8 Benefits of Hiring a Certified Google Ads Specialist: McElligott Digital Marketing

8 Benefits of Hiring a Certified Google Ads Specialist: McElligott Digital Marketing

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Global ad spending in the US is expected to surpass a hefty 278.53 billion dollars from 132.46 dollars in 2019. 

This 100% estimated increase in ad spend is good news for advertisers, and it also reinforces the trust companies put in Google Adwords.

But the challenge in the picture is the saturation level in the market due to heavy targeting of the same resources. Setting up a Google Ads campaign is not a tricky job. If you have even a basic knowledge of the pay-per-click or PPC model of advertising, you can get your account ready within an hour. 

But when it comes to a more intelligent fight to get a competitive edge, you need a Google Ads expert to profit from your campaigns.

More importantly, no same PPC strategy works for each type of campaign. So a certified Google Ad specialist customizes the ad campaigns based on the business outcome and varying desired outcomes. 

To maximize the success of your ad campaigns, it’s a good idea to let an expert Adwords PPC consultant handle your pay-per-click investment. 

Keep reading to know the high-value benefits of hiring a Google Ads campaign specialist.

Top benefits of hiring a Google Ads Expert 

1. Save time with a Google Ads specialist

Launching a Google Ads campaign and running a campaign is not just it- a lot of work goes on before your ad shows up on the top for a search query.

Keyword research, creating ads, campaign set up, launching and testing the campaigns, etc., take up a lot of time and bandwidth. A Google Ads expert agency will take off this burden from you and let you focus on your core deliverables.

PPC advertising is a complex process( but not for a Google Adwords expert, of course) and needs to go through testing and monitoring. Manual campaigns require constant monitoring so that you don’t drain your ad spend. When you want to run ads for your business during the peak seasons, you can’t afford to do it on your own because it takes time to get the hang of Google Ads.

If you want to put in your all for the tasks you’re primed for, the best idea would be to leave your online ads needs to a Google Ads campaign specialist.

2. Beta Testing 

One of the best perks of hiring a premier Google Ads expert agency is that you will benefit from the insight from training and sessions directly communicated by Google. That means, what the businesses will learn later, you will leverage that information directly from the source. 

Moreover, pay-per-click benefits from Google as they maintain the revenue flow from ads to Google. You also become a beneficiary of these goodies when you hire the PPC agency.

You can get the opportunity of carrying out beta testing. Long before the public has access to these features, you can try them out beforehand as a part of the Google Ads system. 

With McElligott Digital Marketing as your partner, you have early access to new tools and features, giving you a plus over other businesses that don’t have the opportunity to shift with the changes right from the start.

3. Save on your budget

Hiring a Google Ads expert lets you avoid unnecessary wastage of your overall marketing budget. 

Google Adwords works by promoting advertisers or publishers to create high-quality adverts. Now, if you are producing good quality and relevant ads consistently, Google rewards your business with a high QS (quality score). High QS means you are getting more web traffic even with less spending. This is an example of a situation where all the parties- users, Google, and you as an advertiser are winning. But to create such high-quality ads requires expertise and hand with creating and running profitable ads. 

Let’s talk about one of the most important goals, and that is ROI on the ad spend and how well you are able to monetize your marketing investment. Google Ads best serves these ads to the users who have an interest, and hence chances of conversion are higher with these quality leads.

If you want to run your ads for only a certain time frame or want to run ads for many services and offerings with multiple campaigns, automation features give you the control. 

Let’s say you want to stop or enable the campaigns, keywords, or group ads again; you can set up the rules to do so at any provided time or date.

4. Work with ad agencies that understand your business

Before you run ads for your business, there is a picture of buyers in your mind, so you have an idea of what people are going to respond to when they see your business ad. 

Though you might be in a hurry to think that no one understands your business and clients better than you do, it is not always true. Because a Google Ads campaign specialist spends lots of time and resources researching ideas, keywords, and producing ads to garner some action from the people. 

You may very well know what solution your client needs, but an expert Google Ads agency knows best how to help your client see you online and engage with your ads.

A certified Google Ads specialist will do one-on-one discussion with you to chalk out what motivates your buyers and the best strategy to connect with them and draw them, marking a successful campaign.

5. Tackling click fraud

If you’re not listening to click fraud for the first time, we can assume that you have knowledge of pay-per-click advertising.

But the question remains how are you going to deal with click frauds that might just eat up your budget? 

Bots over the internet trying to crawl your site or click fraud that is possible can be an issue. You can’t just run ads and sit back- monitor your log files and statistics for any activity that you might find not right. If there is a case of click fraud, you can report this to the search engine and request a refund for your money wastage. 

Though search engines are improving all the time to prevent such click frauds and conduct audits from time to time, it doesn’t mean that you can afford to wait for search engines to spot frauds and refund back the sum, which could take months.

6. Complex bidding strategies

Let’s break a common myth- giving the top dollar doesn’t necessarily mean top rank on Google, as the search engine might find another advert more relevant to the search term.

This means small companies have a chance to rank higher than the industry giants even with their limited budgets. Moreover, depending upon the goals you want to achieve, bidding strategies will vary accordingly. There are various bidding methods as well for different types of campaigns you launch. The type of bidding strategy you employ will depend upon variables like segments you are targeting and the areas of focus like impressions, clicks or views, or driving conversions. 

An Adwords PPC  consultant helps you with picking the right digital marketing strategy to bring results.

7. Adapt to ad changes quickly

Ever shifting advertising landscapes is yet another reason to take the help of an ad expert to run Google Ads campaigns for you that are constantly evolving with market fluctuations. 

There is a sudden influx of competitors, and the next moment you see less competition but the lack of stability is one constant. If your ads are performing well this month, you can’t be sure they will stay the same the next month as well. For the same keywords, you can ads can go up or down the search result pages. Let’s say you might hit the top of the search results one day and fall to the next page the following day. 

So Google Ads agencies keep constantly updated with advanced features and adapt to shifting perspectives.

8. Increase your advertising efficiency

An AdWords PPC consultant helps you make the best out of your marketing efforts by guiding the ad spend in the right areas. You can rank higher within the budgets with the help of these ad experts. And the simple reason is- the experience they have amassed, which you might take a long to learn. 

A PPC expert will deliver faster and even more efficiently because they have enough experience to know when to pause and enable the ads or change the focus. 

Just like you are confident in your niche, a Google Ads expert maneuvers best in the PPC world, saving you a lot of money.

Meet your Expert at Google Adwords today!

When you are right at the spot here, there’s no need to wander here and there to run your ad campaigns. 

Our pool of certified Google Ad specialists is right now helping companies of all sizes to launch and run successful Google Ads campaigns. So don’t let your clients keep waiting for you. Launch your Google Ads account, and let us help you reach your customer quickly!

Contact us for a consultation today!

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