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Google Ads for SaaS

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Google Ads could make a big difference in helping you stand apart in the

Why would you choose Google Ads?

Google’s search engine market share is 92.48 % globally, so Google Ads offers the possibility to reach most of your desired audience.

Moreover, you must apply specific methods to improve the ad performance when including your website data on Google.

Now, we will talk about some significant advantages of Google Ads and also go through a few crucial strategies to boost income for your SaaS business using this advertising platform.

Keep reading to know how you can get the same or better results with Google Ads for SaaS: 

Getting Started With Google Ads for SaaS

So, Google Ads which is also called as Google Adwords, is an internet advertising system. It helps businesses to display advertisements to individuals who are looking for a product or service and they might be searching for it. Google Ads helps by showing your product to them based on their search query. 

Software as a service(SaaS) is a business where the company keeps different software and gives them to their customers. SaaS companies host software for many uses like project handling, data organizing, client resource management (CRM), marketing automation, and communication among other things.

But, you as the SaaS owner have to promote your products to the target customers. If there is no promotion, it’s impossible to connect with those who are meant for your products.

SaaS products can be effectively advertised on Google, as per the data of Google, around 75% of individuals utilize Google products such as YouTube, Search, and Maps before making their purchase.

Why Should You Use Google Ads for SaaS Companies? 

Here are some benefits you can expect by using Google Ads for your SaaS company: 

Enhancement in ROI

Google Ads can help you get better ROI and results. Google Ads is more effective in terms of return on investment compared to usual online advertisements. It can give a better result for your business by providing more clicks, conversions, and profits. This makes Google Ads a suitable solution for small or medium-sized enterprises that are aiming to earn additional income.

Improve Website Conversion Rate

If your SaaS product ad is not performing as expected, Google Ads could be a helpful solution. If you find it hard to get a good click-through rate (CTR) that can make the most of your spending, perhaps you should look into changing the text in your ad or adding a fresh image, a basic yet effective Google Ads strategy.

To know what makes a difference, you must test it. Experiment with various text, image, and background color mixes to find out the most suitable for your brand and viewers.

Creates Brand Value

For your SaaS company, it is necessary to have a strategy for long-term brand building with ads that attract customers. Google Ads provides the ability to make ads that are interesting and likely to prompt action from your intended audience.

When you create ads that interest people and keep them involved, it will likely help in capturing the leads and customers you desire.

Thus, it forms good customer and owner relationships, aiding in the creation of triumphant brand value.

Higher SEO Ranking

For the best search engine rankings, SaaS companies must invest in Search Engine Optimization(SEO) – this makes sure the products and services are simple to find when people look things up online.

Putting Google Ads into action will help you to boost the SEO ranking of your SaaS company.

Google Ads, an advertising platform, allows businesses to connect with customers in various ways such as showing up in the search results.

It helps you with your SEO ranking by increasing the amount of organic traffic coming from the web. This means that when someone searches for something on Google, the listings on the first page show up before ads in search result pages. 

Increase Product Visibility

Visibility in Google Ads is a valuable asset that every brand should be managing.

For your SaaS company, effective product visibility in Google Ads can result in increased sales, more revenue, and improved customer satisfaction.

We advise making use of customized Google Ads, as this will aim at the kind of ads you desire to present. This method is also beneficial for serving yourself optimally.

For instance, if you have a small company that is dedicated to selling power tools and you desire to exhibit ads for your business that are aimed at users who reside in a certain geography, then this can be set as the target location. You might also choose to narrow down your audience even more by choosing only those users within an age range or having a certain gender.

Strategies to leverage Google Ads for SaaS 

Choose campaign objectives 

To grow your SaaS company, you must create an appropriate marketing strategy that aligns with your objectives. If there is no suitable strategy, the company will never expand to the extent desired.

In Google Ads, you can make campaigns centered around particular aims like sales, leads, web visits or even to boost brand recognition. These are the important things for your business.

Let’s say you have released a fresh app for marketing automation. Now, with this tool, you can generate Google Ads campaigns to advertise your new product.

Think about how you can customize campaign goals. Well, Google will help you to solve this problem because you can add or remove your campaign goals whenever you want.

One of the finest campaign goals that Google Ads provides is “app promotion.” In today’s time, everyone across the globe uses smartphones so making apps for these devices can aid in capturing large numbers of customers.

You can make campaign goals, particularly for promoting mobile apps, using Google Ads. An app campaign allows you to advertise your app on various platforms like Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and so on.

Finding the right customers in this digital business world is challenging

Keyword research is a crucial activity for any SaaS business. When customers look for a product or software, they search for it on different search engines using certain keywords and have some particular search intent.

Google Ads is a good tool to help you find the finest keywords for your company. This tool is called Keyword Planner and it uses expanded keyword research to assist you in finding the most fitting keywords for your business.

Thus, if you use the keywords correctly, your software ads will be displayed among the first few results of a Google search. This affects the total growth of your SaaS company.

Landing Page Design 

Landing pages produce the initial impression of your business and its products.

The previous steps ensure that users visit your website from different channels. 

But, if your landing page does not offer an engaging experience for customers and fails to assist them in completing the transaction, they will exit your website.

The landing page can have various issues for customers, like not loading quickly enough, giving out wrong details, having options without any clear categories, and showing error messages.

A good landing page can greatly affect the outcomes of your Google Ads, and this in turn influences how much profit you make from the SaaS company.

Research on Competitors

Prior to commencing your product promotion on Google Ads, you need to undertake a competitive study regarding how your competitors are advertising and what makes them successful in their promotion.

It will assist in establishing the understanding that your industry holds promise for Google Ads. Furthermore, Google Ads possesses strong attributes such as “auctions insights”. Utilizing these functions allows you to effortlessly gather data on rivals employing identical keywords to yours.

If you have done competitor research effectively, now it is feasible to execute a campaign strategy for your Google Ads promotion. Because through analytical data, you will acquire the correct comprehension of your related marketplace.

Also, Ahrefs and SEMrush can be used for your competitors’ analysis of SaaS business.

Moreover, the research will provide you with an understanding of the software created by your competitors and how well it is received by people.


If you’re a SaaS Founder who likes to take charge, CMO, Marketing Manager, or deeply involved in executing Google Ads marketing for a SaaS company, this piece is your comprehensive guide from start to finish on how to make sure your Google Ads campaigns bring in profits.

When we talk about marketing for SaaS, it is considered “table stakes” because 85% of the best 100 SaaS (Salesforce, Hubspot, Atlassian, and Freshworks) companies use Google Ads which was previously known as Google Adwords.

If you need any help with Google Ads for SaaS organizations, Mc Elligott Digital Marketing has comprehensive services catered to your unique needs. We handle everything from campaign management to monitoring and optimizing to help you achieve your goals. 

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Does Google Ads work for SaaS? 

Google Ads can work very well for SaaS companies in helping them increase brand visibility and productivity. Successful Google Ads for SaaS companies can enhance the ROI of your marketing efforts significantly. 

What is the conversion rate for SaaS Google Ads? 

The average conversion rate of Google Ads for the SaaS industry is around 2.5%. This implies that investing in Google Ads can help you get 2.5% more from your initial investment. 

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