Why should you hire a company to manage websites and landing pages?

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Kevin knows all the ins and outs of garage door repairing and all associated business. He grew his local clientele over the years by excellent repair and installation service. Eventually, Kevin decided to embark on most of his business online. 

He hired web builders to complete the web design and launch. But what Kevin didn’t know was how to maintain the website! How to post back-to-back SEO content for driving traffic!

Howsoever unique a website you build, but if you don’t have the requisite knowledge of website maintenance, changing search engine algorithms, digital marketing strategies, your business will inevitably suffer.

We understand that you are great at your business, but you cannot possess the website management skills and time to focus both on your outdoor work and sales generation.

You cannot waste your dollars here and there separately for many of your website services like blog posts, SEO optimization, digital marketing strategies, a marketing consultancy.

You need a complete digital marketing company that maintains your website and landing pages and provides the right marketing solutions to build your brand authority and generate business at optimal costs.

Why hire a company to manage your website?

You can create your website and do all the essential work, but there is a lot more than just creating a website. If you are thinking of leveling up your business, then hiring a web development company will speed up your growth and online presence.

It will allow you to focus on the core operation of your business that needs your attention and time. A good web development company that can take your online presence to the next level will be the best investment for your business.

Why do you need comprehensive web support?

Look, it’s not uncommon to face website crashes, data getting lost to webspace burglars, and facing little to zero support from the web host if any problem occurs with your website.

Numerous maintenance tasks need to be carried out regularly with professional responsibility because you do not have the time and expert knowledge to handle all this (unless, of course, you are one of us).

Look at the regular website maintenance tasks and know for yourself why you need a company to manage your website!

  1. Backups

In any case of a server crash, your website getting hacked, or a big editing mistake, your website needs to be backed up to multiple servers. 

  1. Security

Can you put your customer information or your content to risk of getting hacked or lost?

Preventing suspicious activities, information disclosure, and complete protection of your business is something that needs to be done regularly.

  1. Website speed

If it takes even a few extra seconds to pull up your website, your customer will immediately switch to your other competitor. Lower site speed means you are losing your business!

  1. Plugin updates

Plugins add and enhance new features to the functionality of your website.

To improve your website performance, ensure security, fix bugs, and add new functionality for the optimal working of your website, updated plugins are mandatory.

There is a plugin for almost everything-  image gallery optimization, file optimization, security, firewall, SEO, backups, cache, contact forms, etc.

Are plugins compatible forever?

No, there are periodic updates, and it needs to be done carefully because unnecessary plugins can harm the performance and security of your website.

We add our premium suite of plugins to customize and transform the back end of your website to replace standard appearance with your unique brand features and messaging.

Here are a few of the various plugins we use for updated security and optimization.

  • Smush Pro for the best image optimization with faster speed without losing quality
  • Hummingbird for speed-boost, file compressions, minification, and excellent browser caching
  • Defender Pro to block any threats to your web security and provide world-class multi-layer defense
  • Smartcrawl to optimize SEO and increase traffic
  • Snapshot for secure site backups and to get easy access, restore, and management

We also provide you with a monthly report of the website overview to track progress and suggest improvements for the better performance of your website in the search engines.

  1. SEO optimization

Can you take care of the headings, meta description, internal linkings, anchor tags, keywords, URL structure, and much more SEO strategies while managing your business?

Let’s be realistic here that this is just one part of the many aspects of website management that needs micromanaging.

So why not allow us professionals to worry about your website needs while you take care of the business out there!

Hiring a company to manage your website will result in:

  • Visibility of your brand by doing SEO
  • Designing a website in a way that grabs the attention of the customers.
  • Compelling product description leads to converting potential customers.
  • Updating fresh content keeps your website alive and visible in search engines.
  • Easy to use interface makes it easy to convert customers. The simple checkout process allows users to make hassle-free purchases.
  • Using marketing tactics to increase sales and brand awareness.

