What, Why, and How of Google My Business?

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Google my business is the primary yet essential step we take to start our online presence. It has helped businesses grow from a small-scale single town business to a chain in multiple towns. But it’s surprising to know that many businesses are still unaware of the beautiful google tool. 

Today I will keep it plain and straightforward and help you understand what is Google my business, why, and how you should use it for your business growth? 

Let’s get started. 

What is Google my business?

Google my business is an easy-to-use, free tool by Google developed for companies and organizations to make their online presence on Google and include maps and search for their companies. 

It’s that simple! You have to set up your account, verify it, and people locally or even worldwide can discover you. 

But why would you want to do that? Don’t people already know you locally? Isn’t offline marketing enough? Let’s find out. 

Benefits of Google my business

Interact with customers 

For this, I need you to think like a customer. Your opinion about a company or a store changes with every interaction. The information they put forward, the benefits they provide you, even minute details like their logo and brand name play an essential role in forming your opinion. 

If we talk about new customers, the risk is even higher. Now switch to a business-person mode. You will realize that new customers are the largest source of business growth. But they also come with high investment and high risk. 

Google my business allows you to develop the trust you need with your new customers. You can post photos of what you do, your customer reviews, directions, etc., to attract new customers most effectively. 

Manage your information

Users now have developed this habit of checking details on google before buying a product or visiting a store. In this fast world, people like to look up google for closing hours, distance, products, etc., before they shop. 

Google allows you to manage all the information like a street address, opening and closing hours, website details in an orderly manner for users to look up easily. 

Understand and expand your presence

You have been advertising offline for a while now. Where has it got you? I know it undoubtedly has boosted your business but was it worth the investment? 

Though offline advertisements are also beneficial, it lacks in helping you to understand your customer.

Google my business gives you insights on how customers search for any business, where they are coming from, their age groups, etc. 

Star ratings to boost your appeal

It allows users to give you ratings according to their satisfaction. Ratings show up along with other information about your work, which is the key factor that attracts customers. People are likely to visit you if you have ratings displayed. (You would also visit the store with ratings rather than no ratings at all)

It also helps you understand the need of the customer and where you could do better. Isn’t that just so simple and effective? 

Increase engagement, traffic, and sales

Results show that businesses experience around 70% increase in engagements and sales just with Google my business. Small options like ‘reserve my table’ provided along with the info can help you in 50% more engagements. 

They can call you or access your website in one click, and this makes Google my business a very effective tool for you. 

I know you are eager to set up your account. It’s quick and straightforward! Let’s get started. 

Set up google my business

Without further ado, let’s look at the steps below-

  1. Go to Google My Business 
  1. Sign in to your google account. If you don’t have a Google account, create one. Click on next. 
  1. Enter your business name and click on next. 
  1. Choose the category that fits your business. Click on next.
  1. Choose whether you have a physical location or not. If yes, you may be asked to enter the address. If no, you may be asked to enter a serving area. Click on next.
  1. Enter the contact details that you want your customers to see. You are also asked to enter your website if you have one or to create a free website if needed. If you don’t need a website, you can choose so.

Now comes the important part of verification:

  1. Select a verification option and review the information before you proceed. Click on verify now at the top if you are ready. You can also choose to verify later by clicking on later

Your business is usually verified within 14 days by postcard(arrives at your location). You can also verify via phone call or SMS. It comes with a verification code. Open your google my business account and On the left panel, click on verify location or verify now and enter the code. 

Remember: Don’t put incorrect code more than 5 times. If this happens, you will need to delete your account and start fresh straight from the setup process.  

Now your verification is complete. You can edit information about your business, add images, and much more. 

You are now ready to boost your business and increase sales.

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