Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Growing Your Landscaping Business

Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Growing Your Landscaping Business

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Is your landscaping business performing on the internet as well?

In the United States alone, landscaping services have a market size of $115bn, and more than 6 lakh businesses are in competition.

These figures are enough to tell that your marketing strategies for the landscaping business need to be powerful and updated with the market trends to stay ahead in the competition.

Landscaping marketing on the internet will quickly connect you with your key buying industries like home builders, commercial establishments, and consumers in the US. The more qualified leads generated through an effective marketing plan for the landscaping business will grow your business exponentially and make it more profitable.

With the right landscaping marketing strategies, you will beat the competition in these high-demand services.

Here are the trending marketing ideas for landscaping businesses to scale up your growth!

Here are the Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Landscaping Business

  1. PPC ads

You can either buy ad space on a PPC network’s websites or invest in PPC advertising or paid advertising that will appear alongside search engine results. Google Adwords is one of the most popular platforms for running your PPC ads.

PPC advertising has two primary applications here:

  • Reach customers in your locality who are searching for lawn care services that your company offers. This will help you raise exposure for your company.
  • Visitors who have previously browsed your website are remarketed to. A cookie is placed on a user’s computer when they visit your website. The placement of such a cookie signifies that your adverts can be shown on the pay-per-click network.

If you produce eye-catching advertising with powerful calls-to-action, you’ll receive excellent returns with your PPC ads. It also is critical to focus on the correct queries and present the relevant data in the ads you’re bidding for.

2. Writing blog posts for your landscape business

When your buyers have queries related to landscaping services, they will turn to Google to get answers to those queries.

Creating a blog with content that answers these queries increases your company’s chances of being recognized by users searching for solutions to their difficulties. This is why writing blog posts around the industry is one of the key marketing strategies tactics for the landscaping business.

Creating ‘How-to’ articles and instructive pieces for the home garden lover are particularly useful to the consumers. These creative blog posts and articles allow your company to demonstrate its expertise and develop trust among prospects and consumers.

One thing to note here is that the users like to be in charge of the conversation now. This is why it is important to be updated with the latest styles and changes in your industry, as your buyers are looking for instant answers to their problems.

And blogging is both your answer and an opportunity to build rapport with your prospects hands-on.

3. SEO for landscaping business

Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of any marketing plan for a landscaping business, and this is the first factor you think about when trying to boost your online visibility.

Sites are ranked by search engines like Google depending on a variety of factors. When a user is looking for a landscaping company in his region, Google will show the results according to the relevance of those websites.

Your website is going to rank higher in the search results if it is well optimized.

The top spot search results page of Google receives an enormous 33% of all search traffic, indicating you have to be on the first page of results for landscaping-related searches in your area to keep ahead of the competition.

Executing landscaping marketing strategies for your business, on the other hand, is not something you can implement once and forget about. 

You have to keep up with the latest trends and industry changes to keep getting more qualified leads.

4. Giving away free guides and checklists

A creative example of marketing for landscaping companies is to offer your prospects something valuable, such as free guides for lawn care in exchange for contact information. 

Not only are you adding value to your customers, but also you can now connect with them anytime and develop a long-term relationship with them. The contact information can simply be the email of the user, who is also your prospective buyer.

Your customers are most likely to share the information with other people too. An example of this downloadable free content could be a guide to getting the yard all set for spring or a checklist of steps for growing plants in an area.

5. Social media

Online stores are not the only ones using social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Your landscaping company can profit immensely from the use of social media as well.

Social media networks give a platform to engage effectively with your clients and begin conversations that have the potential to foster business relationships.

Here are some ideas you can update on your social media:

  • You can share links to the information you’ve published or found interesting that someone else has written.
  • Pose creative questions and respond to the queries you receive from your followers.
  • Begin a discussion on landscaping, lawn care, landscape installation, and other relevant topics.
  • Leveraging customized tags is also a good idea of landscape marketing through social media.

6. An effective email marketing strategy

Due to the massive ROI yielded by this familiar marketing technique, email marketing can be your most cost-effective marketing strategy for the landscaping business.

Professionals are also taking the help of automation to deliver email newsletters to the target audience. By adding a simple signup form to your page, your audience can receive relevant emails automatically once they sign up for your email series.

Here are a few tips for a successful email copy:

  • Create compelling subject lines and previews.
  • Make your newsletters more personalized by using the name of your prospect.
  • Use powerful CTA or call-to-action to increase your click-through rate(CTR).
  • Keep your email copy brief but engaging.
  • Provide value to your audience by giving educational content, special offers, and customized reminders.
  • Make it easier for the recipients to sign up or unsubscribe.

7. Reviews and referrals

One of the most effective marketing strategies for the landscaping business is through reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations. 

People are inclined to put trust into what your existing clients say about your business, and this is why asking for reviews is a successful marketing plan for the landscaping business. 

Landscaping companies that provide excellent services to their clients retain their customers. And these clients also help spread the word for the business by writing a Google review, reacting to Facebook posts, and sharing testimonials to post on the website.

You can also launch a referral program where your clients benefit from discounts and incentives when they refer your business.

8. Video marketing for landscaping business

By creating video content, you can provide your customers with easy to consume content that also showcases your work.

You can offer even more engaging pieces with video content as compared to written content. In 2022, people are sticking more with short video content, and online videos bring 82% of the online traffic.

You can also launch a YouTube channel sharing video content around your projects and also use it to embed on your website.

9. Community participation

Community building carried out in the traditional ways can work as a wonderful landscaping marketing strategy. Move one step ahead of digital community building and connect with people face-to-face to market your business. You can leverage community meetings and festivals to meet people and grow your business.

You can also try your hands at hosting activities like games or raffles to bring people to your table during community days. 

Also, don’t forget to keep ready forms to add visitors to your emailing list, which can also be integrated as a part of your email marketing strategy.

10. Networking

As a part of your marketing strategies for the landscaping business, try networking with businesses that already have an online fan base. 

If a local business with a good followers list on Facebook shares your post or creates a post recommending your landscaping services, it will increase your reach as well. 

You can support the cause of a local non-profit group by sponsoring them, and it will also help you connect with more audiences. When you support a cause or sponsor sports activities, take part in local activities, you can get exposure through publishing these events in a local newspaper.

As these local newspapers are available in online versions, it’s easily reachable to new audiences.

However, some of these strategies need to be prioritized, for example- running PPC ads, investment in SEO, blogging, and email marketing.

Monitoring of results and keeping an eye on shifts in trends is also essential for successful landscaping marketing.

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