6 Salon Digital Marketing Tips for your hair salon business

How to Do the Right Digital Marketing for Your Hair Salon?

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You are here because you’ve been looking for salon digital marketing to bring more customers.

And you’ve landed up just at the right place.

To help your customers find you on the internet easily, the  right digital marketing for hair salons is crucial. It makes your customers aware of your brand organically and has a seamless experience with your services.

Once a lot of customers start pouring in, your salon digital marketing tactics need to continue the flow.

With lots of competitors, it becomes even more important to find out, plan, execute and measure the right digital marketing strategy for your salon.

Here are the top-notch tips from our digital marketing experts for salon and spa businesses to grow your business exponentially.

So let’s first begin with how to do the right social media marketing for your hair salon business!

6 Salon Digital Marketing Tips for your hair salon business

#1. Perfect your social media game

Almost everyone is using social media today, even if not on a daily basis. So any digital marketing strategy for a salon business finds its first step on the success ladder in the form of social media channels. 

So here are the channels to primarily focus upon to promote your hair salon business.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Let’s begin with doing your social media right first before we reach an overall digital marketing strategy to attract leads.

Promote your hair salon on Facebook

Facebook posts can attract customers, followed by a desire to communicate and know about your brand. 

In 2023, people spent most of their time on Facebook on their phones. 

It’s a solid way to convey your services, post photos of hairstyles done for your happy customers, or organize giveaways to build your brand awareness.


  • The posts should be engaging, relevant, and conversational. For example, if you start a discussion about which hairstyles go best with the summers, people would more likely be interested in sharing their opinions.
  • Proudly showcase your best work in visuals, and your customers will give you referrals by sharing those pictures as well.
  • Use Facebook to announce exclusive deals, contests, and giveaways.

Stay on trend with Instagram.

You can use hashtags to focus on geography.

Trending hashtags can help draw customers to your Instagram channel and check out your salon online. The photos of your salon and your unique style attract the customers that visit your Instagram looking for a salon near them. 


  • People love to see ‘before and after’ transformation posts, and it is a feel-good aspect of your business as well. 
  • Post quotes and pictures that express your brand better to your customers.
  • Promotional photos like announcing a special discount for kids for a definite period keep your customers informed and engaged.

Use Twitter for running offers and updates.

Twitter has always been a great platform to run offers and provide speedy customer service. 

You can use this platform to target customers in an area with hashtags for that place, post information for your new clients, and share interesting experiences with your followers.


  • How about running offers only for your Twitter followers to incentivize your fans, create loyalty, and build more following through referrals.
  • Let your followers generate content for you by providing them discounts on reposting your Tweets and offers.
  • Hashtags, that’s what Twitter is also known for, can help make unique posts and tag a location.
  • Attach links to your other social media posts and share interesting stories related to your hair salon business.

#2. Get a dedicated salon website in 2024

Due to flooding in internet users and service providers as well, having an online presence of your brand is important.

At least, a period of having to stay back in homes has made this very much clear. Your website is your first impression for your client, and it lets you appear 24*7 on the internet. 

You can enlist your services, prices, equipment, photographs, client testimonials, and embed videos on your website. This will encourage your prospective clients to try out your service and the existing clients to continue utilizing your services. 

If you want to beat your competitors online and get reached by new clients, a well-managed and updated website is essential.

Mobile-responsive website

One thing that needs special attention is that your website should be mobile responsive. Mobile devices drive 20% of the internet traffic worldwide, and this is why your website needs to be more than just mobile-friendly. 

It should be easy to navigate, fast-loading, and attractive; otherwise, you will be turning away your clients to your competitor.

#3. Blog for your hair salon business

Websites that are updated with informational and relevant content will make it to the top of the search engine results.

And this is well understood by salon marketing agencies as they recommend creating fresh blogs for your hair salon website. Quality content reigns on the internet, and it helps your brand be known to your customers very well.

One of the best ideas for digital marketing for hair salons is to create at least 3-4 monthly blogs for your salon business. 

And this is well understood by salon digital marketing agencies as they recommend creating fresh blogs for your hair salon website. Quality content reigns on the internet, and it helps your brand be known to your customers very well.

