Digital Marketing for Window and Door Companies: 10 Tips to Grow Your Business

Digital Marketing for Window and Door Companies: 10 Tips to Grow Your Business

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With a consistent shift in customer behavior, the picture of digital marketing for window and door companies has changed dramatically. 

According to Think with Google, 63 percent of online experiences begin on the internet.

If your window and door company has a record for outstanding services and specific innovations, it needs to be put before your customers. But how to stand out from your competitors who maintain a presence online?

What you need is a top-place on the search results where your audience can visit you for the first time to see what sets you apart from your competitors.

Successful digital marketing for door and window companies involves all the strategies that your business needs for holistic digital growth.

Here’s how to increase your online presence to attract more leads.

10 Tips for Successful Window and Door Marketing

Here are the winning marketing strategies for your window and door company.

1. PPC advertising

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is one of the quickest and most cost-efficient digital marketing techniques for your window and door company.

Pay-per-click ads are the go-to choice if you are looking for more visitors to your site in less time and a quick ROI or return on investment. PPC advertising allows full control over the amount you spend on ads to showcase your products and offers to your audience. 

This marketing model speeds up the customer journey and gives faster conversions by providing focused visibility and high intent leads.

Pay-per-click advertising typically provides a 200 percent return on investment and 1.5 times the number of conversions as compared with organic results.

You can trust McElligott Digital Marketing, a proven leader in PPC for window and door companies, as your digital growth partner to create a powerful, personalized PPC campaign that captures hot leads and accelerates your revenue growth rate.

2. A website that speaks for you

Your website should be your top salesperson, not just the face of your business.

Optimized properly, it can be your leads and sales producing machine. Having a website is a must for any business, but it needs to reach its highest potential to perform. Your business website should stand out from your competitors with its design and ease of navigation. 

It is the pillar on which the whole digital marketing for your wood and window company is rested upon.

However, it’s not all about the pretty look of the website, adding services, and then waiting for your audience to engage with you. For your website to deliver the results you have been expecting, firstly, it needs to rank on the search engines. 

It needs to place your USP or unique selling proposition that resonates with the solutions your consumers are looking for.

Note that 94% of the first impressions of your business are influenced by your website design. 

3. Start a blog for your window and door business

Windows and doors blog around your services, expertise, and new products is a powerful marketing strategy.

It caters not only to the inbound marketing of your window and door company but also provides answers to the problems faced by your potential customers.

Thus it helps:

  • Showcase you as an industry leader
  • Build a healthy relationship with your customers
  • Give a platform for reviews and asking questions
  • Generate leads
  • Build and share relevant content around new products or services

Here’s what a blog can achieve for you.

  • 434% better chances of ranking on search engines
  • 67% more lead generation
  • Generate 97% more backlinks for your site as compared to the sites that don’t leverage blogging.

4. Rank highest with Local Services Ad

Local Services Ads by Google are a cost-effective and efficient way of digital marketing for window and door companies.

One of the best advantages of this marketing channel is that it is backed by the Google Guaranteed badge. Being Google approved and vetted as an expert window and door company automatically builds confidence in homeowners for hiring your services.

And you do not have to pay for unqualified leads( leads out of your area of operation or visitors searching for services that aren’t on your list) with the Local Services’ lead dispute mechanism.

5. Optimize for mobile

When looking for a piece of information, people generally use a mobile phone as nobody is going to turn to their computer for that little information.

As people are using mobile phones to surf the internet, a website needs to be optimized to make it easy and interesting for users to navigate. A mobile-friendly website makes it easy for your customers to get the information they are searching for online.

Your website needs to be highly optimized for mobile as Google considers mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor for your website!

If your mobile is not optimized for mobile, you’re turning back your customers to your competitors.

6. Set up a product feed

If you are not used to utilizing a product feed before,  know that it’s a terrific way to improve your search engine rankings and draw more people from your target audience. 

Google provides options for creating a product feed that allows you to deliver up-to-date details about your product list, prices, and images related to your window and door services.

Setting up product feeds through Google is a big plus, but you can do it through other search engines also.  Your target audience can subscribe to these as a live feed, ensuring that they are constantly up to date on your newest window and door maintenance products’ specials or price reductions.

7. Outrank competition with  SEO for window and door companies

Putting it simple and straight, if your window and door website does not appear on the first page of search results, your clients don’t know you exist.

Search engine optimization for window and door companies or SEO is a must to rank at the top of the search results. Being on top of the SERPs means that you possess the most important real estate on the search engines, and this way, you easily outrank the competition.

Here are the top SEO pillars out of the 200 factors that are important to Google’s algorithm that determines website rankings-

  1. Website structure– Ease of mobile accessibility, layout, page loading speed, and internal links
  2. Website content– Content relevancy, usage of keywords for your window and door companies, answering FAQs related to your industry.
  3. Offsite elements– Credible answers, reviews, online mentions, and backlinks to your website

8. Online reviews

Online reviews boost the credibility of your website, and positive reviews help your customers make their buying decisions faster.

Window and door companies need positive reviews even more because a good review about your service makes people look more into your services, and when they need a solution, you’ll be their go-to choice.

Reviews on the internet are significant for these two reasons:

  • They are used by Google to rank web pages. Better reviews mean more chances of your website ranking higher on the search results.
  • Customers rely on customer reviews for buying products or services. Before buying a product or service, approximately 95% of customers examine online reviews.

Remember to address even negative reviews with due care, as it speaks about dedication to strive for only the best for your customers.

9. Short videos with transcripts

Videos allow you to show how you make you maintain doors and windows, how your new products benefit the homeowners, what materials you use to make them, and the installation process in residences and offices. 

This visual content is extremely valuable to your prospective buyers as it gives them a real experience of your work. 

To help the search engines find your content easily, add transcripts for the videos your post on your main page. It should also include the audio transcripts used on your website. It is important in case you have audio from a live event or a webinar which informs about new developments in your industry. 

Search engines archive the transcripts you have provided to help the clients find the content easily.

10. Showcase product features with a smart layout

If you look at a template of a window and door maintenance website, you can see several detailed pictures on the site to present their products.

Your customers are going to like a photo gallery on the home page showcasing your window and door products installed in model homes.

For the preferred appearance of images on your site, you have to be aware of the industry standards. Options like custom web design are available to help increase your website performance and efficiency, aside from templates.

For the preferred appearance of images on your site, you have to be aware of the industry standards. Options like custom web design are available to help increase your website performance and efficiency, aside from templates.

Window and Door Digital Marketing Services

McElligott Digital Marketing has been a leading digital partner of window and door companies of hundreds of types, sizes, and marketing budgets.

Our digital marketing experts have a proven record in marketing for window and door contractors. We create custom marketing strategies for your business and keep you updated with the success graph. Get more traffic to your website and more consumers for your window and door company. 

Speak with our digital expert today.

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