A Complete Guide to SEO for HVAC Companies

A Complete Guide to SEO for HVAC Companies | McElligott Digital Marketing

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To get more web traffic, qualified leads, calls, and sales, HVAC companies need to have high visibility on search engines.

SEO for HVAC companies is a must to rank your company at the top of SERP rankings. If your company is currently not ranking near the top search results, that means you’re losing business to your competitors.

Many HVAC businesses that are really good at their job are not visible online to their customers. There could be two main reasons for  this: 

  • either you haven’t done well with the search engine optimization of your business website
  • or the digital marketing company you hired before does not specialize in SEO for the HVAC business.

Most of the customers who need HVAC solutions look online for contractors. Search engine optimization or SEO for HVAC contractors enables you to bring these clients to you organically.

A well-optimized website with solid SEO and Google My Business listing is essential to help your customers reach you online.

Agencies like McElligott Digital Marketing that specialize in SEO for HVAC businesses can help rank your business online and bring new clients with the right local SEO efforts. 

Why SEO for HVAC business?

For a small business to thrive online and get clients online, SEO for HVAC businesses is the most needed. 

There is no denying SEO needs time and the right efforts, but it is worth the investment to rank against your competitors in your location.

SEO for HVAC contractors is one of the best ways to maintain and run a business in the local community. Moreover, word of mouth is not enough to establish the HVAC companies in the local market.

Now HVAC marketing strategies revolve around SEO rather than traditional methods. This makes it clear why businesses in this industry are looking out for the best HVAC SEO company. Because an HVAC SEO agency can ensure your business is visible to the customers who have turned to search engines for a solution or information.

Once your HVAC business website is SEO optimized and maintained, it results in free traffic for your business. Your clients also get speedy results online, and it helps build a relationship with your business that will last. The keyword rankings are improved by SEO for HVAC on Google and other search platforms as well to stand out online within your industry and the locality. 

SEO for HVAC companies means tremendous digital marketing benefits, without which you can expect to fall short of the opportunities available.

Let’s explore how you can optimize SEO for your HVAC business with these expert techniques.

8 Ways to Improve SEO for your HVAC business

1. Optimize Google My Business listing

First and foremost, make certain that your HVAC company’s Google My Business listing is claimed.

Examine your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) to see if everything is spelled correctly and listed.   Check that the exact spelling of your address matches that of your NAP on your site as well as other local listing sites. This prevents Google from mistaking a listing with a minor spelling change for an entirely different business.

There are chances where another Google MY Business listing with the same details was already created without you being aware of it. This kind of trick can be done by fraudulent marketing entities or sometimes even by the consumers.

If such a discrepancy exists, make sure to get removed the duplicate listing.

2. Review management for HVAC companies

Let’s accept that you are one of the most qualified HVAC service providers in your market region. 

Is your internet reputation, on the other hand, reflective of your expertise? When employing a new company, your prospective consumers will rely on evaluations and ratings.

  • Positive feedback on your company will go a long way toward persuading new customers to try your business. It also generates positive recommendations in your community, resulting in more business for your company.
  • Consumer reviews are a great method to keep tabs on the quality of service your HVAC contractor employees give and openly address any problems.

McElligott Digital Marketing can assist you in increasing the number of reviews you receive on Google My Business and other directories by:

  • Making favorable reviews visible to consumers by linking to them from your own business pages.
  • Constantly monitor and maintain your online reputation.
  • Responding to every consumer feedback on your behalf.

3. Mobile-friendly website 

SEO for HVAC companies involves optimizing for an awesome-mobile site.

The majority of the Google searches are done on smartphones, and the majority of those searches have local intent.

If your website doesn’t perform well on mobile phones, it is going to increase the bounce rate. If the rest of the things are equal, a website that is best optimized for mobile will outrank the other websites.

Here’s how to get the best mobile web page:

  • Use HTML web pages instead of hard-to-read PDF brochures on mobile.
  • Lock the phone icon to appear throughout the scrolling journey up to down.
  • A lot of white space is considered favorable. 
  • Keep the navigation an easy cake, and make sure that the paragraphs are as short as possible. 
  • Simpler inquiry forms and large fields for easier entry are preferred.

4. Build local citations

A local citation is essentially an online mention of your company’s name, address, and phone number. The more citations you have, there are more chances to appear on Google Maps when clients in your area are looking for your business.

Creating and optimizing listings for your HVAC business on these sites is a smart place to start when it comes to building citations.

  • Facebook
  • Foursquare
  • Yelp
  • Yellowpages
  • HomeAdvisor

But this is not all. With more citations of your business, you can reach in top 3 of the Google Map listings. Make sure to build at least 3 quality citations every month, and importantly, make your NAP consistent everywhere.

5. Focus on good website copy

Even your well-designed website might fail to rank on Google if it doesn’t have the quality content created for your prospects. 

Use these tips to create website content that is rank-worthy-

  • Answer your customer’s questions in your website content

Homeowners look around the internet for many things before choosing an HVAC company. Before they decide to go with your company, they need a few questions answered.

If your website gives answers to these concerns of your customers, they’ll be more comfortable with choosing your company.

  • Blogging

You can leverage blogs to target long-tail keywords that are highly specific to the HVAC services you are providing. 

If your website still doesn’t have a blog, get it as soon as possible as it helps target the long-tail keywords, among several other benefits like improving search rankings.

  • A dedicated service page

Provide a separate service page that is dedicated to the most popular services your HVAC company provides.

For example, if you provide mainly for AC repair, installation services, and maintenance, you should have three dedicated services pages for each:

  • AC repair 
  • AC maintenance
  • AC maintenance

6. Faster page loading

One of the important factors in search rankings is the page loading speed.

However, this factor is sometimes overlooked by companies, and they have to pay for it by losing clients to slow speed. If your website is taking more than 2-3 seconds to load, you are sending your valuable customers to your competitors.

Poor storage of website images, low-quality web hosting, server issues, faulty coding, and utilizing an outdated CMS platform are the common reasons why websites fail to load quickly.

A technical audit is necessary to identify errors. These issues can be fixed, and they can greatly benefit your SEO performance.

7. Backlinking

Any incoming link that directs a visitor to your page is a backlink. 

An easy way of getting a backlink is organizing an event or sponsoring a local sports activity. When a local news channel or website writes about it and mentions your website, you have got a backlink.

Backlinks tell the search engines that your website holds importance and popularity and is trusted in the community. Backlinks from trusted sources or from the sources relevant to your business, here HVAC industry, are considered good for your HVAC SEO.

8. Analytics and Reports

To win the SEO game for your HVAC business, it’s necessary to know the score. As we specialize in HVAC SEO services, tracking and testing your SEO campaigns is a routine for us. Being aware of the metric tells us where to tweak the SEO for better performance. 

It involves:

  • Reading customer footprints and tracking lead flow through advanced Google Analytics.
  • Regular keyword tracking and monthly reports to optimize SEO.
  • Creating SEO campaign reports and transparent ROI and campaign data.

Get your HVAC SEO done with McElligott Digital Marketing.

Our SEO experts specialize in HVAC SEO, and we have been helping small SEO companies and contractors find their clients online for years.

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