How to use trending twitter topics in Marketing?

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The trend is something that constantly changes. Now how do you keep it trendy is the whole point.

It is even more of a puzzle in the digital world where trends do not stick for decades and change overnight. Understanding that trend can be a powerful tool for your digital marketing strategy; you can create content and reach your target audience with a message that resonates with them.

One such trend can be trending Twitter topics. They are like minute resources to know the top of the buzz. The Twitter platform educates, shows what people are feeling about a trend, and in general – what’s the buzz. This information can be the primary requirement to build campaigns and content around the topic that matters.

Harnessing the power of trending Twitter topics can be of massive importance to your business growth. 

How do trending Twitter topics work?

Trending twitter topics are listed based on an algorithm that determines what people are talking about the most and shares it. 

Twitter has a “What’s happening section” that gives a deep insight into popular tweets, reshared content that has been commented over multiple times, synopsis of stories, and headlines associated with the content to get some context.

Twitter finds your interest with the data based on your interactions, content liked, followed, and shared topic. What is trending with you may not be trending in your friend circle. Find local interests based on your data. 

To find your trending Twitter topics click either on the “FOR YOU “ link on the website or the magnifying glass icon on the Twitter app. 

You can make use of these tabs to explore the most trending topics and figure out which category you can stick on, which conversion you can contribute to, and where you can focus your marketing efforts.

What are the ways to use trending Twitter topics?

You can use trending twitter topics in various ways to study the market. 

  1. You have to check what’s favored in your niche, as Twitter by default suggests a few trending topics Tailored to your interest. You can expect these topics to be more specific when you are active and follow content related to your niche.

It will give you an insight into what people want and set your strategies according to the data. 

  1. Check for tweets to understand people’s or consumer’s points of view on the topic. Once you know the trend, you can investigate how people are reacting to the same. You can explore real-world tweets from users that reflect trending stories about what is happening in the world.

These tweets are from unbiased educated groups where you can hear from your target market.

  1. You have to keep looking at the trending topics frequently to see what is consistently trending. Twitter topics can always keep you updated about consistently trending topics for the current scenario.

Some topics are so volatile that they move in a blink. But some on the other way start becoming important with days. Start using these topics for pillar content.

  1. You have to look for and avoid any downward-trending content. You can also use trending Twitter topics to see what is going downward. You must possess knowledge about what’s going on in the day-to-day life of your target market.

When you have insights about the downward trending topics, it becomes easy to look backward and think about what’s been working for others while creating your marketing campaign. 

Remember: Trending topics can fade out soon and be replaced by something else that’s trending. You need to make sure to roll out your content while it’s trending. 

An excellent way to keep checking that the topic is still trending is to use Google trends. Always stay clear of declining topics. 

  1. You must find local trends in your city and state. If you are a locally driven brand or locally based, you need to know how people are feeling in your particular area.

You get to know about local trending topics by interacting with local events and allowing the Twitter app to access your location. By allowing the Twitter app to access, you can share area-specific trending topics.

Apart from these, you can also use advanced search settings to look for tweets sent from geographical areas.

  1. You have to identify the connecting keywords and hashtags while you are growing your awareness about trending Twitter topics. It will give insights about the latest things going on in the world, keywords, hashtags that people are using surrounding these topics.

You must be aware of phrases and words people are using in regards to the topics. You will be able to understand a lot from researching top tweets.

Knowing these trending keywords and hashtags can help a lot while creating PPC or keyword-driven ads. 

  1. You can use trending Twitter topics for content ideation; When you are unsure of what content to write, you can turn to trending Twitter topics for inspiration. You will know your target audience’s general content and can build your content based on their interest.

You do not need to write on the topics specifically, but you can use them as inspiration. 

  1. You need to take a stand while sharing a broader vision that brings authenticity and humanity to your brand. If you express thoughts about topics that your target market currently cares about, it will make both of you feel relatable. 

If you bring such insightful opinions and value to your content, it can help create brand awareness that increases your following.

In addition to learning the trending topics of your niche, you can also learn about thought leaders or brands that are known for discussing ideas in your industry.

One way to know them is – If you consistently see some accounts or people showing up in the topics of your niche, you should check out their profile and follow them. It will help you to see what type of content they’re posting. 

Review their profile and see what they are doing to rank in their topic’s tab. 

Also, if you see tweets from a competitor under a topic related to your brand, you can keep track of what they’re doing and create improved Twitter content or campaigns.

How are trending topics related to keywords?

The trending Twitter topics algorithm usually identifies what’s immediately popular to help people discover the “most breaking” new stories across the world. You can use trending topics to highlight the breaking news and viral topics that are gaining popularity exponentially. 

There is a lot of potential to use these trends to identify keywords that will generate interest in the target audience. It tells you the words and phrases people are using to search and speak about the topic. 

How to find local trending Twitter topics or for a specific location?

You need to follow the steps below to find local trending Twitter topics. Trends are available on Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android, and

Step1: Twitter will show local trending topics if you have turned on your location in the privacy setting. Turn on your location setting to get updates on trending topics.

If you want to check Trends for a particular location, click on the Change option in your Trends box. 

It’s your choice to Keep those trends based on your recent location and who you are following. This will show you local trends. Or you can click on Change to choose a preferred search location.

What is the importance of trends in marketing?

Could you guess what your target market wants in the coming days or weeks?

To create campaigns that speak directly and naturally to your target audience, knowing what’s trending is essential. As I earlier said, Trending topics can tell you – What are they thinking about or What are they likely to be thinking about in the future?

It’s impossible to read anybody’s minds, especially when it comes to reading your audience’s minds. That’s where Twitter research can help you to stay aware of the topics that matter the most to your target group.

Otherwise, it would be the biggest waste of time, energy, and money, When you are trying to create an amazing campaign or piece of content that fails miserably by not connecting with your audience in ways that matter to them.

Time and relevance are two of the most important ingredients in any recipe of digital marketing. Use trending Twitter topics to help you stay in constant touch with what’s happening and capitalize on topics that work for you!

Let me give you some more insights before we conclude:

Extra tips for Twitter marketing

Instead of me telling you a number of points, let’s understand with an example:

Here is an example of how you can give trending hashtags your own taste:- 

Many of us greed to make our own hashtags and make them reach the trending section. But is it possible in 10 days or some weeks? Maybe not. 

I won’t tell you to stop doing that, but maybe, for now, we can use some other trick. It’s not important to use the exact way a hashtag is being used, but you surely can give it your own take. 

Remember when ‘Damn, Daniel’ started trending on social media, many companies picked it up for their campaigns, but AXE used it in the best way by mixing it with its hashtag.

Image source: Google

#TIP🤩: You see what I did there? 

I combined two things people love the most: a hashtag and an emoji. You can create your own custom hashtag emoji as they are the new trends on Twitter. 

But Twitter has kept this feature premium.

As these are branded hashtags, Twitter creates them especially for certain brands, and we can all guess that there are a lot of bucks involved.

I also want you to remember here is that these hashtag emojis specifically available for a certain time, and they vanish after that.


Twitter is more than just a social media platform where you can connect with people online. You can dive deeper and find out your target audience that can drive your content marketing and social media marketing strategies.

You have to make sure you follow trending Twitter topics and remain engaged with your niche so that Twitter algorithms can continue to show you more about the area of interest.

Keep yourself updated and know about the key issues happening around you; you may also learn something new. Keep your learning journey on!!

Now it’s your turn to amaze me with unique Twitter campaigns. If you need help, McElligott is always there to provide you fantastic campaign strategies and content needs

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