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Google Ads for Amazon Products : A Beginners Guide in 2024

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Did you know that 25% of Amazon sellers use Google Ads to sell their products? They call it “Amazon AdWords,” where they use Google, the search engine giant and ad platform in the US, to sell more products on the Amazon platform.

While you might think 25% is a lot, when you realize that using Google Ads gives, on average, a 200% return for every dollar spent, it starts to make sense. If you spend $1, you get $2 back-  doesn’t sound bad, right?

Here’s the kicker – 75% of Amazon sellers are missing out by not using Google Ads. That includes you and your competition. So, if you start using Google Ads, you’re likely to get ahead of the game. Using the right strategies for running Google ads for Amazon, you can get an edge over your competitors. 

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Or, you can stick around to learn what Google ads for Amazon are, the benefits of running Google ads for Amazon products, and how to start your first campaign.

What are Google ads for Amazon?

Google Ads are similar to Amazon-sponsored product ads- these ads mostly use text and keywords.

There are different types of campaigns you can run in Google Ads, just like in Amazon Ads. What we will mainly cover is Google Search Ads (which used to be called Google AdWords). These ads are easy to set up and bring in desired results for Amazon businesses, that is more sales. 

Imagine someone searches on Google, and these ads appear above the regular search results. That’s what Google Search Ads do- they show your ads right at the top when people look for something on Google.

Here’s an example showing how Google ads take up an important space on the first page of Google search results. 

google shopping ads example

The organic search results begin to show up usually after the Google ads. 

google searh ads example for amazon products

With Google Search ads, you choose specific words that you want to target and aim to show your ads when people search.

If other businesses want to show ads for the same words, you might need to bid more money to get your ad to appear.

But it’s not just about the bidding amount. Google also checks if your ad makes sense if it fits the search, and if your webpage is good. It also looks at how well your account has done before.

When you pay for Google Ads, the usual way is called CPC (cost per click). This means you pay a certain amount, like $, each time someone clicks on your ad.

Benefits of Google ads for Amazon products 

If you’re asking “Can I use Google ads for Amazon products”, the answer is yes and let’s talk about why it’s a good idea for Amazon sellers to use Google Ads.

The main idea is simple – the more places your product is seen, the more people buy it. If you know how to develop an effective PPC campaign strategy, Google ads for Amazon FBA or Google ads for Amazon merch give a high return.

So, when you put your product on Google Ads, more people notice it, and that can lead to more sales. And guess what? It also helps your product pop up more often in Amazon searches.

Plus, Google ads can be a special tool because it helps you make a list of customers, which you can’t really do on Amazon.

Now, let’s learn more about why Google ads for Amazon listings are a smart thing.

1. Grow your sales and show up more on search results

The goal of any marketing is to sell more products and services. Google Ads helps you do just that.

If some users looking to buy things online use Amazon search, a bunch of others also search on Google Ads.

Let’s say your product keyword related to books is searched 2000 times a month on Amazon. Now, imagine it’s searched 1000 times a month on Google. If these searches are different, you could reach 50% more customers every month. That could mean 50% more sales by using Google ads for Amazon books.

And the plus point is, when your sales go up on Amazon, your product goes higher in the search results. So, even if you just break even with your sales from Google Ads, your product could end up making more money in the long run because it’s showing up more on Amazon.

2. More traffic

Google Ads is a highly reliable source of traffic that doesn’t need as much attention as some other ads like you see on Facebook.

Once you set up your Google ads for Amazon products and figure out how much you’re willing to pay each time someone clicks, they can keep running in the background. That way, you can spend more time on other things.

3. It’s like Amazon PPC marketing

Google Ads is pretty easy for Amazon sellers to understand because it’s a lot like Amazon PPC (Sponsored Products ads).

You’ve got to be good with keyword research and make sure your ad quality is top-notch (mostly from your landing page) for better audience targeting. But besides that, it’s all about finding the right words and putting your money where it counts.

If you’ve been doing Google shopping ads for more sales or Amazon PPC (which is a good idea before jumping into other ads), learning Google Ads won’t be as hard as trying out ads on Facebook.

4. Grow your mailing list

Another great thing about Google Ads is that you can make a list of people who like your products.

Amazon doesn’t share customer info, like emails or phone numbers. So, the only way to make a list is by getting this info before people get to Amazon, where talking to customers is a bit trickier.

Making an email list comes with lots of advantages. You can ask people what they think about your product, show ads to those who visited your page before, and promote your product without spending heavy bucks on ads.

Google Ads opens up a portal to sell more, which means more money. This boost in sales also makes your product more visible on Amazon, resulting in even more sales shortly. It’s easy to implement, doesn’t need constant attention, and lets you make a customer list while going by the rules.

How to set up Google Ads for Amazon?

1. Set up a Google Ads account

To start with, you can set up your Google Ads account here. You can follow the ‘Smart Campaign’ or you can ‘Switch to Expert Mode’ to take complete control over your ads.

If you’re new to Google Ads, there are three levels you need to know- campaigns, ad groups, and ads.

Think of campaigns as the big picture – you might have one for each goal or product. Ad groups are like folders inside campaigns, organizing things by theme and keywords. Don’t have more than 7-10 ad groups in one campaign, and keep each ad group to around 20 keywords.

Inside ad groups, you create ads. Make 2-3 ads for each ad group, so Google can figure out which one works best. You can take it as a little competition between your ads!

2. Set up campaign

Hit a new campaign. Choose ‘Sales’ as your campaign objective. 

Next, choose Search ads as your campaign type.

Now as you want more visitors to reach your website, choose Website Visit as the way to your goal.

For the time being, turn off the ‘Search Network’ and ‘Display Network’.

Further, you can choose a location and the preferred language. Next, choose ‘Conversions’ as your bid strategy.

3. Set up ad groups

Next is the ad groups set up where the keywords have the main role to play.

You can use tools like Google Keywords Planner or Ahrefs for keyword research.

The last step is making your ads. To create good Google Search ads, it’s helpful to know a bit about writing. You’ve got a short space to tell people about your product, any deal you have, and why they should click. So, don’t use too many words – keep it short and convincing.

Use your keyword in the ad, add phrases like “Buy Now” or “Learn More,” mention special offers, and take advantage of all words. Make two ads for each ad group for the best results as Google will test them against each other and display the effective one.


Google ads for Amazon can be a great way to increase your sales and get a quicker return on your marketing investment. While this guide has helped you with the basics of running Google ads for Amazon products, once you become more proficient with Google Ads and our Amazon ads strategy, you can work with diverse bidding options and campaign types.

To start with, focus on Google Search Ads and as you progress, you can try more intricate strategies and options.

If you need to consult someone from the Google ads management industry who has been running Amazon ads for businesses for years, we’re here for you. 

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1. Can I use Google ads for Amazon products?

While you cannot run Google Shopping ads directly to advertise Amazon products, you can run ads to your website, and direct the visitors to Amazon. You can create your own website and use Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads to drive traffic there. 

2. What are the benefits of using Google Ads for Amazon sellers?

 The benefits are increased brand awareness, targeted audience reach, and the potential for higher conversion rates compared to organic traffic.

3. How do I track my Google Ads campaign performance for Amazon sales? 

You can use UTM parameters in your website links to track traffic coming from your Google Ads campaigns.

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