10 Digital Marketing Tips to Attract More Laundry Customers

10 Digital Marketing Tips to Attract More Laundry Customers

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Ever asked why your brand is falling behind in its online presence, even though you excel at customer service more than your competitors?

Laundry businesses are not an exception to this problem, and this is why we want to stress the importance of digital marketing for laundry businesses.

If your business is not standing among the top search results on Google for keywords like ‘laundry business near me,’ that means you have got a lot to do with the digital marketing of your laundry business. Our experience as a laundry service digital agency has given us rich insights into what works for laundry businesses to market their business online.

That also tells us the value of the laundry business is estimated at around $180billion for the year  2022. Clearly, the laundry and dry-cleaner market is a lucrative one. 

If you own and run a laundry service, you must take care of its online presence as well to get more customers, and also because your competitors have already been doing that!

Here we bring you the final digital marketing tips to grow your laundry business and understand how to get customers for laundry business.

10 Top digital marketing tips to grow your laundry business

Check the best tips from a laundry service digital agency for increasing your brand presence online.

1. Competitor research

To provide a better experience to your customers, it’s important to check out how your competitors have been performing, and you can adjust your prices as well accordingly.

 Laundry services that tried the services of their competitors and provided a better one were getting clients even if they charged more.

Competitor research allows you to have a knowledge of what your competitors are selling, the exclusive offers, the marketing campaigns they are running, and most importantly, where they are lagging behind. 

There’s always room for better customer service even after you provide a unique product or in a different style. Look out for the competition all over the place, and especially on the internet. It can help you direct your marketing plans to achieve specific goals. 

If the way you market is better than what the competition is doing, there’s no reason not to adopt it.

2. A well-optimized Google Business Profile

What many businesses come to realize only later is that local businesses are on high ground when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

As compared to industry giants and e-commerce websites that require to beat the competition for keywords with massive search volume globally, small businesses like laundry services can focus on what they can do the best. And that is, you can reach your customers in their own lane.

Google Business profile is a free tool to your advantage to help your prospects find out your services quickly on the search engine, check basic information about it, and contact you via call or online. 

Your Google Business Profile will have your website, phone number, business hours, customer reviews, engagement, and more.

It has been found that 88% of the customers reach out to a business via call or visit within 24hours of finding them on smartphones locally.

3. Invest in Google Ads

Google is an ideal platform to market your laundry business online because it can help you join with the customers who are looking for your services.  

The biggest benefit of Google’s Local Services ads is that you do not have to pay a penny if you don’t get contacted through the ads you run. The massive traffic makes Google a must for any business to gain publicity, but the same traffic makes it tough to rank too. To reach at the top can be a challenge for laundry services. 

This is why people rely upon an experienced laundry service digital agency to run effective ads for them.

Google Ads mean you can target specific locations for your ads to show where your customers can be found. To expect a better ROI, it is essential to define the location while creating the ads.

4. Get more laundry customers through email newsletters  

Email marketing holds the number one position in generating profit, as held by more than half of the marketers. 

And laundry service can as well benefit from the use of email marketing as a significant tool to engage with your customers. It’s a good idea to send out a monthly newsletter to your mailing list and have a conversation with not only the existing customers but also the potential customers if you want to stand out in the competition.

Sending email newsletters gets your brand more visibility. A well-crafted email is also shared by people, and that gives you rich exposure. Email marketing opportunities in the laundry service are still being tapped into. With the right content, you can get a strong customer base via emails.

5. Optimize your website

With a simple and attractive website in place, you could close that deal easily!

Many business owners don’t focus on optimizing their website, and they have to pay for it by losing their customers to their competitors. For example, a slow loading page might turn away a prospect to another website, increasing the bounce rate. As an internet user, you would hate to see a website take more than 4-5 seconds to load or be difficult to navigate. Since there are a lot of laundry services and that too in your locality, it’s important to stand out from the competition, and a good website can help you with that.

The adaptability of your website on different devices should be unhindered to increase the visibility of a web page.

6. Start a blog for your laundry business

Creating regular blogs for your laundry services not only boosts the local SEO but also helps your consumers. 

Blogs make your website updated with the industry trends, and also, if you are offering a unique service, you can make your customers aware of it through a blog.

Posting blog articles leads your website to appear in the search rankings for the keywords that your customers search to find you on the internet. It can also help educate your customers about what are the ‘do’s and don’ts’ if they opt for self-service laundromats and how they can benefit from your services if they are in regular need of them.

7. Build your social media presence

There’s no plausible reason not to use social media for marketing your business in 2022. 

Moreover, you should be doing it actively to reach out to the major part of the customers of laundry services- the professionals and the young generation who don’t have much time at their disposal. These people spend a considerable time on social media, and that’s the place where you can reach out and talk to them about your content. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are largely preferred for laundry services and dry cleaners in 2022. 


  • Be consistent with your social media posts even if you can’t do it daily.
  • Understand the problems of your customers in a friendly tone and provide solutions to their problems.
  • Start a conversation with your customers, maybe in a witty way, so that they can relate it to their problems.
  • Create a social media strategy to avoid random posts and leverage social media effectively.

8. Value customer loyalty

Your existing customers are the bread and butter of your business and hence should be given as much importance as your first-time customers.

And what could be a better way to motivate your customers to continue using your services than to reward them for their loyalty. 

You can take help from many available digital loyalty trackers that can be implemented to help give back to your customers. For example, you could offer a free wash to your customer for their every 5th usage of your services.

With these value-added gifts, your customers are most likely to stay with you rather than visit the laundry across town.

9.  Word-of-mouth marketing

While buying a new product online, you must also look for reviews from previous buyers. 

As a customer, the past experiences of our peers or people we can believe, affect our buying decisions. And this forms the basis of word-of-mouth marketing. 

Try to listen to your customers and what they would prefer for a more smooth service. Ask your existing customers for their review or request a note of experience with your services.

You can also run referral programs and offers as a part of your laundry service marketing strategies. 

Don’t forget to address negative reviews as well.

10. Let your customers know everything

Your website and social media channels, and business listings should have everything that your customers feel important to know.

Information like your business hours, pricing, vending machines, or even if you offer a WiFi connection can be included to show to your customers.

This will make it easier for your potential customers to choose your services quickly over others.

Final Word

By implementing these strategies into your laundry services marketing, you can bring in new customers and inspire your existing customers to come back. Whatever digital marketing strategy you use- customer satisfaction and service are at the core of it.

And this is what we believe in when we help our clients expand their business.

Want to know more about how to grow your laundry business online?

Our laundry services marketing experts at McElligott Digital Marketing are happy to help.

Write to us now.

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