How to improve SEO for hair salons?

How to improve SEO for hair salons?

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There are quite a few tried and tested strategies you can implement to take the SEO for hair salons to the next level. 

These strategies are easy to implement and are sure to bring the desired results. 

But why should you improve SEO for hair salon

  • More people notice you. 
  • Build trust online 
  • People might use your content for generating backlinks, so you can let your content make people find you. 

In short, SEO for salons means attracting more and more customers by just creating quality content once. You are essentially letting the content find your clients. 

Or letting your clients find you. 

Above that, good SEO strategies also go a long way in showcasing reliability, so the customer is already sold before visiting you. 

Implementing these strategies of SEO for hairdressers is going to make business so simple! 

Why is SEO for hairdressers important? 

You might think if SEO is really necessary for your salon. 

If you still bear this question in mind, look no further for the answer. 

Following are some statistics: 

  • Safari Digital reports that 97% of Google users look for local businesses and services. 
  • 70% of them are likely to visit a store or follow up on what they found online. 

These are big numbers if you think of them as the potential revenue you can generate from them. 

Not having optimized SEO for your salon will result in you losing this potential. 

Luckily for you, we have a set of SEO tips backed with well-researched statistics, which will make your journey a lot easier. 

You should be able to immediately see more revenue and increased business after implementing these. 

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7 tips on increasing SEO for hair salons 

  1. Keyword research 

Keyword research is the first step in optimizing SEO for your website. 

When you include the right keywords, you are essentially letting people know that you are answering a question they are asking. 

It makes it easier for your target audience to find you. It also makes it easier for other content creators to find how valuable your content is, so you get that quality backlink. 

According to a report, the first 5 organic results in the SERPs are the ones that account for 67.6% of all clicks. 

This means that the first 5 results are the ones that have used extensive keyword research and analysis to gain the maximum potential. 

There are four types of keywords you need to look out for. A combination of these four types is all you need to optimize your webpage to the best SEO. 

  • Short tail keywords 
  • Middle tail keywords 
  • Long-tail keywords 
  • Keywords phrased as questions 

A major term you are going to look for while doing keyword analysis is Search volume.

This is the intensity with which people are searching for those words. Higher the search volume, the higher the number of people looking those words up. 

One way you can use keywords with low search volume is by targeting those words to people of a certain location or age. 

Beauty salon SEO can be very targeted so as to attract the right kind of customers. So do remember to choose your keywords smartly. 

Keep reading to know more about it. 

  1. Optimize for local –

76% of people who search for a business or a service nearby end up visiting the place within one day. 

Every month, the USA searches 1.5 million times for “hair salons near me.” 

Read that again. 

The potential of optimizing your content for local locations is huge. 

Now you can alter your keywords to –

  • Hair salons near me 
  • Open salons near me 
  • Discounts on salons in Philadelphia 
  • Best hair spas near me 

Essentially what you are doing is : 

  • Using “near me.” This is a phrase that has received more than 200% YoY growth in the past few years. 

This shows how frequently people are looking for a business near them. You can optimize it to your benefit. 

  • When you use a phrase to let people know that your salon is open at the moment, that increases the probability of them visiting you exponentially. 

These kinds of searches bring in more revenue and are very easy to blend in with the content. 

  • Using the location plus letting people know you have discounts and offers available. 

Location-wise searches have a large search volume because these are convenient for people around. Plus, you are telling them they could save some cash. 

Who doesn’t loves that? 

  • Mentioning a particular service you are providing is another smart trick you can use. The idea is to be as specific as possible. 

So when they are looking for that service, they are directed right to your page. 

  1. Competitor Keyword analysis 

Competitor analysis is one of the key factors in choosing those keywords that will help you rank better. 

Going through the competitor’s website also goes a long way in understanding the search intent of your customer. 

Anything that helps you understand your potential clients better can be applied to your content so that you can target it to them. 

  1. On-page optimization – 

Moving ahead from enriching the buying experience, another strategy you can make use of for improving SEO for salons is On-page optimization.

On-page optimization is making the customer’s life easy by using a clean, user-friendly website. 

There are a few tried and tested ways of implementing this strategy:

  1. Specialized content for each service 

You can use specialized content for each service; here are a few advantages of doing so: 

  • You will be able to use targeted keywords like “best hair bleaching services.” 
  • The customer will have no confusion as to what all is delivered in one service. 

When customers look up online for a particular service, they will be able to find you instantly. 

And then they are likely to visit you within a day because they are clear with what you offer plus your availability. 

Creating content in such a targeted manner also brings about your expertise in the field. 