Benefits of hiring a web design company

  1. Expertise in the field.
  2. Attractive website design suitable for your niche.
  3. Seo-friendly, resulting in increased visibility.
  4. Excellent User interface.
  5. Fast loading speed.
  6. Digital Campaigns to spread awareness and attract target customers by expanding the online reach.

Questions to ask while hiring a web design company

  1. What is the cost?

When hiring a web development company, there are services available at all prices, but it’s crucial to choose the quality over the low bidding company. Compare all the costs and choose the best fit according to their features with expertise in the field.

  1. Is all the work performed in-house or outsourced?

In-housework involves writing, content marketing, coding, designing, and strategizing done by the company’s people with proper communication, resulting in quality work. If the company is outsourcing services due to the deficiency, it must be discussed in advance with the additional cost involved beyond your budget.

  1. What process does the web design company follow? 

It is essential to know the process followed by the company as it ensures the quality of work and strategies used to achieve goals and deadlines. The process involves SEO, marketing, designs, several revisions, and other nitty-gritty.

  1. Ask for References?

Asking for References is the best way to understand the company’s deliverables, strengths, experience, weaknesses, and work ethics. 

  1. Do they understand the buyer’s journey and work accordingly?

The buyer’s journey plays a significant role in content creation. It includes awareness, consideration, and decision. The company that strategically plans the content considering all the phases ensures good results and user experience. 

  1. What is their marketing experience?

Your website speaks for your business, and marketing your products and services is an essential part of it. It includes content marketing, social media, inbound marketing, lead generation, and other tactics that bring traffic. Hiring a web development company with great marketing experience ensures results and growth.

What are landing pages, and why are they important?

Landing pages are an essential part of the website; they convert potential customers and capture the related information. It’s an effective way to promote your products and services by adding value.

A landing page is an attractive and compelling copy, stating the value and services clearly — with a solid call to action.

Why do you need a landing page? 

Landing pages are a great way to generate inbound leads by providing value to the customers in the form of a free ebook, webinars, newsletters, consultation calls, etc. It helps to convert the visitors into leads.

Let’s take an example from Netflix!

Watch anywhere. Cancel at any time. 

Netflix does make me feel like exercising control of it. Plus, the free sign-up for a month comes as the hero. Netflix knows it’s powerful enough to hold you to it once you come to it. 

And it does very well to capture your contact through its brilliant landing page. 

Image: Netflix landing page

Image: Netflix sign up page

Look at what makes the landing page of Netflix a kickass one!

  1. It does not use many words but says a lot! Netflix marketers attract you with powerful imagery of their inner content through a landscape of the content side.
  1. You do not often come across companies using the ‘red’ color for their CTA button! Well, Netflix doesn’t care about the ‘stop’ sign convention, and that’s something that sets it apart.
  1. Netflix makes the form filling a ‘journey’ for the user through a step-by-step process rather than having them stuff the form in a single page.

The shorter the form, the higher the conversion, it is proven!

  1. Netflix delivers the message clearly and compellingly. The user knows the brand, and he doesn’t have to wander here and there without filling the form. 

Isn’t this exactly what a landing page is meant for!

Quick Summary:

  1. Different sections of the product category give a clear call to action according to the buyer’s interest.
  1. Linking your landing page to the marketing channels such as ads, email, social media, or referral traffic helps visitors find your site.
  1. Filling a conversion form in return for value, such as a free webinar, consultation call, customized product, etc. Results in capturing the information about visitors.
  1. The landing page enables you to understand the customer behavior and conversion rate. Also, it allows you to make relevant changes on the page according to the statistics.

By now, you must have understood the advantages of hiring a web design company and its benefit for your business. Our company McElligott Digital Marketing solves all your website-related problems with efficient and cost-effective strategies. We have partnered with My Content Cafe to provide all your content needs that are quality assured, fast, and affordable. 

Get all your digital business needs to be sorted in one place – McElligott Digital Marketing. 

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