Google Ads for Photographers 

Google Ads for Photographers 

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Google Ads is a strong tool for photographers looking to gain quality leads online. This incorporates reaching out to people who are searching for a photographer, be it related to weddings or headshots, commercial advertising, or even specific categories like aerial and conference events.

We have extensively covered the most successful strategies for running Google Ads for Dentists and Google Ads for Therapists. In this blog, we will be talking about Google AdWords management exclusively for photographers. 

The beginning is simple. Primarily, you must construct a Google Ads account at and then establish your initial campaign for advertisement. You can begin advertising within some hours after setting up everything.

Setting Up A Successful Google Ads Campaign 

When you start setting up a Google Ads account, here are some of the things that you might have to choose. They are: 

Campaign objective

For photographers, Google Ads offers a minimum of five objectives to advertise their businesses. Every objective has its related campaign types and features that assist in achieving success for you.

For photographers, the top objective is ‘Leads’ since it motivates customers to respond to your ads or website, particularly by calling you or contacting you through the contact form.

Nevertheless, you can also not choose an objective and pick the features based on what you need. However, having a goal can assist your campaign in accomplishing a certain result better.

Campaign Type 

Now that you have picked your campaign goal, it is time to choose the campaign type. For photographers, Google Ads Search Campaign will be a good match because it focuses on individuals who are searching actively for photographers on Google and similar sites they partner with.

This assists you in aiming at individuals who may want to employ a photographer, preventing potential budget wastage due to irrelevant traffic. Photographers can also utilize other campaign types, such as Display, but they usually focus on increasing knowledge rather than generating direct actions like inquiries.

You can also create a Remarketing campaign to re-engage those who have previously visited your website but did not establish contact.

Campaign Type 

Once you have picked your campaign’s objective, move to selecting the campaign type. For photographers, the Google Ads Search Campaign is most suitable because it focuses on individuals who are presently searching for photographers on Google and its allied sites.

This assists you in aiming at individuals who wish to employ a photographer and not likely to squander the budget on unrelated traffic. Photographers might employ other types of campaigns such as Display, yet these are primarily for increasing exposure and not for immediate actions like inquiries.

Subsequently, you can also establish a Remarketing campaign for individuals who visited your website previously but did not initiate contact.


For photographers, a Google Ads campaign has the advantage that even with a small budget they can get good ROI. Many photographers commence their campaigns with budgets as low as $500 per month and are able to achieve an average lead conversion rate.

Once the performance gets better and accomplishes a conversion rate of over 5%, you can begin to raise your budget every month. When there is an increase in budget, it results in more clicks and conversions becoming possible.


Selecting the correct bid strategy allows you to spend more time concentrating on your business instead of constantly adjusting keyword bids. Therefore, an automated bid strategy is most suitable because it adjusts bids automatically according to the search context. This way, you can utilize the machine-learning abilities of your Google Ads account.

The Maximize Clicks bid strategy is one of the best to begin with. This method assists in obtaining the greatest number of clicks for your allocated spending plan.

And if you can achieve 15 conversions per month, then you can shift towards Smart bidding like Maximise Conversions. This will assist you in setting a target cost for each acquisition (tCPA) and enhancing the effectiveness of your campaign.

Voila, now you have set up your Google Ads account. 

Optimizing Google Ads for Photographers 

There are some more factors that you can customize to get better results, especially if you are looking to gain maximum returns from Google Ads for SaaS. They are: 


When a photographer decides to have a Search campaign in Google Ads, it is very important for them to do keyword research. The tool for this purpose, which also gives you forecasting tools that show how much money you could potentially spend every month, can be found under Tools & Settings and is called the Keyword Planner.

Match types assist in managing the search queries that you receive for your advertisements. The most suitable types, to begin with, are phrase and exact match keywords because they afford you more authority over the searches generated. Afterward, broad match types can be included so as to enhance the volume of searches and cover a wider range of them.

Here is one example of a keyword in phrase and exact match that you can use. You may do the same for other keywords you discover.

“Photographer Glasgow” – phrase matches keyword

[photographer glasgow] – exact match keyword

Text ads

Your ads are a very big part of your advertising campaign. This is the first thing that visitors will see about your business when they look for a photographer.

So, it’s crucial to make ads that are targeted and have good ad copywriting. Also, you must list every key benefit you offer in the headlines and description lines of your advertisement.

The Responsive search ad format offers you 15 headlines and four description lines, which is far more room than other types of ads such as Dynamic search ads or call-only ads.

Ad schedule

Scheduling ads for when you are ready to handle calls is a clever idea. This way, your money does not get wasted and you can concentrate on the most advantageous moments to show your ads. The normal ad timetable is set for all days and hours, yet it can be modified easily according to what suits best your needs.

When you gather more data and identify the days and hours when your advertisements perform best, you can revise the ad schedule. Also, in the Segment part on the Campaigns tab, you may view Time reports to understand how well your ads are doing.

Where your ads appear

Your ads, being of the Search campaign type, have the ability to show up on Google when individuals search using your keywords like a photographer. Additionally, if you choose to join the Search partner network, they can also appear on sites that are part of this network.

The place on the page where your ads show up is also very significant. Being in one of the top spots matters, especially position one and two for numerous main keywords.

These positions will get more clicks and impressions. They should lead to more conversions than other lower positions on the page. Using a bid strategy like Target Impression Share to achieve higher positions is helpful for this, you can set it up so that your ad shows in the ‘Absolute top position’.

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Does Google Ads work for photographers?

Yes, Google Ads help you target a specific set of audiences. It will help you reach out to a wider set of people who may require your photography services. 

How do I get Google Ads with pictures?

You can get Google ads with pictures by adding the desired images to your asset library. Ensure that your images are optimized for the platform and target your audience to get maximum returns on your Google Ads. 

Where can I post photography ads?

Although the type of photography you are into dictates the platform, Instagram is the most visual platform for photography in general. You can also check other social media platforms based on your interest. 

How do I get my photography business on Google?

There are various ways of getting your photography business on Google. You can create an account on Google My Business as a listing, you can leverage platforms such as Google Maps, and improve your brand visibility with Google Ads and successful SEO campaigns. 

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