’s website.

In fact, achieving overall SEO for your website will take longer and more effort in comparison to local SEO.

Digital marketing is going to help you broaden your client base but still, you need to invest in local SEO to help people near you reach out to you. Google My Business helps businesses to make their listings visible for the local search results. 

NAP information-name, address, and phone number or the contact information is the core of the Google My Business profile. If you have your GMB done right, your listings are most likely to appear in the Google map views, and it gives you leverage over other law firms.

Moreover, use Google My Business for new updates and posts to provide more information about your clients. 

With the help of McElligott Digital Marketing, you can also have your client schedule meetings and consultations straight from your Google My Business listings.

3. Use LinkedIn to reach your clients

LinkedIn can help you get more clients, but the game is not just about how!

As to why you should consider optimizing for LinkedIn as a part of your social media strategy, most law firms are missing out on this opportunity, and it is still early to affirm your foot here at LinkedIn.

While LinkedIn is the most popular B2B social media platform, it can prove highly effective for B2C law firms also. For areas of law like insurance, it can be a good choice. 

Nearly half of the web traffic for law agencies is driven through social media channels.

Your potential clients, as we discussed earlier, are going to look for you, either on the search engines like Google or social media platforms, before they sign up to work with you.

Now, LinkedIn is known for its professional network and offers credibility to firms like you, whom people tend to trust more.

LinkedIn also encourages sharing of your useful content by people and gives backlinks that add to your SEO rankings.

Also, your LinkedIn page or a post can rank at the top of Google for a relevant search query or if people look for you by the name of your firm on Google.

4. Start a regular blog

If you haven’t started off with your blog, there could be no better time than now to start one.

Firstly, it will hugely improve your website SEO, and secondly, it is the ideal place where your audience can benefit from your valuable content. Also, you can inform about what’s new in your law agency and showcase your expertise, cases, and success as a leading law firm in the area. 

People also look for testimonials, legal news, and other information, which they can easily get with your blog platform.

Moreover, it sends the message loud and clear that you love law and you like to talk about it. 

With huge legal resources and writing avenues, you can use your grip over the subject and guest blog over other platforms that will help you generate organic backlinks and position you as an expert in the profession. 

5. FAQs pages for visitors

Maintaining a FAQs page is a great resource for legal firms- and I am not saying this just because I love to ask questions. 

People don’t just ask questions for the sake of it, but they are seeking a real-life solution, especially when they need legal help. Not everyone has an appetite for legal knowledge or the ability to go through minute details, and the complexity of the legal processes can frustrate anybody.

With a FAQ page, you can provide answers to the most common queries from people( not so common for everyone, though!) and also questions related to your services.

You can also improve your search rankings as you can add a lot of relevant and rich keywords that will not only answer the question but also get you found faster on Google.

6. Leverage email marketing

You might already be using email marketing to expand your reach and re-engage your existing clients. 

With the right email marketing, you can keep your firm as the first choice for your potential clients when they are looking for a legal firm. It’s the best way to keep your past clients in the loop with current ongoings of your firm and charity involvements etc.

An email list is a high-value resource that will help you keep in touch with your clients. With the help of an email marketing strategy, you can nurture leads with shareable content and valuable information straight to their inbox. 

Sending out regular email newsletters will engage with both current clients who will receive new updates and those potential clients who still need more information before they integrate with you. 

Some of the favorite topics for an email newsletter can be:

  • pieces of advice with matters like estate planning, insurance, personal injury, etc.
  • amendments in laws related to the services your firm provides
  • addition of a new team of lawyers
  • case studies
  • examples of success like won cases

Many firms also leverage email drip sequences to send out automated emails based on a response or action by the reader. For example, a welcome mail on filling out a form.

7. Get listed in legal  directories and law communities

If not for the need for you to hear the emerging digital marketing strategies for your law firm, this method would be the first to start with. 

Being a part of the online legal directory will improve your visibility. It is one of the best ways for digital marketing for lawyers as being connected with your own community puts your services forward where your clients can easily reach out to you.

With these legal directories, you can also find the opportunity to communicate with your friends in the legal system.

8. Video marketing 

Video marketing will help when you are building your brand engagement.

Of course, video content engages more than a simple text, and the more engaged the client is, the more they seek connection with you.

With a powerful call-to-action or CTA, you can channel your potential clients via the marketing funnel. And it can be as simple as inviting the clients for a free consultation on filling out a form or a survey. 

Law firms that used video content on their landing page experienced a high 127% hike in the number of email signups.

And a maximum number of people convey that they can understand a service or product better through video content than they do with plain content. Moreover, creating video content will also upgrade your social media game.

If we talk about SEO with the help of video marketing, video content keeps the audience hooked to the stream for longer, thus decreasing the bounce rate. 

Highly engaging video content embedded within the page results in clients staying for longer even after watching the video.

9. Optimize for mobile users

Getting an efficient mobile website means more people finding you online quicker than any other means.

People are not sticking to their computer screens when they want to look out for something. So to find local information, your potential clients will use mobile phones to find the solution with just a few taps on the screen. 

Let’s take the example of a ‘personal injury lawyer.’ This search term has been searched more than half a million times from mobile phones on a monthly basis. In this case, if your law firm’s website is not optimized for mobile users, you are turning back your potential clients to your competitors’ websites.

So the idea is to get found online more with a mobile-oriented website!

10. Consider professional digital marketing services for lawyers

Partnering with a leading digital marketing agency for law firms like ours can help you not only with marketing for your services, but you will also leverage the networks we are making every day. 

At McElligott Digital Marketing, we specialize in PPC for law firms with our certified team of internet marketers. With our highly experienced team of digital marketers who are experts in attorney SEO services and an extended team of copywriters, web designers, and content strategists, you will gain the edge to emerge winning in the competition. 

Need help with your law firm’s digital marketing? Let the best ones formulate the right plan for you.

Speak to us now for a free consultation!

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