Which Advertising Platform Is The Best For my Business?

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Ad platforms are the bridge where the publisher and the advertiser engage in publishing ads. The publisher could be a business, organization, individual, an industry giant, to a local firm. 

Every business needs to reach out to people, the potential customer or buyer who is benefitted by the product or services of that business. 

Businesses bring their products and services online shelves where it is presented to the netizens and web users. 

To convert the web traffic into revenue, each ad platform has its unique way. Some platforms provide complete control of the ad campaign to the ad publisher, while some benefit the publisher with a hands-on approach. 

But how to decide the right platform for your business to get the best ROI? 

Ultimately, you do not want to empty your pockets and time to an ad platform that is simply not working. At least, we don’t want you to lose your business to your competitors. 

Here we take you through a step-by-step guide about the ad platforms to help you choose the right one. 

What are the advantages of an advertising platform? 

Advertising gives you a chance to familiarize your product/service with the audiences. There are many businesses that use advertising strategies to improve their sales, user engagement and build their brand value. 

You can take up to social media platforms, search engines, and also independent publishing markets to advertise your product. 

However, it’s common for businesses to get lost in the flood of available advertising agencies that promise you results but end up wasting your money. 

That is why you need to know which ad platform serves best your brand goals and helps your potential customers find your business online. 

Best advertising platforms for businesses in 2021 

Here is a list of the biggest advertising platforms that are helping businesses grow worldwide.

– Facebook 

– Instagram 

– Twitter 

– LinkedIn 

– Pinterest 

– Bing and 

– Google. 

Let us discuss how these social advertising platforms leverage the businesses in depth. 1. Facebook Ads: 

With more than 2.8bn monthly active users (MAUs) and nearly 1.84bn daily users, no social media platform can boast of providing more audience than Facebook. 

Facebook presents the publisher with data related to their ads to give valuable insights into how their ad reaches the target audience. 

These ads are used by a mix of small and high-budget businesses due to their vast reach and high customer acquisition. With Facebook, you can reach broad audiences. 

If you want to increase the brand awareness of your product, it’s best to choose broad targeting on Facebook. 

What Kind of businesses are apt for Facebook ads? 

Facebook ads are helpful for both the “local as well as distant business.” All they need to do is to segment the right audiences for their ads. 

Facebook serves the purpose if you accurately know your audiences. The budget you spent on Facebook ads will be lesser as compared with the other platforms. 

2. Google Ads: 

Google processes approximately 70,000 searches per second which amount to billions in a single day. 

The best thing about Google is that your prospective customer might be actively looking for your services!

That is why every business wants to establish its presence on Google. Advertising on Google to monetize the web traffic is a key marketing strategy to help your products leave your online store faster. 

This gives an excellent opportunity for marketers to focus more on Google ads. With Google ads, you can promote your business, drive people to download your application, promote your service offerings with video advertising, etc. 

What Kind of businesses are apt for Google ads 

These ads are helpful for both local businesses and others as well. 

Advertising on Google focuses on driving leads to your business, generating new customers, retargeting, and boosting the web traffic and organic ranking. 

Bringing your business to the top of the first page of search results helps in building brand awareness and higher conversions. However, this is a time taking process. 

This platform gives you keywords for targeting your audiences once you start advertising. It has different kinds of ads like Display Ads, Smart Ads, Traffic Ads, etc. 

3. Instagram Ads 

It is one of the most engaged social networking websites to consider after Facebook. 

Instagram is a great platform for building brand awareness, especially for emerging businesses. It gives a great opportunity to help businesses create ads for users at each stage of the funnel with integrated ad campaigns. 

This drives both conversions and promotes brand building. Moreover, users are most likely to engage with their favorite brands by resharing, commenting, or talking about them in their groups. 

Now you know why most of the brandings and promotions are happening through Instagram ads. 

A highly effective marketing strategy integrated with Facebook to go with is suitable if you are handling all the business activities. 

What kind of businesses are apt for Instagram ads? 

These ads are most suitable for ‘newly set up businesses’ and needless to mention big brands.

With highly attractive features for video marketing, photo ads, shopping ads, story ads, collection ads, and sponsored ads, Instagram is leveraged by brands and also smaller businesses looking to sell their services locally and other digital marketers. 

4. Twitter Ads 

Here people are looking for businesses, brands, and people they are interested in and also to see the new trends in the market. 

The popular hashtags promoting trends enable you to drive awareness and promote your business. 

For example, if you are going to launch a product in a market or are going to organize an event, Twitter helps you to get people talking about your business events and occasions. 

Whether you are looking for building brand awareness, engagement from people, conversions, or drive considerations, running paid ad campaigns can easily achieve your brand objectives. 

You have to create short, catchy posts that create buzz all over for your offerings. Hashtags are predominantly used on Twitter

When promoting a product/service, use the appropriate hashtags to keep the game going. Twitter users are more likely to follow brands than other platform users. 

What kind of businesses are apt for Twitter ads? 

Twitter Ads are useful if your business targets to get “reach, video views, website clicks, app installs, engagement or to gain followers. 

5. LinkedIn Ads 

Linkedin is undebatable for being one of the world’s largest professional platforms. It is not limited to connecting with people but also provides a platform to share your story. 

It is more of a B2B marketing platform. Linked is one of the most effective social media platforms for taking action as compared to other platforms. 

Highly effective lead conversions occur through LinkedIn. This is one of the active platforms to grow your business.

What kind of businesses are apt for LinkedIn ads? 

These Ads are suitable for B2B business offerings. 

When you want to deal with businesses, these ads come into the picture. 

If you are selling a training course on new HR trends, it will bring you more profits since professionals are present on the platform. There will be more chances for them to take up your course. 

6. Pinterest Ads 

It is an image or visual-based platform. It has information in the form of visuals. Here you can get photos based on your search queries. 

By clicking on such images, it will redirect you to the brand source. If you search your interested thing on Pinterest, you will land on products of your choice. 

This will suit the fashion, designing, arts and other business which promotes their products with unique styles. 

The food business is an established presence on this platform. This is one of the top searched niches on Pinterest. You can have more chances of growing your business if you do the right product marketing here. 

What kind of businesses are apt for Pinterest ads? 

These ads are suitable if your business goal is to get traffic, video views, and conversions. 

Since more people follow this platform for more ideas, it is most likely to achieve your advertising objectives. 

7. Bing Ads 

Microsoft’s Bing is similar to that of Google. Bing is known for its feasible budget and less competition for popular keywords. 

This platform helps you reach more audiences with low costs. There is a feature for the local business called “Bing Places.” 

If you are looking to promote and grow a local business, advertising on Bing Is the right choice for you to start your journey.

What Kind of businesses are apt for Bing ads? 

Businesses that want to get more “clicks” and “sales” can go for these ads. 

Without the right strategy and implementation, you’re least likely to achieve your advertising objectives. 

You have to assess your business, market demands and trends, and most importantly, your target audience ( the prospective buyer) to choose the right advertising platform for your business. 

On the end note, know that integrating your advertising efforts on both the social platforms and search engines is key to the campaign’s success. Why stick with only one when you have many weapons in your arsenal!

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