How Is Digital Marketing Beneficial For Garage Door Repair Companies?

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Is digital marketing right for my company? I have a small business, is digital marketing worth it? Digital marketing is for medium or large-scale companies only. I know many of you have these thoughts. And most of the garage door repair companies have been thinking the same. 

Digital marketing is not something that only benefits large-scale companies. A business of any size small, medium, or large can benefit from digital marketing. You can generate leads, promote your brand, increase your sales and hence get the best ROI, and is much more effective than the traditional marketing system. 

Digital marketing has the true means to understand real-time scenarios. You can earn people’s trust and earn your brand reputation in a way like never before. 

As far as Garage door companies are concerned, digital marketing is the best way for them to invest in their sales and brand growth strategies. 

Garage door repair companies have been a growing sector for the past few years. Regular repair and maintenance of the garage door are essential for their long lifespan. 

There are still many houses that have never had their garage doors maintained. While this is a challenge, it is also a great opportunity for garage door repair companies to expand and provide their services.   

Whether you build your presence on social media, run social media advertisements, or use Pay per Click advertising, you are ensuring your business growth in all the above ways. You might be relying on traditional methods but digital methods remain far more effective (especially after the pandemic 2020). Most of the companies have been focusing on improving their services, will all that hard work be worth it if that is not out in the public? Will there be any new leads just by that improvement?

We need to rethink the marketing methods and the patterns that we have been opting for!

Today we are going to discuss one of the many digital marketing strategies that have been very useful for the growth of garage door repair companies – Pay Per Click Advertising!

Pay per click advertising for garage door repair companies 

You can use dozens of strategies like remarketing or social media ads to bring sales and conversions but none can beat PPC advertising for garage door companies. 

PPC advertising allows you to launch aggressive campaigns for reaching your targeted leads. Here, you are placing your bids for making your ads appear above the organic search results in search engines like Google or Bing.

PPC ads are highly effective in enabling you to reach where your leads are. However, without the right strategy, you might end up simply wasting your money on costly and proportionally unprofitable bids, which will soon exhaust your marketing budget.

For example, there’s often confusion between which keywords to use- long-tail keywords or short-tail keywords. Where to place the bids and how for best ROI? Look at these factors one by one.

  • Selecting the right keyword: Short-tail vs Long-tail keywords

Keywords are the stimuli to reach on the top of the search results, hence selecting them is a craft. Like other businesses, garage door companies need clarification over which one to use from these two types of keywords.

Short-tail keywords use one or two words and are very generic, i.e. not indicating a piece of specific information. What’s the big back draw of using such keywords is firstly they do not specify the user intent. 

Take an example, a user who just entered ‘garage companies’ might not be exactly looking for the services your company provides. The user intent here is not met by the keywords you are bidding upon as search terms.

Secondly, many companies are competing for such short-tail keywords which drives up their cost. If your budget is $90 for a day and the keyword you are bidding upon costs $15 per click, your ad is going to get no more than 6 clicks on that day! 

Long-tail keywords use three-four words and they are specifically looking to match a user’s search terms. They are most efficient for garage door companies.

A user who enters the term ‘garage door company near me’ is looking for a service, maybe for repairs or new items. If your company is the solution for this user, your ad is most likely to appear before his search results.

Since not every company is using specific keywords, long-tail keywords keep the CPC low. Long-tail keywords are better for bringing more qualified leads because they just fit the need for which the user is looking on the search engines.

  • Placing the right bids

The right strategy and testing your ads are important for getting good results. Once you have selected the keywords for your ad, you will place your bid. The amount which you are ready to pay per click is called your maximum bid. There is not a cap here and you can change your bids anytime you want.

Placing costly bids doesn’t mean that it will directly translate into higher returns or leads. Google determines the placement of your ads by the maximum bids and quality score. (Quality score depends upon the relevancy of your ads and the ease of users)

Short-tail keywords cost higher while long-tail keywords keep the bids lower while giving more qualified traffic. Here are a few top keywords for the garage door companies. However, the charges keep on varying with the search volume.

Top keywords for garage door companies

Here is a list of top keywords that will help you in many ways. Keywords are link pins between what people are searching for and what you are providing. Using the right keywords will not only make you good in google’s eyes but in your client’s eyes also. 

  • Garage door company 
  • Garage doors
  • Garage door repair company near me
  • garage door repair
  • garage door repair near me
  • garage door springs
  • garage door opener repair
  • garage door replacement
  • New garage door
  • garage door installation
  • garage door replacement panels
  • Install new garage door

While there are only a few examples of the keywords you can use, there are a lot more keywords that will help you in ranking higher. We make sure you choose the right keywords for you. 

Now that you have come across how PPC advertising works, next you need to know why exactly you should use PPC advertising and what sets it apart from other marketing tools.

Why use PPC for garage door business?

PPC is the faster route to get on top of Google search results. When people want to buy your services, they are naturally going to be attracted by the ads above the organic search results. PPC advertising is best for the digital marketing of your garage door company for many reasons. Wondering how? Well, have a look!

  • Manage your campaign

PPC hands over full control of your ads to you. How you want your ad to look like, what information you want to include, and for what duration you want to run your ads, PPC enables you to decide all these factors.

Moreover, you can also choose as to what time your ad is displayed. If you think your target user is most likely to see your ad around a specific time, PPC lets you do that as well.

A garage door company using PPC ads can easily tailor its ads to match the needs of the target market.

  • Decide your budget

PPC is highly flexible when it comes to letting you decide your budget. Even with a low budget, you can tailor it with the knowledge of your CPC, so any chance of having to pay more than budget is automatically ruled out.

Your PPC ad budget can be customized so that when your budget reaches a limit your ad is completed. Suppose you have a budget of $1000. Your budget gets divided into 30 days which gives $33 per day. Once your daily limit of $33 is reached, your ad stops running for the rest of the day and starts fresh from the next day. 

Google also factors in the relevance of your ads. So if your ads are driving in higher traffic, that means it just fits the needs of the user and Google reduces the CPC of your ads.

With the reduced CPC, you can get more leads from the same budget.

  • Get qualified leads

As compared to organic visitors, users who click on PPC ads are 50% more likely to purchase your services.

PPC is a highly cost-effective method for advertising for garage door companies because it is most likely to drive in qualified leads. A user engaging with your ad is your potential buyer, and that is something that can be best delivered by PPC.

  • Increase brand awareness

PPC advertising lets your ad show up on the top of organic search results, hence more number of eyes on it. If your ads successfully continue to be displayed on the top right-hand side of the search engines, it will naturally attract the user and help build trust for your brand.

  • Get placed in top search results

At the end of the day, the game is all about attracting leads and driving sales and it’s not possible if your ads don’t show anywhere near the top search results. The biggest factor which makes PPC highly valuable is its power to land up your ads above the organic search results.

Why Have A Professional Manage Your PPC?

We’re the experts in marketing garage door companies. We’ve been working with this industry as well as having family and friends who’ve been in the business for decades. We know all the ins and outs of this business, from the order and install process to the different manufacturers and door types. We’ve been managing garage door companies’ ads on Google for years and getting them consistent growth even through 2020. Check out our results below and contact us if you are ready to have an expert on your side.

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