Undeniable Importance And Benefits Of Paid Advertising

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Have you restricted your advertising efforts to organic social and SEO? 

If yes, let me tell you this- your business is limited to followers or customers list—no wonder your competitor is gaining more sales by investing in paid ads. 

Let me put this straight away, your customers might be away from you just due to this one gap. 

And that is, you are missing out on the powerful benefits of using PPC advertising and paid social media advertising. 

Are you not using paid advertising still? You are immensely hurting your end goals. For the starters: 

● Denying quick entry market positioning and web traffic 

● Losing on the quality target audience as you lack control of who sees your ads ● Lack of high-level brand awareness 

● Lagging behind your competitors in terms of exposure and leads 

● Challenge of tracking and measuring your ad success 

Your conventional advertising tactics are increasing your followers, not customers. Comparative analysis shows that your competitors might be performing quite better on the same online. 

Paid advertising is a powerful way to build brand awareness and land the customer down the sales funnel. 

Let me bust a “secret of the online business world.” 

Everyone wants their content to stand out. To enhance the visibility of their content, they are using paid advertising over organic reach. Paid online advertising reaches the people who probably couldn’t connect with you or your business naturally with the organic reach.

What is Paid Advertising? 

Whenever you search for anything on Google, you might always get a relatable ‘Ad’ on the top of the SERP. So, why does Google or any other search engine display ads above the organic search results? The answer is simple: they are paid advertisements. 

You will see the page displays the advertisements on the top or at the “Zero” position on the page. The chances are you will hit the first or the second link and will contact them for your work to get done. 

*Image Source- Google

With the advent of the online era, paid ads play a crucial role in engaging the audience with the content. Small to large size businesses are shifting to online platforms and promoting their brand via paid ads. 

Paid Ads can be categorized into two forms: Network Ads and Social Ads. 

There are several campaigns you may run falling under any of the categories mentioned above, namely: 

● Pay-per-view 

● Pay-per-click 

● Pay per download 

● Pay-per- install 

● Display ads 

● Video ads 

You choose the type of ad and pay some amount accordingly; for example, many ads deduct a cost per click (CPC). 

It can be understood as paying a small amount to display ads (in the desired format of the text, video, audio, or plain images) or sponsored content to social network users based on their demographics. 

Google tops the chart of best digital ad sellers worldwide, accounting for 31.1% of worldwide ad spending, or $103.73 billion. It is followed by “Facebook,” the most popular social platform with $67.37 billion in net ad spending. 

Also, “The eMarketer Facebook Flash Survey” (June 2020) suggests that 29.6% of US respondents used social commerce to complete an online purchase, and 18.3% of the total made a purchase from Facebook. 

An efficient campaign uses all the channels to do productive advertisements. The above data suggests the popularity of search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook in increasing your brand awareness.

What is the importance of paid advertisements? 

Let’s say you have built a vast social media following and posted updates consistently. You are receiving likes, comments, and shares. 

If this is the only aim of your business page? Do you feel that you are investing in social media marketing the right way? 

You are making connections but not building affinity with the audience. It can be the most probable reason you are making fewer sales. 

Let me suggest a deal. You may run paid ads across search engines like Google, Bing, and various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. 

This will increase your reach to potential customers. You can easily make interested ones fill a contact form or instantly connect to you for services. 

Organic traffic generation works on algorithms that take a lot of time and effort. You probably tried this idea before investing in ads! 

“Social media paid advertising spend is estimated to top $47.9 billion in 2021. That’s nearly 20% of the total anticipated advertising spent by all North American businesses.” 

Google handles an estimated 2+ trillion searches per year and over 5 billion searches per day. There are extra chances of your paid ads being highlighted to any of these searches related to your business compared to any other platform. 

Powerful benefits of paid advertising 

Along with the perfect SEO framed and user intent-oriented content, one has to add promotions or paid advertising to their list for topping the chart of visibility. 

1. Maximum reach in minimum time 

Recently studies have shown that Facebook users are viewing only 2% of the organic pages on their feed. This data suggests the difficulty of reaching your direct audience on the most popular social media platform.

Google AdWords is the best in the market to invest in for getting faster reach to your potential customers as it gives you immediate visibility on top of the search page. You can also work here with multiple keywords at a time. AdWords assures you instant visibility at an instant cost! 

You need not worry about your website’s ranking on Google because paid advertising makes a place for your ad based on keyword optimization. It brings high-quality traffic to your content/website without much hustle. 

2. Great for local search 

Regardless of the business size, everyone is using the paid ads to increase their sales. Small businesses are mainly targeting the customers nearby. You can offer your offline services by promoting them online. 

This works when anyone searches for a store, commodity, or service nearby. Your ads will display all the essential contact information to the related customer. 

PPC (Pay per click) ads also allow mobile users to directly call you from that ad and also provide them with directions to your place. 

3. Granular targeting is available 

You can be very specific while choosing your customers. You can filter the audience based on area, income, age group, gender, interests, and more. This setting will save your time and increase the probability of your ad getting hit and responded to. 

You may easily use the analytics of your different social media platforms to filter the best group of people to target. This data analysis will give you information on well-performed keywords, demographics, job titles, and users’ interests for your business. 

Being selective and using maximum filters also makes way for quality leads. If a user browsed your website once or clicked the ad, they can be traced back by retargeting campaigns. 

4. Ads are affordable and manageable

The benefits of paid marketing aren’t just about gains but are also about saving on your expense. The cost is entirely based on the type and objective of the ad you are running. 

You may access your ads from anywhere and keep a check on their performance. You can change the limit of money spent on your campaign across all paid ad platforms. 

Create a daily budget and total budget for a particular running ad to make sure you never overspend. 

5. Broadcast your campaign on various platforms 

Almost all social media platforms and search engines are encouraging paid ads. You may use Google AdWords, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more to disseminate your message at the same time. 

You may choose any of these platforms or multiple at the same time to promote your brand. You may shortlist the platforms based on your target audience. Track your primary audience and know which platform they are using the most. 

With paid advertising, you gain access to the mobile users who are continuously surfing to get products or services online. Various paid ad platforms provide you with multiple formats (text, infographics, video, pictures, and more) to choose from and make an appealing ad. 

A digital marketing agency understands the buyer’s journey right from clicking on the ad to converting from potential customers to existing customers. 

Paid marketing is the next step for boosting up your sales and conversions. And don’t worry about a small budget because with the right keyword targeting and highly optimized ads, you can achieve multiplied ROI and top ranking on search engines. 

We at McElligott Digital Marketing have been helping businesses reach the top of Google and Bing search results, and that too with a flexible budget. 

And we know that even after understanding the fantastic benefits of paid adverts, you might still have your doubts! 

Ask us now.

Why not allow us to take care of your advertising needs while you’re taking care of your business!

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