It serves as the right way to create the relevant content Google tends to reward by putting it on the top. 

The blog you’re planning for your salon website must be well-researched, should have proper usage of the keywords based on your location and other demographics, and appealing to the customers. It is appealing to Google automatically if it helps your prospective client find you easily and get benefitted from your services.

Create quality blogs for your clients with lots of relevant and interesting information, hair care tips, styles, and how to best utilize your salon services.

#4. Get more reviews

Before taking the final decision to buy a service or product, 92% of the customers take the help of customer reviews. 

If your hair salon business does not have positive reviews, it either reflects a bad impression on your brand or says you haven’t made any efforts to get reviews from your past clients. Getting more positive reviews is a crucial part of creating an effective SEO strategy in 2024.

You can always request your clients to review your services and use them to help new clients choose you easily. The online reviews you get can be used on your salon website and your social media channels as well.

Short-video reviews by the clients if they are highly impressed by services can go a long way in building your reputation online.

Your service reviews can be a deciding factor in customers choosing your brand when they are looking for a stylist, as going for a new brand is often intimidating. And having a high star rating means more clicks on businesses.

Even if a website is not on the top result, 56% of people will go for it if it has garnered positive reviews.

#5. Running Google ads

Google Ads are one of the quickest and most formidable tools to run highly targeted advertising for your business.

And the best thing about Google Ads is that you have full control over the amount you’re going to spend and how you choose to display them.

Luckily for you, McElligott Digital Marketing specializes in running PPC ads, especially for spa and salon businesses.

If you are going to run Google Ads for your hair salon, conduct research to find out current ads run by your competitors. Look for the gaps which you could fill and learn why those ads are successful. Remember not to leave space in the ads you run and extensions. It makes your ads appealing to your customers, and also, these ads are most likely to reach the top of the search engine results pages or SERPs. 

Make sure to use well-researched keywords with an intent to purchase and only the selective ones to target your customers.

#6. Email marketing for your hair salon

Email marketing works, and that’s why firms like us, which specialize in salon digital marketing, use it. 

When executed precisely, email marketing can give good results by attracting new customers and keeping up with existing clients as well. Emails can be highly helpful in asking for post-appointment reviews from your past customers. It also means that you value your clients, and you are willing to go that extra mile to find out what they like the best.

Here’s why email marketing can be great for your hair salon business.

  • It has the highest ROI as compared to any other digital marketing strategy for your hair salon.
  • Email newsletters can be highly targeted and personalized. You can literally ask them how they are this evening and if they are looking to change their current hairstyle.
  • People use email and trust personalized emails more than random social media ads.
  • It also drives traffic to your other social channels and salon website.
  • At last, you reach out to your customers’ inboxes directly with email marketing, and the results are highly measurable.

Over to you

Let’s sum up the salon digital marketing strategies you just read about.

If you found these strategies useful for your salon business and want to know more about them, we would love to suggest you many more tips. 

However, salon businesses now understand that making your brand stand out requires more than just a few strategies.

And we have been helping out these entrepreneurs to make the best out of their investment in digital marketing for their salon business.

If you are looking to get the word out for your brand, let us do it in style.

Feel free to consult now!


1. How do I create a marketing plan for my salon?

Define clear objectives for your salon digital marketing plan, identifying goals like increased brand awareness or attracting new clients. Know your target audience, conduct a SWOT analysis, and highlight your unique selling proposition. 

Develop a comprehensive marketing mix covering product, price, place, and promotion to effectively reach your audience and stand out in the market.

2. What are the 4 P’s of marketing for a salon?

Product – Define and tailor salon services to meet the needs of your target audience. 

Price – Set competitive and attractive pricing, utilizing promotions to draw in new clients. 

Place – Choose strategic locations, both physical and online, to ensure accessibility.

Promotion – Use various channels for promotion, emphasizing unique selling points and attracting customers.

3. How do I promote my hair salon on social media?

Leverage social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to visually showcase your salon. Share before-and-after transformations, engage with your audience, and implement targeted advertising. 

Optimize your website for digital marketing for hair salons, create valuable content, and use email marketing to keep clients engaged. Implement an online booking system for convenient scheduling, and track and analyze your digital marketing efforts for continuous improvement.

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