5 Simple Digital Marketing Methods to Grow Your Home Improvement Business

5 Simple Digital Marketing Methods to Grow Your Home Improvement Business

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Aren’t you tired of traditional marketing methods to grow your home contractor business?

The biggest issue with most conventional marketing methods is that they can’t be effective forever. Most of them don’t work anymore in the internet age. 

That’s why digital marketing strategies for home improvement businesses are important to attract more customers.

Why does your home improvement business need digital marketing?

Let me start with a few numbers ( because it’s my favorite part to hold what I’m going to tell you next).

The market size of the home improvement business in the US alone is estimated to expand to $600 billion by 2025. 

And the industry has boomed tremendously with sales of services by contractors, tradespersons, and workers, and also appliances, building materials, home decor, and much more.

These huge numbers are, of course, attractive for home renovation companies and contractors. But the core challenge remains, yet.

How to get new customers for home renovation companies?

A well-executed home improvement marketing strategy is what you need to get customers online and build your brand presence.

If you’ve just started with marketing for your small business, it’s totally okay, and there’s nothing to worry about. With digital marketing for your home renovation company, you can get leads for your business and drive revenue for your business.

In this article, you’ll learn about successful home improvement marketing strategies that will help you grow your business.

5 Most Effective Home Improvement Marketing Strategies

1. A well-designed website

This is where you should start from!

And I, personally, believe that an amazing website with timely optimization is a self-sustaining conversion machine for your business.

Think of your website as your first encounter with your client and your first pitch as well (but it shouldn’t sound salesy). A website having an attractive and easy-to-navigate user interface pulls clients to your website like a magnet, and that too 24*7.

If the information provided on your website is relevant or useful to your audience in one way or another, they are most likely to convert.

A dedicated home renovation business website with a user-friendly interface helps your clients reach web pages. These web pages either give answers to a query by your customer or help them to reach out to you directly once they are satisfied with the information provided. 

It’s not enough just to input your contact information, a list of services, and a few images for a successful website. Most business owners commit the mistake of making their website an online business card.

Rather your website is an opportunity to provide all relevant data and information that will help your potential customer make an informed buying decision. With clear navigation, you can reduce the bounce rate of the website largely, and users can easily reach pages that are useful to them.

Ease of navigation, gripping and useful content (we’ll cover it later here), and a great landing page will help your audience become customers from just ‘audience.’

2. PPC Ads for home improvement

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads pave the fastest route to reach your potential customers with your offering on platforms like Google, Bing, or Facebook.

Home contractors also add incentives to these offerings, like a certain discount on a home renovation project or a festival discount. Now, these incentives might sound like pushing hard for sales, but this is a myth. Advertising incentives are about brand awareness and consistent web traffic.

Once a visitor sees an ad that enthuses and grabs their attention, the visitor may or may not contact you right away, but they’ll most likely remember your brand’s name.

And these potential customers are most likely to convert when in need of that service or find your brand again. This is what we call brand awareness, and PPC ads can help a lot to build it.

Repeat visitors

Repeat visitors are the best traffic you can get, and rightly so.

Advertising to the people who have engaged with your ads before is most likely to convert. 

For example, if a visitor comes in looking for a furniture remodeling project and also goes away with information about something else you provide, that’s a bonus for your business. Your potential customer is now aware of the value of your business, and they will come back to you when they need to get a home improvement project done.

PPC ads also let you control the timing of your ads displayed. That means if you can run an advertisement for a project/service for a month or a festive period.

With geo-targeting, your ads will show only to people in a targeted location (preferably) your locality, and you don’t have to pay for the clicks outside that location.

3. SEO for home improvement business

Search Engine Optimization is something that makes your website easy to find online for a search term or a query. 

Or, let’s say SEO is the best way to accomplish the searchability of your website. It’s basically improving your website so as to help search engines understand what it stands for and rank the most relevant web pages on the website for related search terms by visitors. 

SEO for a home improvement business is going to pay you off in the long run. But you have to be patient with it. Unlike PPC ads, you can’t expect SEO to be up and running in the next hour and begin delivering results by tomorrow.

Search engine optimization is a process, and as such, it takes time for your website to stand out in the competition and rank at the top.

SEO involves building your brand authority and trust, which reflects your company’s reputation through processes like backlinking and social mentions. While some of these processes don’t directly affect ranking, they improve the overall SEO of a website.

When you rank for keywords related to your home renovation business, like “home renovation company near me,” your audience in that locality tends to visit your website and go through your services. 

SEO is cost-effective as well. You don’t have to burn your budget on traditional marketing means like newspaper ads that are easily ignored; rather, you can directly reach people who are searching for services like the ones you provide.

4. Content Marketing

What you have so far considered as ‘content’ is just a part of it.

The text and visuals, including those on your website, are considered content and just blogs and embedded links to YouTube and social media channels like Instagram.

However, when we talk about content in the context of marketing, content means information that provides value to your customers and thus boosts your brand reputation online.

Take help of these examples to build content around, which can greatly help and interest your home renovation customers. 

  • Visual-text content-rich blog that suggests the best home improvement plans for each area in the house
  • Self-help guides on home improvement projects that homeowners can do without professional help.
  • FAQs section on your website that answers the most common home renovation questions.
  • A list of home improvement tools that might come in handy in cases of minor damages.

Start a regular blog. 

Blogging is one area that will not only bring your audience near to you but also greatly boost your SEO for a home improvement business.

People share blogs that they find valuable, and other websites are also most likely to mention your resource. This adds to the number of backlinks for your resources, and Google promotes these web pages to the top for the related search queries. 

5. Email Marketing

People have a lot of options, let’s be honest. So why should they choose your business?

Well, of course, only you’re the best person to answer it. And this you can do through email marketing.

Even after visiting your website or signing up for newsletters, people take a lot of time to go through even more options. Email marketing can help you directly reach potential customers in their inboxes.

Most businesses make a common mistake that you do need to do away with.

And that is forgetting old clients in the chase of new customers. Email marketing helps you keep your previous customers in the loop about what is going on in the industry.

Encourage your visitors to sign up for your free email newsletter.

Keep your mailing audience updated with company news, and send them valuable tips, interesting visuals of your ongoing home renovation projects, and other relevant information on a weekly or monthly basis.

Get started with your home improvement digital marketing

We understand that finding the time and resources for digital marketing of your firm while handling your home improvement projects can be a task.

But you also need to attract more leads to grow your business, and a good home improvement marketing strategy can help you gain it.

Investing a lot of time implementing successful marketing strategies for our customers has taught us a thing or two.

If you’re ready to scale your marketing efforts and get more leads, McElligott Digital Marketing can help.

Give us a call today.

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