Best free website SEO audit tool

Best free website SEO audit tool-  Why you need a free website audit tool

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An evolving word with evolved minds means an ever-changing internet space. And what’s the one tool you have against this constant change? 

It is a regular Website audit. 

A free SEO audit tool can help you with it. 

Signs like issues with lead generation or degraded accessibility compel you to get a free SEO audit tool. But why wait for a sign?

Analogies like the upkeep of a house or physical checkups are common when talking about website auditing, but while it is easy to reform a house or revive health to some extent, rebuilding a website takes a lot of time and effort. 

To gain all the benefits of your SEO strategies, website auditing is a must. 

You’ll know everything there is to know about website auditing by the end of this blog. 

Why you need a website SEO Audit 

A comprehensive website SEO audit forms your website’s strengths, gives more incentive for leads to turn into clients, and lessens the opportunity of malfunctioning that might be a blockage in your sales funnel. 

If you are facing: 

  • Less traffic to your website 
  • Unsatisfied sales and conversion rates
  • Confused visitors 

And, If you are unable to get to the root of the problem, consider a free website SEO audit. 

A good website audit will fix this and more technical problems and also rectify them. 

We provide a free website SEO audit report that assesses the design, content, accessibility, and more aspects of the website. We also give an exhaustive report and highlight the areas that can be improved. 

This is a fully complimentary service, and you can click here to know more. 

But you need to know why this noise all around SEO audits and what it can do for you.

Here is what it can bring:

  • More traffic, duh- More leads
  • Better conversion rates 
  • Clear customers who bring more customers 

Why do you need to check if your website is SEO optimized? 

An SEO audit tool checks more than one parameter to make sure that your website is performing to its fullest capabilities. 

This means it comes up with this whole list of what is working and what is not working for you. 

With an evolving search engine, it is very important to make yourself as rememberable as possible by being at the top of your game, your search engine. 

  • A failure to update the websites regularly might make your favorite search engine punish you. 
  • Old content and irrelevant keywords might not be bringing the most interested clients to you. 
  • Due to lagging sites, you might be missing out on clients and, worse, scaring off the ones who haven’t yet visited your website. 
  • The responsiveness of your website might have been reduced.
  • An off-putting on-page SEO will lead to more confused and irritated customers.

Surely, you don’t want any of that. 

All of these could be avoided by using a website audit tool. 

Here is what it can help you get: 

  • More time and revenue 
  • Increased site performance 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • High ROI from the audit 
  • Being in the good books of the Search engine

What else do we need? 

Parts of a full website audit

In order to gain maximum returns from the past SEO strategies and improve wherever you can right now, there is a list of things that need an eye for detail. 

Or rather, your eye for detail. 

This is because you know your customers inside out, and to make them visit you and stay with you longer, you know best what you can do. 

Here are the details you need to look for: 

  1. Site Loading speed 

The saying goes, “Load speed can make or break your website.” 

Here’s why: 

  • 70% of consumers say that site loading speed has a very high share in deciding whether to buy a product or not. 
  • Between 0-9 seconds, with every additional second, you are losing 2.11% of website conversion rates.

But, the bright part is this : 

  • Between 0-2 seconds, the highest conversion rates are seen. 


The one-shot you have at making a terrific first impression on a lead is in a couple of seconds after your site loads. You are making them wait long enough while the site loads; how much time do you think they are left with to check out your business? 

Customers are willing not to have an image overload to get a fast-loading website. Provide them with that. 

To you, it is a token of showing how you value their time. 

To them, it becomes worth it to move on to the next step of your funnel. 

Both of these go a long way in building that client-service provider relationship last. 

Site loading speed is imperative in both mobile and desktop websites, but it needs a separate mention of its own just because of the enormous impact it makes. 

For a complete website audit and recommendations, you can avail this free website SEO audit with us. 

  1. Responsiveness 

According to ahrefs, around 52 percent of all traffic comes from mobile phones. 

Mobile SEO is very valuable to all companies of all niches in today’s day and age. 

You can do a lot of things to implement a better mobile experience for our website: 

  • Use a responsive website design. 
  • Focus on building an excellent user experience- build a “thumb-friendly” scrollable page 
  • Design the font to be legible even on smaller screens 
  • Use pop-ups carefully- use them for specific CTAs, and ensure that they are not too distracting. 
  • Optimize for your local- when you optimize your website for a specific location; it becomes easy for people to find you. 

Mobile searches that include “store open near me,” “where to buy,” “on-sale,” and “near me” have grown with a whopping 200-250 % YoY growth in 2017-19. In the current year, this percentage will surely be higher than that. 

By implementing these strategies, you can improve your conversion rates exponentially. 

Undermining mobile SEO means losing out on more than half your leads. 

Some businesses prefer to create separate websites for mobile and for desktops. Some say one website works well for them. 

In the end, a good website audit will be able to tell you what might work best for you and what is keeping you from closing all those deals. 

An SEO audit report would make it easier for you to improvise this aspect and much more.

  1. On-Page SEO 

Did you know that 60% of marketers report that SEO through inbound marketing gives them the highest quality of leads? 

           According to Ahrefs, SEO leads have a 14.6% closing rate. 

Improving your on-page SEO will help you rank better on the search engine and send clear signals to your customers. 

Here are aspects you need to look for while considering on-page SEO: 

  • Focus on good quality content

Your content needs to be authoritative and reliable. Reliable content can give you an upper hand in being rewarded by Googe. 

  • Optimize Keyword usage 

0.16 % of the most popular keywords are responsible for 60% of all searches. 

If this doesn’t tell you how decisively you should choose your keywords, nothing will. 

Try to aim for a combination of keywords phrased as questions, which accounts for 8% of searches, and short one or two-worded keywords, which accounts for 13.53% of searches. 

The combination should help you rank better in both cases. 

  • Visually structurize your content. 

Use the right images with alt texts, make your fonts legible, and use the right colors. 

Do not undervalue these small details. 

  • Use meta titles and descriptions. 

These are easy ways to make Google understand what your website does so that it can rank you high up when people search for the same. 

There can be a few misconceptions and doubts regarding this and whether it is really necessary, but even if it gives you that one extra brownie point, it is worth it. 

  • Use the correct URL structure.

A combination of some keywords can make a really good URL. While the best URL may not be exactly what will rank you high up top, it still is an important factor. 

  • Linking to your benefit 

Links provide trustworthiness. A combination of inbound and outbound leads makes you look the most reliable. 

  1. Website content audit 

A huge part of content tips are in the previous pointer, but it still needs a separate mention. 

Even if you roll your eyes now when anyone says it, I am gonna take that chance. 

Content is king. 

Content is the one way to bridge the gap between your business and the problem you are trying to solve in your client’s life. 

Great quality content can help you generate backlinks because of the reliability of your content. 

This brings in more customers as well as higher-ranking points. 

Moreover, what is most important is that good content will enhance the user experience of your customers. 

But why do it yourself when we are here for you? 

Increasing your site’s SEO may seem easy when you read what someone else is saying, but it is not that simple. 

90% of pages receive no organic searches from google. 

To know where you are lagging, get help from a professional industry expert who can tell you what exactly is not working and how you can solve it. 

Want to know more about the best SEO audit tool? 

We have a tool for you, and it is completely free. It gives you customized recommendations based on the SEO audit report.

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