When you showcase your expertise online, people grow trust in you, and hence more customers are attracted to you. 

So try to create content around all the services you offer in a clear and concise manner. This is a great tip for improving SEO for hairdressers. 

  1. Title tags and meta descriptions 

Most people do not use this feature to its optimum advantage. 

Title tags and meta descriptions are a way in which Google knows what your content is about. 

Think of tags and descriptions as a book cover, but only google reads it. Now we do say,” don’t judge a book by its cover,” but what if we only get to read the cover. 

Google judges what your content is about based on only the tags and descriptions. 

If it feels that your content is able to answer your questions and create value, you get google brownie points, aka ranking. 

Title tags make your content really accessible and user-friendly as well. 

  1. Including keywords in URLs

Google’s algorithms keep changing, and it is inevitable. 

While it is true that including keywords in URLs is not as important today as it was earlier, you still don’t want to miss the chance. 

Including keywords makes the URLs easily searchable, and the targeted audience will be able to find your webpage faster. 

  1. Increasing site load speed 

Users agree to the fact that site load speed heavily impacts their decision whether they buy from a service or not. 

There are some scary statistics that reveal that customers spend an initial couple of seconds on a webpage, and that is enough for them to decide if they want to continue or move to the next search result. 

Now, if the first few seconds are spent waiting, very less time is left for you to make your potential client stay. 

Optimize on-page Hair Salon SEO in a way that your site load speed is fast. 

  1. Off-page optimization

Besides on-page SEO, there a quite a few off-page SEO parameters you need to pay attention to. 

Off-page optimization refers to all the strategies you can implement outside of your actual webpage in order to increase the ranking. 

This makes your beauty salon SEO journey so much more useful because once you do this, the 

  1. Get backlinks 

Backlinks are like on other websites that direct people to your website. 

Now, backlinks are seen as proof of how reliable your content is. And that is why they play such a major role in increasing your rating. 

It is important to focus on quality backlinks. 

When users see a link to your domain on a webpage that is an industry expert, the automatic thought process is that your webpage also is reliable and an industry expert. 

Irrelevant websites will have the opposite effect. 

So how do you improve the backlink profile of your page? 

Create good quality content that gets quality backlinks. This is the only ideal way to get backlinks.

  1. Social proof

From creating trust off-page, we move forward to showcasing your expertise on-page. 

Social proof of your work can really help customers have a positive view of your business before they even visit you. This helps you in making them move to the next part of your sales funnel easily. 

  1. Client testimonials 

A tried and tested way of showcasing social proof is through featuring client testimonials on your site. 

88% of online customers agree that reviews influence their buying decisions. 

72% will take action only after a positive review. 

These big numbers represent the high importance attached to client testimonials. Use these numbers to your advantage and use client testimonials. 

  1. Google my business 

You have probably heard everyone is on Google My business and that you should be too. 

If you still haven’t taken the first step already, here is something that will motivate you to do it. 

Businesses say that they received 61% more calls from Google my business listings. 

Just creating a Google my business listing is not sufficient; you need to optimize the profile. Here is how you can do it: 

  • Keep all information such as availability and contact details up to date. This helps customers reach you better. 
  • Use more photos and videos of your salon. 
  • Ask your customers to add their reviews to your Google my business listings.

  1. Mobile optimized

45% of customers agree that mobile is becoming the primary device through which they look up businesses. 

In such a scenario, if you have not optimized your website to look and feel the best on mobile phones, the chances are that you are missing out on a lot of traffic. 

To optimize your website for the mobile audience, reducing the number of images and videos is okay to offer a high loading speed. 

You can enrich your audience by quality content, using legible fonts and colors, and making the website “scroll-friendly.”

  1. Create great quality content

Quality content can do more than one thing for your website. 

Good content can: 

  • Target your audience using keywords 
  • Provide value to your customers before they even visit you 
  • Create social proof and reliability 
  • Generate backlinks, more trust 
  • Be a fantastic channel between you and your customers.

No matter how strong the desire to ignore the importance of good quality content, never underestimate the value, it can bring to the table. 

Use good copies on your webpage, solve your customers’ pain points through content, and update and re-update your content with time, and your target audience is sure to come to you. 

But why do all of it alone? 

At McElligott Digital Marketing, we believe in providing customized services to you after understanding your business needs so that your business goals are met. 

We offer customized strategies that can enhance beauty salon SEO revenue. These services are provided keeping SEO for hairdressers in mind so that targeting customers is easy. 

With professional experience, we offer a wide range of services to enrich the customer’s buying journey. We offer PPC services, website services, and SEO services

We can take care of building SEO for your hair salon from scratch. 

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